A sneak peek at some content from our new website

As you may have gathered from large hints we’ve been dropping, we’re partway through a complete redesign and overhaul of this website. All the stuff that you’re familiar with here will be staying, but there will also be lots of new content, easy-to-download projects, and areas for teachers, learners and makers with classroom materials, worksheets and much more.

The new site will come online (as a beta – we’ll be looking for your feedback later) in the spring; right now we’re working on architecture, design, and, most importantly, content. (I’m sure you have lots of suggestions about what we should be doing, but we’ve got a lot of stuff in train at the moment, and so we’d really appreciate it if you could wait until the beta release before you unleash your ideas on us!)

One question we felt we weren’t adequately addressing with the website as it is, is something we get asked very often: What is a Raspberry Pi? You can tell people it’s a small, cheap computer, but that doesn’t seem to cover the whole answer. So we asked Saladhouse Animation in Manchester to make this video, which will be one of the first things a new visitor to the site will see. We think it’s brilliant: we hope you do too!

Sam Alder at Saladhouse has been heading up the project, and he’s been just brilliant to work with. Marcus Alexander worked on the sound design. Amy Mather, European Digital Girl of the Year 2013, who was interviewed by the BBC this week about kids’ programming, provided the voiceover. A VERY big thank you to all of you, and to the whole team at Saladhouse!


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In space, nobody can hear Babbage scream …. :-)

liz avatar

In the upper atmosphere, we can hear him scream very gently.

Dave Akerman avatar

Now you’re letting facts into the conversation ;-)

Jim Manley avatar

In a helium-induced, very high-pitched, Elmo-esque high soprano … :lol:

MadNerd avatar

Automatic Captions are just hilarious

0:22 “Intended the pun did you delete this Batman, doesn’t that the ***** masback to Big Mac Islam”

u8nc avatar

its great, but soundtrack is a tad loud, as it conflicts with the voiceover in parts. Great music though.
also voice script is a bit too ‘conference-esque’ for an 8 year old girl i think

Alex Eames (RasPi.TV) avatar

If you’re talking about Amy, she’s 14, and a better public speaker than most adults :)

Nice video

G avatar

Are you aware that, in the animation, the SD card is inserted in to the Pi incorrect side up?

Ben Nuttall avatar

Yes. It’s been fixed but we’re not going to bother taking the video down for such a small detail. If the video was “how to insert your SD card” then it’d be important to get it right, but it’s just a concept.

Robert M avatar

“What is it?” is a question I wish more websites would answer, right up front.

This video is a great way to get that info across. Well done! :-)

RaspberryPiIvBeginners avatar

This video is amazing!!! Well done guys

ric96 avatar

Cute voice !!

Acné avatar

The text on the whiteboard is simply excellent!
π = Real

MadNerd avatar

I tried my best to transcribe the video and translate it in French


I’m not really familiar with the web site I used to do this, but it seems that anyone can improve/add new subtitles.

Don’t hesitate to reuse it and improve it!

Andrew Oakley avatar

You should not that the automatic captions/subtitles for the video currently contain swearing and other explicit sexual words (I’m in the office with the speakers turned off).

I think you probably want to add some official subtitles to this video if it’s aimed at a family audience. YouTube auto-captioning doesn’t work too well with non-American accents.

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liz avatar

I think the answer to that is that YouTube shouldn’t have let an 8-year-old child write their speech-recognition algorithm. This is a very busy time at Pi Towers, but I’ll try to get captions in some time this weekend; and in general, I think we can trust to the good sense of users to not use automatic captioning that’s clearly outputting total garbage!

Leo Leibovici avatar

It’s quite funny garbage though!

Seriously, very good video.

u8nc avatar

Perhaps if the audio guys didn’t set the Varispeed plugin to cram so much of the dialogue into the animation time, there’d be more ‘air’ between words and the auto-captioning would have an easier time with it.
As Alex Eames said above, Amy’s a better public speaker than most adults, but the script given to her is chock full of multi-syllable verbiage.
If the script was prepared by a buzzword-generator running on an r.Pi that might OK but since its not demonstrated as such. :) anyway i jest
Sentences are too long even for ordinary ears, which are not a good starting point for thought-for-thought translation. One sentiment per sentence. And one sentence per sentiment. It also gives time for the listener to take in what is said without information overload.

add that to the dulcet tones of a 14 year old mixing with frequencies of the music, no wonder the auto-captioner is out to lunch.
The target audience is presumably educators and policy-makers, but even they’d ‘tune out’ with the flood of words.

I’m going to amend my position on my comments above. SaladHouse, if you’re checking in for feedback the music is not loud enough. Turn it up.

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They’ve done an excellent job on this video – pure genius getting Amy to do the voice over too. Really sums up what the Pi is all about.

Fos avatar

I love creative kids throwing planes in class….

Jim Manley avatar

Very cute and appropriate for the intellectual level of the intended audience of adolescent and younger … grownups! ;) Does it actually say “π = Red”, not “π = Real” on the whiteboard?

Once more I am humbled by the high production values that others in the community easily attain, including that all-too-cute voice-over by Amy. Absolute genius getting such a talented girl with a proper way of elocuting the Queen’s English in such a convincing proper British accent … oh, wait, all of the young girls speak it thusly there, don’t they? We have to go looking for them in facsimiles of pubs here in SillyCon Valley. Well they all speak that way there except for maybe Cornwall, where even they allegedly sound like pirates, and then there’s the whole Eliza Doolittle section of town! :lol:

Ben Nuttall avatar

It says Pi = Rad

Erm, no. Not all girls speak so eloquently. You should watch more soap operas.

Andy avatar

What is a Pi?
Well, have a crack at my website
When I get the next one, I’ll stuff it and its camera into an empty pack of Marlboro, use the local pub’s phone charger, and fire up the pub’s computer running VNC, then watch the natives running home to ask their kids why they haven’t got one already!

Andy avatar

(PS It fits beautifully in a cigarette packet, Just take the tinfoil out first, ‘Mkay? Haven’t tried the camera in one yet, but it’s only “waffer thin”).

Tzarls avatar

At 1:06, there´s a RPi logo missing on the map. There should be one where Perú is located! ;)

Great work. Can I contribute by recording a voiceover in Spanish?

AndyD avatar

This is a fantastic video. I love the 80s being full of dinosaurs.

At least Peru is on the map!

vuzunov avatar

Maybe not the right place for it here, but anyway…
The “Older stuff” link at the bottom right corner of the current website is only visible when “News in Full” is selected.

Ben Nuttall avatar

Don’t worry. There’s a whole revamp of the site due next month. For full list of posts click ‘news archive’ in the sidebar (takes you to http://raspberrypi.org/archive )

Alan @teknoteacher avatar

This is fantastic, I love, LOVE, LOVE IT. It should help reduce the “But, it’s just a circuit board” responses.

It’s easy to be hyper-critical of anything – even perfection itself is too perfect.

It looks like it says “π = Rad” on the whiteboard, which has more than one meaning.

Really proud to be associated with some of the themes in this. Well done to all involved.

AndrewS avatar

Yeah, in full-screen it definitely looks like “π = Rad”.

And I just spotted who’s name was on the “first Raspberry Pi” parcel ;-)

Ben Nuttall avatar

Yep. Rad.

Yeah – that was a surprise for me :)

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