Robot: destroy!

Algorhythmic from Aon² has been working on speech recognition with his Raspberry Pi, and has a very nice video demo of a voice-controlled robot he’s been building, with full instructions on how to get something similar working yourself. (Edit to add, 12 Jul: the arm itself is available in the UK from Maplin – it’s currently in the sale at £29.99.)

We thought this was fantastic. If this is a project you’re going to try to replicate at home, it’s worth noting that for some arcane reason, a USB webcam like the one Algorhythmic is using in the video (which, of course, contains a microphone) is often cheaper than a dedicated USB microphone on its own. Let us know how you get on!


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Very cool project. Am I seeing double or does this young man have not one but two raspberry pis? Very fortunate! Voice control always delivers.

Also, it sounds like he’s Dutch, I might be mistaken though. Not that it really matters

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Very cool. I wish I was this clever. :)

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Great, and he will be demonstrating at the Bristol Raspberry Jam, to see more get your tickets now before they are all gone.

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Nice project ;)

I could use a robot like this to give me a hand sometimes :)

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I have 3 RPis, jealous?

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I’m absolutely gobsmacked you made an entire blog post about my project! Thanks! I’m currently working on my next robotic project now using the Raspberry Pi, it’s absolutely amazing – I’ll be posting up more stuff soon! ^__^

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This is brilliant. But oh my god, I watched this hoping he was going to actually say “destroy” and the robot would start smashing stuff up! =)

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… … voice-controlled robotic overlords …

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Danger Will Robinson!!

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Can I ask what you can do with this?

What use this robot arm can be put to? (voice activated or not?)

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I think it is a great proof of concept for voice activated computing, I am considering (when the RasPi gets more available) doing some home automation based on this project.
Being able to turn lights on and off, turn the Coffee maker on etc would be fantastic!
Sure the voice controlled robotic arm isn’t the most useful application, but as a proof of concept it is absolutely AWESOME!

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For ideas see the nice little OyenLab video on this page:

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“Beer please Jarvis”

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Is it me or is it Midori Web browser cutting off the ends of the paragraphs on his website?

Using RPi in composite video mode until I can find an HDMI to VGA converter that doesn’t fry my Pi.

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What you didn’t see were the 3 hours that were edited out from the video where he was shouting ‘Right that’s it! I’m going to give you a damned good thrashing!’ – ‘GRIP OPEN DAMN YOU!’

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Actually, it was “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, GRIP OPEN!”

Plus I had to sacrifice an unblemished lamb and a llama to get it to work and not try to run away by itself…

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LOL, I already own that exact robot arm, what a coincidence! I can’t wait until I’m invited to order a RPi; this speech recognition idea has me excited!

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Hi, how can you run the software to control robot without using a screen for RasPi?

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