RISC OS South West show and Raspberry Jam – tomorrow

If you’re in the South West of England and you’re at a loose end tomorrow, why not drop in on the RISC OS South West show? There’s a Raspberry Jam going on at the same time, lots of Pi stuff for sale (the RISC OS shows are a brilliant place to pick up peripherals for your Pi, and a great place to see some Pi harware projects in the flesh), and the organisers are hoping to get a chance to introduce plenty of Raspberry Pi users to RISC OS.

RISC OS was made available for the Pi back in October. Steve Revill from RISC OS Open has sent us some graphs showing just what sort of impact that news has made on the RISC OS userbase. I’ll let them speak for themselves. (As always, click to enlarge.)




Eben and I are planning to visit the Wakefield RISC OS show in April – watch this space!


tzj avatar

The wakefield RISC OS show sounds promising :)

liz avatar

Come and say hi if you come along; it’d be lovely to put a proper face to your avatar!

tzj avatar

I’ll do my best to turn up… my sisters due date is around that time too, so if I rush off, that’ll probably be why.

Dave avatar

hey guys, does anybody know if there is one of these shows going on within wales ?

tzj avatar

As far as I’ve seen, the south west one caters for south wales too.

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