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Always felt that Rob needed his own fan club ……?

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“tech Justin Bieber”

Isn’t that an insult? I thought people liked Rob.

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He reminds me more of Mark Walhberg then Justin Bieber:)

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Great presentation by the way Rob..very informative.

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Talk very good but microphone should have been sited so that the questions were audible. not being able to hear questions made the second part of the speech very disjointed,

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This is why Eben always repeats the question before answering it at talks: Rob, take note!

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Summarising the question does four things:
> confirms with the person asking the question that you have the core query.
> verbalising a question in your own words triggers additional neural paths in your brain which may help you to give a better answer.
> it gives you more time to think about how to answer.
> And it means that the audio levels are consistent throughout the whole video (since you have the mic)

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Hi Rob, shalli put that as you bio for the Hackevent! Tech’s Justin Bieber! Made me smile.

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You are all entirely made of 100% concentrated awesome. What an excellent talk; Rob articulates your philosophy very clearly and persuasively. I am currently plotting what moving, noisy things my 5 year old can make with a Pi, some servos and a nerf gun.

Also, dolphins v narwhals in space *must* happen. If I wasn’t so busy I’d be coding it right now…!

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