Raspberry Pi Calendar

Get a Raspberry Pi-themed look at 2016 with our latest calendar, with all the important dates, along with release dates of The MagPi!


Ever looked at your calendar and sighed because it didn’t tell you when the Raspberry Pi’s birthday was, or when the next issue of The MagPi comes out? Want a great stocking stuffer for a Pi-obsessed kid? Or do you just really love the excellent illustrations of Raspberry Pi’s Sam Alder? If any of these pique your interest, then we have an excellent proposition for you.


“You can tell by the way I use my walk, I’m a woman’s rabbit…”

The 2016 Raspberry Pi Calendar is available right now from the Swag Shop, normally setting you back £7.99, but for a limited time they’re currently only £5.99! Each month has a fantastic illustration, appropriately themed for the time of year but with a Raspberry Pi twist on it.


To anyone buying the calendar, we’d also like to announce that we’re including a free bonus day! That’s right, for the price of 365 days, we’re throwing in 29 February absolutely free! A bargain if we do say so ourselves.

Grab yourself a copy today from the Swag Shop!


Alan Mc avatar

A Beautiful 2016 !

Mike avatar

I vote that the Awesome Free Day should also be a National Public Holiday in celebration of all things Pi :)

Crumble avatar

Please not a national one. Call it a World Pi Day and let it be a payed day off for everyone programming something on a Pi at that day :)

Rob avatar

Appropriately themed for the time of year really depends on where you live. August is the middle of my winter. The calendar looks nice though.

AndrewS avatar

Maybe you could ‘fix’ that by rearranging the calendar using scissors and sellotape? :-)

paul avatar

I love that you can’t mention a problem on here without an engineer lifehacking it…

joshua sargent avatar

+1 for world pi day. Maybe we should start a petition for it.

pie flavor avatar

I love free days on calendars! because three is a magic number…

HL3,RPi3 and illuminati confirmed

AndrewS avatar

…and of course it’s the first digit of Pi itself.

Darth_Beta avatar

The seasons are in the wrong order if you live in the Southern Hemisphere. :(

But still a great idea.

Darth_Beta avatar

The seasons are in the wrong order if you live in the Southern Hemisphere. :(

But still a great idea.

Jack Mowery avatar

No, the seasons are in the right order. Spring still follows winter; winter follows fall. It’s just phase shifted six months. (The Aussies are just a mite slow???)

oscar avatar

even though i live in the southern hemisphere i love that idea. No school, Work, Job anything. A day dedicated to coding/programming anything/everything avywhere everywhere.

-oscar out !!!!!!)))

Charley Sullivan avatar

Thank you for including my birthday (29th February)! Can’t believe I’m going to be 4!!! ;)

Dima avatar

Thats so nice! Thanks from Russia :)

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