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One of our mods pointed me at this superb video from HomoFaciens. The first part is an elegant introduction to the Raspberry Pi, and the second contains the best example of the sort of things you can achieve with interfacing the Raspberry Pi we’ve seen so far – there are some simply remarkable hardware projects on display in the latter half of the video, and I really, really encourage you to find 14 minutes to sit down and watch it all the way through.

As if that wasn’t enough, HomoFaciens has also made the video available in German.

I’m in awe. I can’t imagine how HomoFaciens has had the time to put together all this hardware, do a load of benchmarking and film and edit this video in two languages. Thanks HF!

Update, Aug 14: Homo Faciens has put up a page with more information about the I/O boards he put together for these projects, since so many of you have asked here and on the forums!


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…There will now follow a million posts demanding “plz tell me how to do this I can’t be bothered to research it”.

Seriously, great video goes through a range of interfacing ideas.

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Beautiful Video, thanks to HomoFaciens for making it! hope it inspires a few to get busy with the hardware side of things! Also the best use of a 2CV in a tutorial I’ve ever seen!

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By the time I got to the 2CV I’d already stopped the video twice to email people about how great it was. I think the point where my mouth flopped open occurred somewhere around the home-made printer – and there’s LOADS more after that.

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Talk about throwing down the gauntlet .. exceptional work!! very inspiring =)

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Excuse my French but: “Holy Shit!!!”

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Wish I had that kind of free time…

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Awesome. This is just fantastic stuff. Inspirational, clear and simple.
The Pi engine governor is great. Internal combustion and Pi are a good mix; call me a traditionalist but I think steam and Pi would be better. :o)

Funny too. Hilarious, in fact…!

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Superb video, love the way he demos that you do not need a Atmel chip stuck on the end of the pi, to make it usable for electronics.

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I think that might be the best video I’ve ever seen!

What really blows my mind is that this is <6 months since the Pi was released. I can't wait to see what people are doing with it in 2 years time…..

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From such simple interface circuitry to protect the GPIO port, to such magnificent examples of what a freed mind could achieve. I love the ink-jet printing, and the milling of it’s own case.

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The guy’s English is hilarious, but this video is really awesome! People should realize that they can achieve the same things when using the Gertboard (they still need to bring in the programming skills but at least they have to bother less about the interfacing hardware). That will stop all the moaning about the Gertboard’s price tag.

Seriously, the RasPi foundation can’t find a better promotional video!

Btw I suspect mr. Heinz that many projects he demonstrated, already existed but used to be hooked up to an Arduino or similar. But he demonstrates very well that you can use the RasPi for the same projects and that it is far more versatile!

(Very off-topic, but why can’t I post comments using Google Chrome and do I need to switch back to Internet Exploder? I always get password mismatches on Chrome.)

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I’m not sure hilarious is the right word. I think there are few things sound finer than English spoken with a German accent.

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Agreed – I thought his accent was very charming and very easy to understand. (And his English is excellent!)

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So it wasn’t a German English speech synthesiser then ?

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That’s what I meant with “hilarious”. It sometimes sounds more like the old C64 “Sam Reciter” program than like a human. But indeed, it is very correct and very understandable.

Being Dutch myself, I wouldn’t have done it better…

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I can assure you that his German sounds a little funny, too. But we are all in awe of his technical skills, and I’m glad he is so modest to keep a low profile elsewhere :-)

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That is just amazing.

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To be clear, when I said ‘hilarious’ I was referring to his comments about shiny toy computers versus real computers that you can use to control, say, an engine. And program without silly shiny interfaces. I positively, definitely, was *not* talking about HF’s splendid accent which (like the welsh accent, c.f. Rhod Gilbert, and the Scottish accent, c.f. Billy Connolly) lends warmth and personality to the monologue and makes it much funnier. Clearly an educated man and a smooth talker.

More inspirational Pi videos! We need more!

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He has a fantastic sense of humour, which made it even more fun to watch. “There is no power switch on the board, because that would have lifted the production costs into astronomical heights” :)

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I got a kick out of that one, too! :-D

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Brilliant! Many more reasons to start pre-ordering the GERTBOARDS! :)

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Good work! And with full subtitles :) Really useful when you’re deaf!

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Damn, my old “school” german is worse then I thought :)
But nice videos :D

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I have been reading the articles here for a while now. But this is the first artcile that has made me want to comment. This was brilliant. This should be emailed to all IT / Science teachers.

Just brilliant.

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Wot no tech teachers? ;)

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That was _definitely_ worth the time. Lots of great ideas tossed out, with a nice dollop of good jokes to sweeten then whole thing :-D

Good work, H.F.!

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This is awesome! Keep up the good work. I think I’m going to have to order one or two or three.

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Well, that puts me, and my blinking LED, back to the drawing board. ;-)

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Excellent video, narrated by Schwarzenegger. 10/10 would watch again.

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The video is excellent but it has nothing to do with the price of a Gert board, it’s all about ingenuity and imagination which are both priceless.

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“Some Friday video” not viewable on this RasPi Debian all up to date and firmware updated. A few days ago I tried Gnash, re-installed, tried Gnash again, which was huge, and didn’t work. Couldn’t get internet on raspbmc I think that’s what is called. I haven’t seen HTML5 available for the Pi?

Shouldn’t things published on Rasperry Pi Org be viewable on a raspberry pi?

Thanks, Jerry

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Bare in mind I haven’t actually tried this yet on the Pi, but I suspect that it will work as I use it on my Ubuntu laptop just fine.

There’s a script out there called youtube-dl To fetch the first video, you would run:

stevepdp@pi:~$ youtube-dl

…and what it will do is fetch the video typically in either the flv format or for newer videos, MP4 which *should* play fine in both omxplayer and the various xbmc builds.

Hope this helps :-)

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This is amazing!

I’ve read numerous things about linux not being suitable for doing exact timing, but if you restrict yourself to the lower run levels, it seems to be working perfectly! Many more pages of the internet to read

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Excellent video. I haven’t touched a soldering iron in 26 years but this video is inspiring enough to make me start thinking about hardware again.

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I wish this guy was my Science teacher! And it’s a long time since I’ve been in school.

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This guy is amazing. Some of this stuff is bordering on magic.

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This is a BRILLIANT video – must see

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