Another game from Philip (aged nearly eight)

I’m starting to think we should be giving this kid a weekly spot. Now, I’m having to rush around a bit today, so won’t have time for a screed of text for you; instead, here’s Philip’s third game in Scratch.

What we’re really enjoying about Philip’s videos is the way the games are getting a little more sophisticated each time. I’ve encouraged him to submit his code in our Summer Programming Competition – there are only a few days to go for you to get your entries in, and a lot of you seem to have been spending your summer writing stuff for us. Get cracking with the entry form if you haven’t already!


Philip Thompson avatar

Well done again Philip..
I really enjoy looking at your games and always look forward to the next ones…

Have a great 8th birthday

bobbintb avatar

lol. that was awesome. smart kid and cute too. congrats to dad.

TheTap avatar

and/or mum ?

lesderid avatar

Are there gonna be more contests this year? I’m afraid I couldn’t enter this time, but I’d love to do it some time…

liz avatar

Definitely! Watch this space. :)

lesderid avatar

Awesome! Thanks for the reply. :)

Giulio avatar

When i was ten, i did a penalty shootout game too, but with a C64 :-D Well done Philip!!!!

philip avatar

Philip will be proud of his dad when he grows up!

Yuri avatar

Nice Game! This kid with 7 is surely better than me with 17 years old. :)

Yuri avatar

I mean “when I was 17 years old”.

Chris avatar

Brilliant kid!

I remember doing similar things when I was 7 on a 48K Speccy! glad the new generations have something similar they can play with!!!

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