Raspberry Pi Creative Technologists New Works Exhibition

Rachel writes: It feels like only yesterday that we launched the Raspberry Pi Creative Technologists programme, but it was April 2015 when we found nine amazing young people and embarked on a 12-month journey of field trips, mentoring sessions and lots and lots of video chats. I am very proud to hand over to Yasmin to talk about their upcoming event…

Will you witness the big reveal?

You might have heard the term Raspberry Pi Creative Technologists being thrown around, or perhaps you’ve seen us at various Raspberry Pi events over the last year! We are a bunch of young individuals, with entirely different interests and walking along our own artistic paths, but with a shared curiosity and interest in how technology can be used to further our creative work. We’ve been working with the Raspberry Pi Foundation over the past year to develop these interests and apply them to new works.

Raspberry Pi Creative Technologists New Works Exhibition poster

Come and see the results of our year of digital creativity at our Raspberry Pi Creative Technologists’ New Works Exhibition on 23 April in Cambridge!

The exhibition will be held at the Raspberry Pi Headquarters close to Cambridge train station, and will give you a chance not only to check out our own creative visions of how a Raspberry Pi can be used, but also to meet us individually and get an insight into our individual experiences while taking part in the RPCT programme. Tickets are free but spaces are strictly limited, so apply for yours now!

You can apply for tickets for either the afternoon (12pm-4pm) or the evening (6pm-9pm) session on the exhibition tickets page. Numbers are limited, so if we don’t have enough tickets to go round, we’ll pick recipients at random.

Working with the Raspberry Pi Foundation as the first participants in the Raspberry Pi Creative Technologists programme has helped formed a bridge between our cranial hemispheres, merging computer science and art to create our own unique but equally awesome projects that show how diverse the applications of technology can be when it comes to being creative.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@RasPiCT) or via our website (http://rpct.io/) to find out more information and see project updates during the lead-up to the exhibition!


Helen Lynn avatar

I can’t wait to come to this! Good luck putting the finishing touches to your projects, everyone!

Oliver Quinlan avatar

I’m looking forward to seeing all of these projects fully realised soon! From what I’ve heard they are so diverse it will be a great exhibition!

Hank avatar

Jealous of all these great Pi events and opportunities happening over there only available to UK residents. Would love to check out this exhibit but unfortunately a plane ticket from the US for just a day trip is out of my budget. Hopefully there will be a video of one of those sessions so others less fortunate can have at least a virtual tour to see what inspiring digital creations to draw upon!

Norman Dunbar avatar

Quick question, if I may. Does anyone know when we will be told if we have been lucky enough to get tickets? I’m asking as the plan is to travel down from Leeds on Friday and stay overnight.

If I knew when I would know, (?) I would be better able to get an Uncomfortable Inn or similar, booked etc.



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