Vote for Raspberry Pi in the T3 awards. (And watch Eben on telly.)

The Raspberry Pi has been nominated for a T3 Gadget Award, in the innovation of the year category. We’d love it if you could spend a minute voting for us. We are up against a £6690 electric quad bike/tortoise hybrid with rentable batteries and a Nike wristband that uses blinky lights to make you feel guilty if you sit down too much (and, somewhat closer to our hearts, the MakerBot 3d printer), among other 2012 gadgets.

If you are the sort of UK person who believes that Sunday has a morning, and you also believe that that morning is best spent in front of the TV, Eben’s on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch programme tomorrow, which starts at 10am. I shall be watching from my Mum and Dad’s house, with a bacon sandwich and a bad attitude; he seems to have neatly avoided being on in the same week as either Rufus Wainwright or Marina and the Diamonds, both of whom were recent guests. Fun fact: Marina made my little (not so little: he’s 30 next month) brother a carrot cake this Christmas. We are a super-glamorous family, what with all this breakfast TV and celebrity cake.


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I voted!

Ian Stacey avatar

Me too, hope the Raspberry Pi wins

Mark Dunsford avatar

I voted.

Er… it was the flashing wrist bandy thing we were supposed to vote for – right?


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I really don’t think I’d get on with a device that flashed “Get off the sofa, you oaf!” or “Put the wine down and go and get on the rowing machine!” on my wrist. I’m much happier with a Gertboard.

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I am sure you could program it to do all them things and more :O

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Damn it there’s a story behind that carrot cake that I now feel I need to hear… :)

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Was the cake nice?! lol

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Three great things on there. Obviously the Raspberry Pi and MakerBot, but also the Renault Twizy looks fantastic. It’s a small electric car, which would be perfect in a busy city.

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Small clarification, the Twizy is not a car.
Like many of these ‘small electrics’ (eg G-Wiz) it’s an electric quadricycle (quadbike), which means it’s subject to different regulations.
For example, it doesn’t meet the safety standards required of a car, and you are legally required to wear a helmet while riding it.

It also has no windows, making it a bit miserable in the normal UK weather.

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Voted :)

Jaz avatar

Voted….. They’ve got an early board up as their photo.

Ben avatar

Voted. Good luck!

decky casaera avatar

how i can buy raspi??
please tell me how :)

Andre avatar

You can go to either Farnell or RS or their international representatives. There is information in the FAQ :).

Ricco avatar

Vote for ya ?

I order, not pre-order, a Raspi February the 29th 12 minutes after the launch and still not received anything from Farnell. The price is still 53€ and not 30 something like said. I will certainly support your innovation.

psergiu avatar

Call Farnell and inquire about your order – they have toll-free numbers in most of the contries. They are helpful and your order will get sorted.

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Hop ! I hope the RBP will win ! I also voted OnLive for the second category (can we believe having OnLive on RaspBerry Pi ? =D)

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Hmm – it actually looks like some stiff competition. As I see it, there are three devices that deserve to win: The Lytro Light Field Camera (I think this is actually a bigger innovation than going from film to digital), The MakerBot Replicator (3d printing!!!), and The Raspberry Pi (REAL low-cost computing). I WANT all 3 – but the RPi is the only one I’ve been able to fit into my budget.

Kev avatar

Absolutely agree on those items and your comment.

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good luck.

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It’s funny to think the OnLive probably contains scaringly similar hardware to the Raspberry Pi, yet there’ll be way more raspi fans

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I recently got to know the Raspberry Pi and I thought it would be worth the vote.
Voted on Innovation of the Year and Computer of the Year.

max1zzz avatar

Voted, hope you win ;)

MuddyDogs avatar

Voted :-)

Jeremy Freudberg avatar

Would it kill them not to use alpha board pictures? It seems like all websites just Google for information about the Pi, and as a result still make mistakes about it all the time.

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Given how challenging it is to get a Raspberry Pi perhaps Google images is the only way they’ll get to see one.

E avatar


Some nice stuff on there, but some odd selections for an innovation category.

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I’m waitting to receive my Raspberry Pi before voting!

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The Pi vs a band that makes you want to get up if you sit down?

I think most people into tech stuffs wouldn’t even be thinking about buying a thing to nag them off their Pis & Computers ^^

Voted For the Pi :D

I also look forward to seeing Eben on TV tomorrow. Sky box already set to record it :D

IbanezJem avatar

Voted and set Sky+ to record Sunday Brunch, although we’re usually awake when it’s on. (Not up, just awake! :))
Will the band thing tell me when my Pi might arrive? The only guide I have is the end of June. I’m in so much trouble if it arrives on the girlfriends birthday!

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Send me my Pi, I’ll send you my vote.

psergiu avatar

Are Farnell & RS also in this poll ? I seem to have missed them …

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SpiderPig avatar


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Demonstration of hello_triiange made my 14 year old daughter sit up and take notice. As did Big Buck Bunny. Quality indeed :)

I’ve managed to break just one binary by upgrading to latest stable Debian packages: a good day coming to an end.

Bless you for your hard work

William Shipley avatar

Sunday? Morning? Madness!

Everyone knows Sunday doesn’t begin until 1:00 PM.

Matthew Jones avatar

I sat through all 26 songs (including Jedward) but didn’t see an opportunity to vote for the Raspberry Pi. What is the Foundation going to do to compensate me for being forced to watch the Ukrainian entry?

Mark Gowdy avatar

Watching Sunday Brunch.
One question, are the all drunk?

tzj avatar

nothing like proving the device needs a case, like touching it while it was running…

Ryan Walmsley avatar

I have to say the piece on telly was kinda, disappointing, He only just booted it up then was finished. 5 mins on a 2 hour show? :C

Now to wait for the videos from #HNlondon

Mark Gowdy avatar

Eben, you did your best. It didn’t help that you were being interviewed by two blathering morons. I could see where you were trying to go with it, but seriously, you had no chance. Try to get a slot on BBC Breakfast TV.

Lee avatar

I have to agree with you on that one, they are fools more interested in a 60,000 pound fountain pen, because that is afordable.

Also is it me or do they have the most annoying laugh and soooo loud.

Ryan Walmsley avatar

Double agreed, depending he was too focused on touching it (it looked like he was trying to crush the chip not just touch it) and were more interested in who was going to win some hash tag thing.

I hope to see it on BBC news or another news channel again soon :)

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Interesting interview with ‘Ebden’ on C4.
Great to see it getting coverage on mainstream TV.
It all helps, hopefully.
I would love to have seen it doing something after booting.
Even something simple like a program to change the screen colour in a window using a little code. Just to show how easy it is for kids to do it.

winkleink avatar

Change a generation or take nicer pictures.
I know quick I prefer and voted Raspberry Pi.

Andreas Eriksson avatar

Easy win for the Pi.

Timur avatar

Voted and blogged here:

With best regards!

John Sanderson avatar

Much as I love the Raspberry Pi I do think that in 10 or 20 years time the Light Field Camera will have been even more significant. I’ll have to sleep on it before voting.

Mark avatar

Recorded it and just watched: tbh, I was expecting a little more. Then I remembered which TV programme it was.

And then they got Eben’s name wrong. A lot. How he stayed calm and polite whilst being ‘interviewed’ by Dick n’ Dom is beyond me.

liz avatar

>And then they got Eben’s name wrong.

We are getting depressingly used to that. As for staying calm and polite – he takes it out on the edges of the lawn with a strimmer.

Mark avatar

I get called “Mike” a lot, if that’s of any comfort.

And my strimmer blew up yesterday (hurrah) so the wife made me buy a new one today (boo).

kari@fi avatar

I voted also for pi!
Waiting for my one, though.

m0ntala avatar

I have just watched Eben’s ‘interview’, and have to say that I felt really sorry for him, being interviewed by those two idiots.

He (and the Raspberry Pi) deserve better than that. Still there is a saying that there is no such thing as bad publicity, so I think I will just leave it at that!

Kev avatar

Hmmm, tough one there. I also lust after the Makerbot Replicator, but it’s way out of my price range.
So my loyalty stays with the PI, as it’s available to anyone for just a little more than a round of drinks on a night out and opens up the real world of computing to a whole new generation like the ZX Spectrum and the BBC Micro did for us.
I’m welling up… ;-)

Andy avatar

If you want to see the “interview” on 4od and don’t want to waste time searching for it it starts at around 27 mins 30 secs in.

Peter Green avatar

Marina and the Diamonds, eh?

Ponders the entertainment value in building a Raspberry Pi-controlled automaton that that trundles around whilst ironically playing “I Am Not A Robot”.

Peter Green avatar

“that that” and no edit button…

Dave Ryalls avatar

Don’t think I can vote for something that doesn’t appear to work. I seem to one of many people in the forums who have received Pis that won’t boot.

hobby16 avatar

I voted for you

Andrew York avatar

How can I vote for something that I have not had the chance to evaluate? Please get these things to us. August is a long way off. I can’t responsibly vote for something I have not evaluated :(

tony avatar

Got my Pi and voted for it :) Now please do not disturb me for at least a week while I play with my new tech.

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