The Raspberry Pi Store reopens today

We’re pleased to announce that today, the Raspberry Pi Store in Cambridge re-opens its doors. We have taken care to follow government guidelines to ensure a clean and safe environment for our staff and customers.


What to expect

While we’ve removed all interactive activities, you’ll still be able to experience the versatility of Raspberry Pi via our displays, and our staff will be on hand to talk you through any projects you’d like to know more about.

To make sure everyone can maintain physical distancing, we’re limiting numbers to a maximum of seven customers in the store at a time. We’ve also marked a one-way route around the store to help you shop without squeezing past others.

We have trained all our colleagues in the Raspberry Pi Store team in current health and safety measures, and they’ll be working hard to keep all surfaces sanitised while continuing to offer advice and support to our visitors.

Our newly revised opening times align with those of the Grand Arcade shopping centre, and we’re working closely with centre management to continue to follow updated government guidelines.

Fully stocked

Everything is in stock. From the new 8GB Raspberry Pi 4 and the 8GB Desktop Kit to the High Quality Camera and its companion book, The Official Raspberry Pi Camera Guide, all our recently released products are in stock and ready to go.

We’re also continuing to stock and sell gift cards, third-party products, and in-store exclusives.

How you can help us

If you plan to visit the Raspberry Pi Store, please continue to exercise social distancing by keeping 2m between yourself and others. Please use our free hand sanitiser when you enter the store, and, if you can, wear a face mask to protect both yourself and others.

Come along!

So, if you happen to be in Cambridge, please pop in and say hi… from a distance. And, if you have any further questions, visit the Raspberry Pi Store webpage, where you’ll find our FAQs, directions to the store, and contact details.


Anders avatar

Is Ed’s Diner is open for takeaway too.
Might do a park and ride later.

Ashley Whittaker avatar
Anders avatar

Yes, it’s just a few steps from your store.

chineseJohn avatar

Do you have Pi Zero’s in stock in the store?

Ashley Whittaker avatar

We are *fully* stocked. All of the stock. ?

Guy DeStefano avatar

Ordered four items on May 27, 2020. Have not received them yet. Any reason. Thanks Guy

Ashley Whittaker avatar

Hi Guy, which Approved Reseller did you order from?

Brad H avatar

It would be nice if you sold online too. Most, if not all, of your online vendors are out of stock.

Ashley Whittaker avatar

We’re restocking as quickly as we can! Are you looking for the new 8GB?

i dont want to tell you avatar

is this the only raspberry pi location? is there any in the US?

Ashley Whittaker avatar

The only location for now!..

James Carroll avatar

I wish I could shop there but it’s a bit over 4,200 miles so I’ll have to make do with Micro Center.

W. H. Heydt avatar

The Register picked up the news of the re-opening…

CooliPi avatar

Great! But if I could suggest a small, cheap but very important policy against the coronavirus, I’ suggest that you make (at least small) drought (draft/AmE).
Think of it as a continuous sanitising of the air. Most of the infection transmission is via the air!
The Japanese at NHK have shot a documentary titled “Fighting a pandemic”. It very clearly shows how the microdroplets (<5um dia) stay in the air, until they're ventilated away. I suggest you see it online, they've prolonged its presence online. More documentaries showing how microdroplets stay in the air are emerging.

Last but not least, having the front door open is a welcome message – says one of my well-known butcher – a businessman with a few shops around the city. He swears it brings twice as many customers. Maybe we're all too shy here :-)

g.Blevins avatar

I’m still looking for small, inexpensive, stereo speakers (USB powered or external power) that can be plugged into the 3.5mm connector of my Pi 4B. So far no luck. I only have mono sound.

Andrew Ferguson avatar

Look at the Genius USB powered speakers. They work nicely although they do pick up a bit of noise over the USB port which is only audible at low volumes. Perhaps if you powered them remotely that would solve the issue.

Matt avatar

I’m in Norfolk so it’s a bit of a trip to come see the store, but I’ve been trying to get a Pi Zero W for a month or two, everywhere seems to have stock issues, is this a manufacturing shortage? Would love you to have online direct sales.

Ashley Whittaker avatar

We’re making them as fast as we can: we’ve been prioritising large ventilator and other health orders so I’m afraid it’ll take a while to get back to normal.

Matt avatar

Didn’t realise this work was going on.. Was frustrated as I can see Germany, USA etc have 1000’s available (one at a time, with silly postage costs makes it financially impossible as I’m ordering them for an educational club purpose)
Now I know ventilator orders are what’s been making us wait, I have no issues. Good on you guys keeping us all safe. A Happy Norfolk Pi enthusiast.

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