So: what can I do with those video codecs?

We’ve had a few people ask exactly what they can do with the new MPEG-2 and VC-1 licences we made available last week for download. As usual, the community is scarily on top of things here and has done our job for us. Ian Dixon has compiled a blog post with a very useful table and some video, showing you exactly what video formats you can play on your Raspberry Pi with an MPEG-2 and VC-1 licence if you weren’t quite sure where to start.

Thanks very much, Ian!


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Killing websites is becoming a habit here :D

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Oops. :(

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RasPi, the new ./

When a website goes down, does it blow a Raspberry? :D

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This makes my (one so far, more on the way) Pi that much more useful as a media center – which my “significant other” appreciates; so thank you :-)

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I’d like to see h.264 in the table also

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Unlike apple pie, raspberry pi just keeps getting better and better! And it doesn’t even go bad after a few days!

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Is there a tool or way to verify if and which licenses are installed?
Or is the only way to test this by trying to play a video format with something like omxplayer?

Perhaps an entry in the /proc/ interface could help to determine which codecs are enabled?

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I too second that, it would be nice to have some tool to check status of the licenses on Pi.


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Why not just look in the /boot/config.txt to check if the keys have been set? Unless you expect someone to put in fake values that should work OK?

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If you’ve got two Pis and one licence, you might want to know if it works on this one or the other

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Perhaps it’s worth pointing out that you should update omxplayer to enjoy
other WMV variants which won’t play otherwise with the license.

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I ordered both codecs 7 days ago and my order states shows as completed but I never received the actual codes. The PDF files at for my account still show the bogus 1234567 codes. I’ve emailed [email protected] a couple of times but haven’t heard back. Is there a large backlog in codec order fulfillment or should I have received the actual code by now? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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I received the real codes for the codecs yesterday. I suspect the Pi folks are just swamped and there is a backlog, so don’t panic like I did when you don’t get yours right away. I probably wouldn’t have paniced had I not received the email stating the order was complete and the codes could be downloaded with the PDF links, which just contained the bogus codes.

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im thinking of getting one but i dont realy understand what some of the technical things mean
what can you do with it
can you help me out please! ☺ :)

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I’d suggest posting in the forums, you are unlikely to get a relevant response here.

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Wouldn’t the car racing have worked anyway? It was 4HD. Isn’t this encoded with MPEG4?

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