Status update

A brief status update for those of you wondering when boards are going to arrive. As you may have gathered, there’s been a delay at the factory; we’ve been assured this morning that a first batch of boards will ship to us either today or first thing Monday.

In other news, if you don’t own an alarm clock, this weekend might be a good time to do some shopping.


Juan avatar

This is getting tense!

James avatar

So very very excited!! :o)

Alex Bate avatar

I take it I’m going to have to wake up early to buy one of the first batch then?

Christopher Perrin avatar

Oh damn, I hate getting up early -_-

Robert Boone avatar

I cant wait!

Adam avatar

alarm clock? will there be a countdown for sale? any news on the shipping cost to america?

poplap avatar

I will be up at the crack of dawn!

Mark Fraser avatar

Looking forward to the day I can actually order one..

Ian Hamlett avatar

I’m not a morning person so I’ll be staying up all night.

Simon Beirnaert avatar

+1 on that :D

Brian Smith avatar

Let me guess… 1st March, 4:01:59am…. 3/1 4:1:59…..

MarshallBanana avatar

hehehe, that would indeed be the sum of all awwwww… (or as more conservative people call it: awesome)

Joe Blow avatar

That is so scathingly brilliant! How in the world could they have known in May 2011 that the first Pi wouldn’t be available to ship until 3.1 4:15 … in 2012!!!

Alex avatar

What choo talking about, the first of March is 1/3/2012?

FilimoniC avatar

What the hell are theese numbers from?

Joe Blow avatar

You just keep thinking that you missed it back in “January” while the rest of us are ordering our R-Pi units – in fact, everybody else keep thinking that while I buy all 10,000 of them!

e avatar

I see what you’re doing there. Nice spot!

felix furtak avatar

Martch 14th is actually “International Pi Day” – This would be the most appropriate date IMHO :)

Anders Jackson avatar

3/1? Didn’t we miss that?

2012-03-01 04:01:59 is 1st March 4:01:59, or do you mean 16:01:59? I never get those am and pm right. :-)
(ISO 8601)

bobbinz avatar

Took me second or two! Brilliant!

Alxandr avatar

Wait, what? I have to get up early on monday? -.-

Oh well. Raspery PI > sleep.

liz avatar

Not on Monday – we’ll be giving you plenty of notice, so you will be told when you’ll have to set your alarm in advance.

Oliver Palmer avatar

Very exciting :P

meltwater avatar

might be worth pointing that out in bold letters or come monday…you know

jraff1 avatar

Request, please announce the time (UTC/GMT) so there is no question of which time zone one needs to address.
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
Greenwich mean time (GMT)
I’m EST (-5) , New York.
Yeah, I need a multi-time zone alarm clock…

andre avatar

I live on the continent, so that’s GMT+1

FilimoniC avatar

What `delta` will be between announce and actual start time? May i go to sleep a little? :-(

phil42 avatar

Tuesday? :)

Anders Jackson avatar

As Felix Furtak wrote:
“Martch 14th is actually “International Pi Day” – This would be the most appropriate date IMHO ”

2012 03 14 15:92:65 (hm, that would be a strange time, we have to go for 4 decimals then :D)

Liam Fraser avatar

I doubt anyone will be able to sleep knowing that they may be ordering their Pi … no alarm clock needed :D!

Thibaud NESZTLER avatar

Please allow us to order them at European Time and not US :) It will be great for once

austincurr avatar

I don’t know what you’ve had happen with timing, but I think it’s more important that people in neither place can’t get a PI because they’re at work, and so the time of release should be at a mutual OK time like 11pm GMT = 5am Central US— At least even if people are asleep, they’ll mostly be ABLE to get up and buy one vs having offices grind to a halt as every employee buys a PI. (Yes, that is something that could happen):D

bbramble avatar

Why should being at work preclude people?

mobeyduck avatar

Ah just let it happen :D
not every one can get a pi from the first batch so the halting company will fail at getting one :D ;)

austincurr avatar

Well, unless it hit spot on exactly every person’s lunch hour and everyone had a computer to use to order, it makes sense to release it at night. actually, though, I got the time thing wrong- that’s 5pm. try 5 am GMT= 11pm Central us. There.

Tomo avatar

Just do what Apple does, sell it in their own country first.
Isn’t the PI designed to put UK students ahead of the game away!

David Zielinski avatar

If I’m not mistaken, it is meant to be an education tool for all students. It is meant to bring inexpensive computing to everyone. Wouldn’t following in Apple’s footsteps be a step in the wrong direction?

RockyMountainCoder avatar

If the Raspberry Pi was made by apple it would have rounded corners, the case would cost 2x as much as the board to manufacture. Also it would cost $400, because one of the same quality but without the logo can be had for $200 right now. You would be wise to buy Raspberry Care, because if you dont they will push out an update that makes this hardware incompatible and force you to pay for the hardware all over again just to get the next OS. Im with David, lets not use Apples business model.

austincurr avatar


John Tamplin avatar

Don’t forget — they would sue existing raspberry farmers for infringing on their name.

Ben avatar

I’ll bite. Apple sells a device with an ARM Cortex-A8 processor, 256MB RAM and 8GB Flash in a case with Apple logo and rounded corners for $99:

Sure it’s not a general purpose device out of the box, but it’s a far cry less than $400.

Björn Schulz avatar

:D +1

Tomo avatar

I’m Sorry but I don’t think Apple got where they are today by being poor business leaders, Yes they are expensive and the PI is not, but when you look at the logistics involved and demand management, Apple have it spot on. How upset are people in the UK and Europe going to be, when for instance 9900 of the first boards get purchased by users in Russia, china or India and only a handful get sold to genuine customers in Europe or the states. I maybe wrong and we all get one of the first boards, but I’m banking on allot of people being unhappy. At the end of the day this is a business and should not be treated the same way as open source free software, there are a limited number of PI’s which should be sold wisely as I’m sure other companies are keeping a close eye on Raspberry and I’m even more certain that some people on here want to make big gains for themselves and don’t have the same charitable drive as the owners

JamesH avatar

Why should one part of the world be any more or less annoyed if another part of the world gets the majority of the first batch. It really doesn’t matter who gets them does it? The next batch will follow rapidly, and the one after that. It’s only time, and not even that much of it.
There are bound to be annoyed/upset people – there are 100k people on the mailing list – so 9/10 people are not getting something from the first batch.
There are also bound to be speculators – but I would advise anyone to just wait and not buy overpriced Raspi’s – you will get a Raspi at the advertised price, within a couple of months max, should you not get one from the first batch.
WIth regards to other companies keeping an eye on what’s happening – I think you might be quite surprised! But unfortunately I can’t say why.

Tomo avatar

If it takes 2 Months to manufacture 10000 units and the first batch are to be sold to the general public and the following batches of, let’s say 100000 are to be sold to the intended customers (student/schools -worldwide) then this would be a lead time of 20 months. By this time I’m sure other companies will have filled the void and will be selling similar devices for much higher prices. This isn’t a bad thing, but does dissolve the spirit and drive behind the PI. I hope you’re right and Raspberry can increase their production lines to meet the demands, even better would be if Eben could get the UK tax rules changed and have the device manufactured in the UK, which was his original plan.

liz avatar

I am sure they would – *if* that was the model. It’s not. I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised come launch day.

austincurr avatar

Actually, just with the small batches they’re doing now, they’re able to get 10k every 1 (only one)month at up to 100k a year. The couple of months was probably if you failed to get one a second time.

Philip Machanick avatar

The initial 10,000 is something of a test run. If it goes well and all the problems are shaken down why should the next take anywhere near as long?

Richard avatar

Dude, chill out, and be patient. Jeez.

austincurr avatar

+1 to that.

chris avatar

Apple got where they are because of sheep; Those that can’t think for themselves, those that have to have what the celebs where walking around with (ipod classics), those that can’t stand having a lesser product, students showing off with mummy and daddys money.

Apple..Digitally ring fencing and tracking the igeneration.

I wonder what would have happened if the creative zens looked shiney, my original 60GB is still going strong.

seekerm avatar

Great news!
Any idea on how long the shipping will take ?

John avatar

Cryptic! I love the suspense. You’re killing me!!

Russ avatar

Ship? SHIP?! Do you know how long a ship takes from China to the UK? :-)

John avatar

Calm down dear! It’s only a micro board!

Mattw avatar

He doesn’t mean literally by ship, just means that they will be sent. They have said in the past that at least for the first batch or two that they will be ‘shipped’ from China to the Uk by air.

roli avatar

My experience with airmail packages from China is that they take a realy realy long time to arrive. You can wait for about three weeks before you get a package from China to Europe. You are mostly waiting for them to actually put it on the plane. When it is on it, you will get it in less than a week. So I realy hope that the “premium postal service” is being used to deliver the RPis.

Roger Wolff avatar

Hongkong post is taking a long time right now. But the “batch-of-pies” will not be going trough the mail. They will be shipped with fedex or something like that. 2-3 days should really be possible.

Lynbarn avatar

Not too long if its a SPACE ship – about 40 minutes :D

Pavel Šlechta avatar

Does somebody know where are the boards tested – in the “chinese” fab or in the UK?

Roger Wolff avatar

Yes. Someone knows. I’m guessing the guys from the foundation know that….

Oh wait. You wanted to know… They said right here on the site that they are testing them “remotely”. i.e. with foundation people in UK testing them in Taiwan or china or wherever they are right now.

Alexander Langer avatar

Liz wrote me last week, that quality assurance has been done in a mostly automated process, controlled remotely by the foundation.

bananasdoom avatar

It is done in china

Phil avatar

Are you expecting a shipment with the full set of 10,000 boards to leave china today/monday or just a subset?

Also – you are going for airfreight right?

Mattia avatar

The time has come :) Sorry for my bad english im italian!
Please give me feedback about this “checklist”:
1 – buy RPi from website
2 – i need power supply. where can i found it?
3 – i need SD card, i will buy 4gb sdhc card soon. or better to take 8gb?
4 – i need an OS -> i’ve already downloaded Debian for RPi then i will use windows utility to copy it on the SD card right?
5 – i will need a case, i will create something to fit the RPi into and wait for some cool idea from the community
5 – buy usb hub with power supply and connect keyboard and mouse

-> Enjoy my RPi :)

am i missing something?


spurious avatar

do you have Amazon in Italy? ;)

meltwater avatar

you are missing reading the faq and wiki…

Mattia avatar

You are right, i just read the FAQ and i didnt pay attention to wiki. i’m gonna read the wiki right now! thanks

We have amazon here in italy but the store is not as “big” as or, it has less product indeed.

Thanks for info

Joshua avatar

1 – buy RPi from website

2 – i need power supply. where can i found it?
Buy a USB to micro USB cable. Here’s one from monoprice:

3 – i need SD card, i will buy 4gb sdhc card soon. or better to take 8gb?

Just depends on how much space you intend to use. You might as well go for the 8GB, it should only be a couple of dollars more.

4 – i need an OS -> i’ve already downloaded Debian for RPi then i will use windows utility to copy it on the SD card right?
You can use windd to do that or if you have a linux install use dd or Pi card

5 – i will need a case, i will create something to fit the RPi into and wait for some cool idea from the community
Yep. Cases will be available later though.

6 – buy usb hub with power supply and connect keyboard and mouse

If you want to have an open USB slot, then definitely.

Neither the wiki nor the FAQ is in Italian guys :)

Mattia avatar

thanks a lot!

austincurr avatar

can’t you just burn the iso to the sd card?

Martin avatar

No, because there are no lasers involved. :D

austincurr avatar

… Facepalm… Ok, can you encode the data into the storage medium using a program which refers to the process of doing so “burning” using whichever iso file you happen to chose?

plugwash avatar

From the perspective of the operating system and tools that perform low level access SD cards are far more like removable media drives (zip etc) than they are like optical discs.

So while the process of writing the Pi image to the SD card is not too different conceptually from burning an ISO to CD the tools and terminology used are different.

Austin avatar

I have somewhere a program able to put the contents of an iso file onto a sd card, but I can’t find it. I remember unetbootin and others you use to put iso’s onto a thumbdrive.

Jason Ozolins avatar

A few thoughts:
1. If you are happy with just keyboard and mouse as USB devices, you could just get a mobile phone charger capable of sourcing at least 700mA, and plug the keyboard and mouse directly into the RPi.

2. If you buy a USB hub with a decent power supply (say, 2 amps), you could use a USB A micro-USB B cable to power the RPi from the same hub it is plugged into for the keyboard and mouse. AFAIK the RPi microUSB power port doesn’t have the data lines connected, so it’s not a problem that the RPi is connected twice to the hub if one of those connections is to the RPi power port.

Note that the two RPi USB ports and the Ethernet are all hanging off one chip, which itself hangs off one high-speed USB 2.0 connection into the CPU, so hanging all your USB peripherals off a hub is fine – there isn’t any more bandwidth to be had by plugging some stuff into one RPi USB port and some into the other port.

mobeyduck avatar

local store

Harrkev avatar

If you have a POWERED USB hub, you could hook the Pi up as the master AND as a slave. From what I understand, the USB power is power only, so the Pi could suckle juice from the very hub that it is controlling. This is just a guess, but it is what I am planning to do since I have a powered hub lying around.

Jongoleur avatar

Here’s some useful information in the circumstances…

(But remember, PAPER BAGS…)

Christopher Down avatar

Didn’t paper bags to aid hyperventilation become medically prohibited in the past few years?

Jongoleur avatar

Possibly, I was just thinking of the people who’ve just come back in from shopping with their purchases in plastic carrier bags. We wouldn’t want them to improvise, would we?

JohnoFon avatar

Here in Wales we have to pay 5p for a carrier bag, hich raises the cost of ownership of an RPi.

R4V3N0U5 avatar

I really hope your site/store will be able to handle the load… I’m getting the feeling that many of us will luck out simply due to the fact that the server utilization will be so high.

garob avatar

IIRC the shop is hosted on a different server by a company that does online shops and can cope with the sort of traffic expected.

Steve Hammatt avatar

Wait. I do own an alarm clock, but I just went shopping. Is that bad ? Will that affect my chances at order time ? Oh no, what have I done ?!

Jon Bradbury avatar

Since the Foundation is UK based, I think it is not unreasonable to imagine they will start it up during reasonable UK hours.

Homer hazel avatar

Will you please consider not turning off order entry when unit 10,000 is sold? I do not mind waiting as long as I have one on order.

Ger avatar

Nice.. I`m ready for it :-D

FilimoniC avatar

Will you notify mailing-list subscribers _BEFORE_ start?

Jongoleur avatar

You DO know how many mailing list subscribers there ARE???

Doesn’t really matter when we’re told, it’ll be first come, first served and devil take the hindmost!

liz avatar

Of course; Eben is not likely to tell you to buy an alarm clock without also telling you when to set it!

Jongoleur avatar

I was beginning to think that we might be told where to PUT it…

JohnoFon avatar

Perhaps you should seek sponsorship from Timex…

zwete avatar

With the Oscars and all, it’s a stay up late night for us europeans anyways.

spurious avatar

Does it run Windows 8?
Can I use a 750W PC ATX PSU to power it?
Will it ship with everything I need and I won’t have it engage in thought to get it going?
Will it come with a 50″ monitor, so I don’t have to buy one?
Can you just tell me personally and not the others that it’s about to go on sale?
Can you put 32GB of memory in mine?

Sorry.. daft questions over…
Sooo excitied.. and nervous that I won’t get one!

Cracknel avatar

If you can start that PSU with the kind of load the R-Pi will put… there should be no problem :D

The PSU might transform more energy to heat than the R-Pi itself :))

jj avatar

you don’t need to start the PSU the “standby power” (5VSB) will be more than enough.

austincurr avatar

No, as they said, they would need windows’s cooperation.
Mostly, at least to use it, probably not a hdmi/composite cable though.
Not a server’s chance in a buy frenzy.
For 1.5 to 2x the price. (SD cards of good quality+capacity are expensive…)

FilimoniC avatar

Is it okay to write shipping address in english-russian style (like “Saint-Petersburg (Санкт-Петербург), Razvidnaya street (Улица Разводная)”) or there may be problems with encoding and better leaving english-only address (which may cause russian mail employees’ mind blowing )? :D

chooback avatar

I was actually wondering whether the postmen in Russia are somehow examined with respect to their knowledge of the latin alphabet?

FilimoniC avatar

Just want to minimise risks. Already had problems with misunderstanding “house” and “apartment” and address styling (in UK address is written, in Russia it is vice – versa), so, instead of apt#10,bld#13 they ship to apt#13,bld#10

Sorry for my english

oninoshiko avatar

frankly, the way you guys do it in Russia makes more sense to me. Biggest to smallest.

I do the date the same way most of the time: year-month-day hour:min:sec

FT232BM avatar

Та брось ты, пиши на английском. Покрайней мере из-за границы в Украину регулярно получаю корреспонденцию, проблем не было.

Alex avatar

I actually don’t expect to grab a Pi from the first shipment. This site (and the shop) will likely be DDoSed to hell once the word is spread. :D

Simon H avatar

Already Pre-warned my boss might be taking a day off at short notice if the shop is due to open during work time or sleep deprevation might be an issue. He just laughed.

Tomo2k avatar

I expect to buy one while at work.

It’s fairly likely the second one will go on the company card…

Jonathan avatar

ok, so I have a AC power supply that plugs into a us wall outlet- 2 prong 120v to mini usb
Its a motorola model-FMP5202C

so it says:
input 100-240v 50-60Hz, 120mA
output 5V=850mA

would this be able to power a R Pi

since I have one and not the phone it used to charge

psergiu avatar

The amperage is ok, but you need MICRO-USB, not mini. From the newer phones.

George avatar

in my case I’ll use my BlackBerry 8520 micro-usb charger, 5V@700mA.

Kate Glover avatar

I stayed up for 85 hours straight for a Windows 7 Beta scheme slot – which ended up completely open in the end because the system couldn’t handle the pressure. While I hope that similar strategies will not be required for the RasPi launch – I am prepared. I am, and always will be, prepared…

manuti avatar

So damn it. I’m going to travel these days and I think I’m loose the chance to buy one of these.

austincurr avatar

Maybe they could make a separate site with nearly all text to minimize size of the page to load.

austincurr avatar

dangit i meant to post to the one above

jorgemas avatar

It’s a great news

DaQatz avatar

Must… refrain.. from… F5’ing… the… site… to… death… F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5!

Brian avatar

Cannot wait! I want to try and get one for my son’s upcoming birthday! I will cross my fingers!

Simon H avatar

The big question is who will need alarm clocks?

1) If the release is morning UK time the the US will need them. Which would be nice for a change.
2) More likely it will be evening US time to pander to the poor yanks as usual and ignoring us brits.
3) Less likely judging from the alarm clock teaser is early evening meaning asia will need to get up early.

You can’t please everyone but early afternoon GMT would be a good mid time for everyone.

psergiu avatar

It will be a staggered release, in each country at either 4 A.M. or at the most inconvenient time for the buyer – designed to have only 10% of the 100k+ users subscribed to the mailing list available to buy one at that time in order to prevent a server meltdown ;-)

Simon H avatar

That would just be cruel, every 4 or 5 hours a new batch going one sale, would be a wreck by the end of it. Better put the men in white coats on standby :)

austincurr avatar

Early afternoon GMT is about 2pm? That’s 6-9am US. People will be working and at school by then in most areas. I say release during the night. Of course, if you want ~8am so much, ~8am GMT. Speaking for the “poor yanks” We’re happy to get up at ~2am if you’re unable to survive *gasp* getting up out of bed at night for Pi.


austincurr avatar

I do mean all 300 million of us. (versus 60 million Brits) Naturally, since it’s a British computer…

oninoshiko avatar

Get up? I’m usually STILL up at 0200!

austincurr avatar

When do you get up in that case?

marthaSplatterHead avatar

Can we settle on a day? I have been staring at my screen for 5 days I need a nap..

psergiu avatar

Better stock up on Red Bull – you have to wait a bit more :)

Anders Jackson avatar

Just stay up a little more, it will be soon.

(hoping one competition will fall asleep when the start selling :))

Mark Stokes avatar

Could we not pre order if they re ready to ship happy to wait if issues with boards.

psergiu avatar

Wait… have you not preordered YET ? The stickers are still available for preorder on the shop site – go NOW or the preorders will be closed.

[…] (via @tomslominski) – Today, 4:48 PM […]

Jeff Rhind avatar

I cannot wait to buy one of these!

kianxineki avatar

buy buy buy!

Erik avatar

I’m ready to buy one!

gz avatar

If you don’t get a first batch, there are increasing chances of getting a case with successive batches. I have it on good authority (random voices inside my head) that each case interior has inscribed Liz’s best waffle recipe.

Guessing there is about 10x demand vs supply. So at least I can feel better if I miss out on the first batch…

Alexander Langer avatar

So you told us when they’re gonna be SHIPPED. What you didn’t tell is when they’re expected to ARRIVE! ;-)

Beta-guy avatar

I sleep with my computer which acts as a alarm clock, I’m ready, please don’t make it 3 AM my time… lol

psergiu avatar

Rest assured, it will be 4 AM … ;-)

Beta-guy avatar

well that gives me 3 hours to sleep…

Chris avatar

It’s going to be like getting tickets today for my daughter to see One Direction. Nigh on impossible and they you see the £30 tickets selling on eBay 10 minutes later for £300+

Bikko avatar


Server crash in 5 4 3…………..

Da_Andy avatar

Oh sounds great! I need 2 of boards for university :) One of projects is a router and the other one will be used for streaming (HD 1080p) etc.
What is about time zone (US, UK, EU)? I’m form Germany!

FilimoniC avatar

Only one unit for one person, remember

da_andy avatar

Oh ok thx.
Any idea about the time?

liz avatar

Be patient, and we’ll tell you.

Paul O avatar

Thankfully, even if we’re impatient (and I suspect we all are, and aren’t hiding it very well) I have confidence that you’ll still tell us. :)

Beta-guy avatar

per person or per credit card?

FilimoniC avatar

Per card I think, but be honest, please

Andrew avatar

Oh no I wanted one to make into an alarm clock. Now i have to buy an alarm clock as well :(

Joe Blow avatar

Just download the emulator and run a Linux alarm clock program on that, if just running an alarm clock program directly on a PC-Linux/WIndoze/Mac/iOS/Android platform just won’t do! :)

Björn avatar

I hope the second batch is coming soon. How many raspberry are in the second batch?

Jon Nelson avatar

Sombody start a book on the sale start time and the point when the first 10ks unit have been sold.

I’ll take a LEAP at a start on 29th of February @ 7:00am GMT and ending 2hours later…. (good luck with the server loading ladies and gentlemen).

Another interesting one will be to see how soon they appear at inflated prices on ebay….

RockyMountainCoder avatar

2 hours? I think more like 10 min if their servers dont get hammered to death. IMHO their servers will fail and it will be choppy. I have participated in a number of things like this and never once have I seen the servers stay up the first time. Can you say DDoS by rampaging customers?

[…] zur Originalmeldung gehts hier  Dieser Eintrag wurde veröffentlicht in News und verschlagwortet mit Auslieferung von h4wk. Permanenter Link zum Eintrag. […]

Abraham avatar

Today is my birthday and I’m desperate because the Raspberry will be my gift!

Doktor-X avatar

so i suspect that we will not be able to buy Pi at the end of the month as you say

Roman avatar

Excuse me if this has been already answered, but where will the boards be shipped from? Sure, they are manufactured in China, but what will be the “sender” address on the actual package? The reason I’m asking is that in many (if not all) countries in the EU, a package from outside the EU has to pass customs, whereas a package from within the EU does not. And yes, I do know that the FAQ vaguely talks about the boards being shipping from the UK, but everyone here seems to be talking about China, so I’m not sure.

Simon H avatar

Made in China, Air Freight to then shipped from UK and it was hinted at other distribution centres by Liz somewhere I read but no details.

liz avatar

And I’m not going to be giving any more details out at the moment – you’ll see why when sales start. (Don’t worry; it’s not for sinister reasons.)

Derek avatar

WAG here. UPS has a logistics center in Atlanta Which is about 15 hours flight from China. When the plane takes off the message goes out we have 10 hours until we order. That gives us 5 hours to buy them all (about 5 times what it should take) before the plane lands. UPS breaks down the shipment in Atlanta and sends out by country/region. So nanner-nanner-nanner us Yanks will get ours first!

Greg Stovall avatar

:) With all the excitement building, I think I’ll be waiting for the second (or third) shipment.

csisek avatar

Where is the form to put my request??

Pablo avatar

Question: several friends at my company (and I) want to buy one board each one. Can we order one for each person, sharing the address?

liz avatar

No. You’ll have to order separately.

da_andy avatar

What is about to pay with same credit card (visa)?

liz avatar

No. It’s one per customer.

da_andy avatar

Hmm that would be another adress and another person! A friend from college ask me to pay for him because he hasn’t a credit card or paypal.

Tom Barker avatar

Can’t wait :D

Last minute python cramming time!

wooly_sammoth avatar

This is fantastic news. Keep doing all the things you are all doing and Pi day will soon be upon us.

A few days away.
All ten thousand units sold.
Well earned rest for team.

Maybe not a snappy as my last attempt, but at least the form is better.

spurious avatar

rest?!… no.. just the start of round 2! ;)

wooly_sammoth avatar

Ha! good point.
I’m hoping some R&R will be indulged in before round two gets underway, or will the report from the last champagne cork have barely faded?

J.J. avatar

i hope shipping wont cost more than the pi does

FilimoniC avatar

Someone said they will probably ship via Royal Mail from UK. You can look for the price at their website. Weight will be approx. 200-500 gramms (i think).

austincurr avatar

So Does that mean approximately 5-10 pounds?

Michael avatar

The weight is less than 60g before packaging. Assuming Royal Mail, then to New Zealand you’ll be looking at around £2.50 for P&P.

However, Liz has since stated that it almost certainly won’t be Royal Mail now but another courier. I wouldn’t expect the price to be more than £5 to the other side of the world and Liz has stated that P&P will be charged at cost.

Mark Smullen avatar

Oh, boy.

francis Fichter avatar

wait to try bsd install…….

fos avatar

Thanks for the update. All of you are doing a great job!

I hope to get one from the first run. If I don’t, that is ok. I’ll wait for the next batch.

Jeff Greer, M.Ed.
Instructional Technologist

sh4d0w0lf avatar

I have been waiting since may last year for this. From back when this website was just a holding page announcing the pi.. I will cry if this gets released before 2am GMT on Thursday (when I get paid)..

austincurr avatar

credit card?

Don DeGregori avatar

Actually, what all will get is a small alarm clock. To get the Raspberry board, you reply, ” I got the clock” . Then it ships !

Simon avatar

Can’t wait. Going to use two alarm clocks! :)

David Franjkovic avatar

I guess you will require immediate payment. Will there be some short term reservation period in wich we can make a payment (10 minutes or so)?

liz avatar

Afraid not.

Ray avatar

so you saying that the raspberry pi I’ve commited to buy could be sold from under my nose because I was too slow entering my card details!!! :-(

FilimoniC avatar

Natural selection….

austincurr avatar

More like survival of the fastest connections…

ElectroPulse avatar

Are you taking any precautions against server overloads? I’m just imagining the servers getting bogged down, if not crashing, with the load of that many people simoultaneously spamming F5 for a few minutes before the release ;)

liz avatar

Yes, we are – I’ve discussed this in a bit more detail on the forums.

Mihail Fedorov avatar

And what if my secret plan was to make an alarm clock from Raspberry Pi itself? ;-) With NTP, TV as time display and 5.1 sound system for “waking me up”.

liz avatar

Then you will have two! One for each ear.

error avatar

STFU and take my money :D

Jon avatar

You really need to think about going to bed…still up at 12.19

Jongoleur avatar

Think on – WHEN will Liz be activating the Shop?


DePingus avatar

This is gonna be crazier than the Nike Galaxy riots!

Juan avatar

I can’t whit for this experience. My kids r going to love this.

D Wiley avatar

I’d say it is pretty obvious that there will be no shortage of demand. I am also guessing that I am not going to be able to get in on the initial run.

The main question I have is when is the second batch going to be ordered? I know that you guys are using this first release to gauge demand, but lets say that (as I suspect they will) the first batch of 10,000 is gone within minutes…

Any rough idea when the next run would be? My fear is that a second run will be delayed until there has been time for community feedback and adjustments in response to that feedback before going back to production…

Roger Wolff avatar

I’d say that the primary reason for not ordering 1M on the first production run is because financing a little less than $25M for the production is a bit too much for the foundation. I’m guessing they might have had to contact a bank for the $250k they’ve had to pay to the factory already. If they sell out in 10 minutes, it will be easy to convince the bank that financing another batch is “safe”.

But even if there is no bank involved, and they’ve been putting in their own savings, then the same argument holds: You don’t want to spend money on the second $250k before you’re sure the first batch sells out.

Now here on the forum we’re all pretty convinced that the 10000 pies will sell out in ten minutes flat. But are you willing to bet $250k on that? What if there are just 1000 people interested and they are registering 10 or 20 times each?

MyName avatar

Well. I still don’t get why there’s no pre-order?
Maybe I should search the forum :P

Just take pre-orders of say 1-5 units / person.. I don’t think people would mind to pay 1-5 * $25-35 in advance, I certainly would not.
Worst case scenario, the foundation and/or “china” steals my money and lives happily ever after in Bahamas, oh well, gg to them then :)

Steve avatar

I’m really happy that the foundation isn’t falling into the Sinclair trap. For those that don’t remember (or just weren’t around) Sinclair got himself a bad name for taking pre-orders, announcing optimistic launch dates and missing them by *months*. It was much less fun than this waiging for the foundation to open the floodgatess

Tadej avatar

Raspberry pi doesn’t always give release dates. But when it does, it’s about alarm clocks. -.-

roli avatar

Well, I have my alarm clock ready! I have even built it myself ( ) – it has some great features – it works, looks horrible and shows a correct time for about a month (it sadly lacks RTC module). So when do I set it to ring (it can actually play a star wars or a knight rider theme)?

Kyle avatar

But I was going to build an RPi alarm clock!!

gef avatar

Will there be a limit to how many board per house hold ? I have already 6 to be ordered :S

gef avatar

oups just read earlier comment 1 per credit card !

Семён avatar

**** ***** wait so ****** long like ****** duke nukem ****** forever.

Sriranjan avatar

I will not sleep this Sunday and Monday…

xIndian avatar

I am really looking forward to RPi, especially now, when my currency to dollar course has dropped significantly :) Good job everyone with this unique device!

Jongoleur avatar

When the Pi goes on sale, its going to be worse than bid sniping at eBay…..

ayeowch avatar

Stop doing F5 at the main page (I was doing just that past couple of days). Now, you could just sit back and watch “Raspberry Pi Live” at and be the first to know when Raspberry Pi is available for order!

The live widget polls the main page ( every 5 seconds for new posts and visitors viewing the widget will see results from the poll request made by the server. Enjoy!

Lynbarn avatar

DON’T DO IT – IT WON’T HELP – it will just put an extra load on the foundation’s servers.

The first announcement will be VIA THE MAILING LIST

Simon H avatar

Good way to get your IP/Domain blocked I would guess!

csadgal avatar

wait wait wait

Kevin Wiltshire avatar

Liz, I think I’m right in saying (apologies if I got the wrong end of the stick) that in a previous post, you mentioned that there would be a fair way that you’ll be selling the Raspi’s? Not just the ‘one per person’ thing, but other criteria would be taken in to account? Now that we’re this close to the selling date, are you able to share any more details with us about the critieria that you’ll be using?

I’m as keen as any one else to get hold a Raspi, but if I do not meet the criteria at this stage, then I’m happy to back away for a few extra months and wait it out, if I have to that is.

The more we know now about the critieria now, the better. It might even save your selling site some bandwidth, and us a broken nights sleep anticapting being successful! :)

Kevin Wiltshire avatar

Sorry my last paragraph was awful! Too many now’s and completely messed up ‘anticipating’ :)

liz avatar

I’m afraid I think you got the wrong end of the stick. We consider first-come, first-served about as “fair” as is manageable; it could be a discussion about that that you’re remembering.

Bob Lloyd avatar

Do you plan on creating a separate ordering facility for actual students? I have told my lecturers of the Raspberry Pi and they are indeed interested.

Being poor starving students, is there any hint that someone will mass produce low cost DVI-D capable screens for the Raspi? Or will we have to rely on our phones for that?

JamesH avatar

A phone would be a terrible screen device – just use your TV or computer monitor.

AFAIK< there are no special privileges for students. As will be clear shortly, there shouldn't be any problems with getting hold of a device once production gets going.

John Benson avatar

James H and Liz, you are both terrible teases!

Philip Machanick avatar

Great, it take that as meaning after the initial 10, there will be a quick ramp up. I need these things for projects where 100+ would be useful and I can’t be the only one. I hope you have a plan for getting them to Africa without the usual dodgy local distributors who add huge mark-ups and no value.

Kevin Wiltshire avatar

Brill, that means we’re all in with a decent shout, assuming we can rouse ourselves from our beds! :)

Your namepaolo avatar

I wait!!! I wait!! I wait!!……………………….

JuanFe avatar

raspberry pi, come with me, all days i will prepare a breakfast of jelly and peanutbutter. to share :)

FT232BM avatar

>might be a good time to do some shopping.
Does Eben mean strictly GMT+0 00:00?

[…] bids of more than £3,000 eBay in a fund-raising auction earlier this year. The announcement on their website that they should their deliveries by tomorrow resulted in 192 comments at the time of writing […]

Jon avatar

I can just imagine where I’ll be when it comes to the rush buy. Damn school gets in the way of everything. Although…… I do suppose I’d be invited to see the head teacher if I said I was at home waiting for pi……and I do suppose the kids need teaching….
Not sure what’s more important

Jungman avatar

I went through the RPi shop’s purchase process yesterday (I bought some Keyboard stickers) to check that it all went smoothly. This helped to calm my nerves and also gave some money to the foundation.

scott avatar

This might be a dumb idea, but it might make sense to split the quantity up within periods of the day, like at 8 am launch the first 5k. Then at 1pm launch the last 5k….

Kevin Wiltshire avatar

People, we are all so full of ideas about how best to sell the Raspi, but at the end of the day it is down to the Foundation. Let’s give them some credit please, and just let them do their thing. They won’t let us down, they have done a fantastic job sticking to their princilples so far, and in the end we’ll all get our Raspi’s anyway. Not long now, just a little more patience.

liz avatar

Give that man a gold star. :) (Thank you!)

Kevin Wiltshire avatar

I’d prefer a Raspi if that’s ok? :)

Charles Thayer avatar


Oliver avatar

Sitting in NZ. Will be smack in the middle of the day. :)
Can’t wait!

TheTap avatar

Is midday not a bit early for smack? :-)

Tim H avatar

Apparently it’s quite more-ish

Rubisco avatar

Actually, Morocco is better known for its hash than for smack.

Charles Thayer avatar

Did I miss the email announcing the time the units will be officially up for sale? Has the time been announced?

liz avatar


Charles Thayer avatar

Ok, I was getting nervous. I’ve been follwing the RPi develpments since mid-2011.

AnnoyedGuy avatar

I feel kinda pranked. You said: “In other news, if you don’t own an alarm clock, this weekend might be a good time to do some shopping.”

now you twitter: “We* get them tomorrow – you guys won’t for a few days. Watch Twitter, the mailing list and the website for announcements.”

???? maybe in a year….

Dormage avatar

It’s allways hard to wait for this long.
I feel your frustration :)

Tim H avatar

Maybe in a week.

The RasPi folks are doing us the courtesy (which they don’t owe us) of trying to keep us updated.

A bit churlish to use their openness as a stick to beat them with …

AnnoyedGuy avatar

The thing is that they said on Saturday we’ll be ready this weekend, so i guessed they got the shipping. Is it possibly to get those shippings from china on sundays??? I guess not and so, they knew that they don’t get the boards until monday…

liz avatar

You seem to be doing an awful lot of guessing. Nothing in the post you’re responding to said we’d start selling on Monday.

After we’re done revolutionising school computer science, perhaps our next trick should be to improve reading comprehension levels among internet users.

tadoman man avatar

OR maybe you could actually make status updates that talk about the news regarding the status and not about alarm clocks… maybe :D

Jeff avatar

FYI, the shipping industry obviously is 24/7… it doesn’t all stop just because it’s Sunday :)

AnnoyedGuy avatar

on top of that i have headache because i sit the whole day in front of my pc waiting for the release, I even stood up at 6am to look for a possible release…

zelo avatar

It’s your problem.
It’ve been said that there will be announcement on release time so everyone will have chance to buy one.

[…] Raspberry Pi’s set to start shipping any day now and, apparently, early in the morning. […]

Sudhir Khanger avatar

I am really impressed with the way RaspberryPi organization, Liz and Liam are handling anxiousness people on this website and Twitter. Appreciate it very much.

Steve Emms avatar

Still on tenterhooks here…

Daniel Booth avatar

Are they here yet …. Are they here yet .. ?

.. I need a wee ..

Seriously, i cant wait to get one ordered. I’m a techy in a high school and i look forward to showing the computing teachers the Raspberry Pi, and hopefully getting them to include it in their lessons.

Jeff avatar

Things are going to get ugly later on today!

da_andy avatar

Well it is after 2AM in the morning (monday) in Germany.
‘m watching Oscar :D but that is just because I’m waiting for R-Pi!
Go go go guys!

camilito avatar

Hello There!!

Is this board initially shipped to the US and/or Spain?? I actually live in Colombia, but I have a P.O. Box in the US and another one in Spain. If this is the wrong place to ask, I do apologize, and will ask for further guidance.

Kind Regards!!

Christopher Perrin avatar

It’s shipped all over the World

Matthew Smith avatar

I’m not sleeping tonight aha ;)

Neil Pacala avatar

I have a lot of plans for our future RasPi. Please be on my hands already!

Eric P avatar

10:17 PM in Phoenix Arizona 05:17 AM in the UK watching
Watching Finding BigFoot and I’m sure they won’t find it!

william avatar

i keep throwing my money at the screen but nothing happens!!!!

william avatar

I don’t know why I am sooooo excited over this, I always laughed at the people who stay up all night to get an I phone. But now im staying up all night for a raspberry hahaha

phi avatar

C’est quand vous voulez ;-)

Jason Lees avatar

I dont think the first batch will be on sale very long.

Magno avatar

Well… I guess that the need for Alarm clock was not for Europe. Can’t wait to have the opportunity of buying one.

J_Bear avatar

Kind of silence here. Everybody’s waiting or keep reloading home page?

Avalon avatar

Its like wiating for Christmas as a Kid, I’ve not been this excited since 1983 when i was waiting to get a ZX spectrum.

Schorsch avatar

This joke must be in German language – sorry.

Morgens, halb zehn in Deutschland: Wo ist mein RaspberryPi?! *rofl*

da_andy avatar

Iss einen Knoppers! Beruhigt deine Nerven! :D

(E) Eat a knoppers! Calms your nerves!

Ben avatar

:D :D

crakayl avatar

been up all night waiting for the R-Pi to hit the store can,t wait much longer my nerves are shattered but will carry on regardless. could be a long day !

Matt Palmer avatar

Really hoping to get my hands on one of these today. Hope everything goes okay for you guys!

T avatar

Is there any other activity on the mailing list, or will it only be an announcement email sent on that channel?
If there are other activity, then I’m not getting it…

Mema avatar

Hi there,
First time posting! Because i can’t support the pressure anymore :( ! Any news? something? anything? :( :)

Denver avatar

I need to goto the loo, but don’t want to miss out….. oh well, i’m taking my phone with me…. hurry… =)

Manu avatar

Please let me sleep this night…

alex avatar

We all need to sleep that nigth ! I hope we will have good news today.

There is only 2 days before the end of february so, max 2 days of web page refeshing ;)

Mesut SURMELI avatar

I look forward to ,

Andy_S avatar

I wonder what is the webserver load at those moments, i’d love to see the mrtg/cacti/whatsoever graph for it :]

BTW yes, i am waiting and refreshing as well ;)

John Neal avatar

My phone just announced that the Pi was available. (I have an app that monitors the site)
My heart nearly stopped and I frantically F5’d the site….
… my phone is a liar…. :P

Stefan Stefanov avatar

You should buy some smarter phone :)

John Neal avatar

I was going to make one using my Raspberry Pi :P

Mesut SURMELI avatar

im waiting , waiting , waiting…..

sleeplessinchicago avatar

I can’t take this much longer, please tell us something.
store page is auto-refreshing every 60 seconds , its like watching water boil

c128 avatar

I’m totally lost by the folk waiting up late, refreshing the home page etc. etc.

The Raspberry Pi won’t be on sale today, the team have just said that they will tell us today when it will be on sale:

…or have I missed something?

JamesH avatar

Nope, you haven’t missed anything…lots of other have though.

Thomas avatar

According to Liz, it’s ‘not on monday’.

Martin avatar

Is there stats which model will be more proffered, A or B?

I am getting a B.

Denver avatar

Is waiting for my slice of the π

Jay avatar

Firstly, R’PI was said to be available maybe at the end of september …
hum … october … not ready yet … in fact november …
hum wait a minute, december ? … ok …
still not here, let’s say january ? … a bit late … maybe february ?
Why not march ? (*)
Please stop teasing everyone, just announce the R’PI when it will be REALLY available …
(I have bet 100€ with a friend of mine that the R’PI will not be available before March please make it late for some few days ;)

JamesH avatar

I be preparing to stump up that bet.

Martin avatar

Someone figured it out already: It will be released on March 1st at 4:15am, that signifies PI 3.1415

Get an alarm clock..

Guillaume avatar

If it goes this way, I hope the Pi foundation won’t leave me as disappointed as Dharma Initiative !

OFI avatar

I wouldn’t count on it since the UK, where this is based, does not use that date format..

JamesH avatar

I hope you have a spare 100 euro.

Jay avatar

Well something is sure, if I loose my bet, my friend will probably buy 3 R’PI … If I win I will buy 3 R’PI ;)
(at least, one R’PI in the first batch, and 2 more in the next one)

allcardr avatar

waiting with baited breath!! the anticipation is almost killing me so I hope it’s not going to be too long !!

phil42 avatar

May I ask a personal favor? Please give us a sign-up sheet so that we can claim our dessert and not have to fight for it!

phil42 avatar

And may I please be claimant number one? :)

Nya avatar

Is it just me, or did another square appear in the RPi store?
Almost as if the product is ready to be placed there any moment!!!

Damnit! I want it now nya :3

JM avatar

I’ve seen this square all the times I’ve entered the store…

Kevin Wiltshire avatar

Me too

dbh937 avatar

Just noticed that too!
Refreshing my page every five minutes. :D

Peter Strong avatar

EPIC – just received my review unit – this is soooo cool. Unboxing video is here:

Mike Oxbig avatar

Cool iPad2 Rick Roll. Chrome’s URL checker is an amazing thing

phil42 avatar

rickroll :)

Mesut SURMELI avatar

i think , this is joke. very bad joke.,.,,,

i m refresh webpage to 3 days. :( :( :(

Dom avatar

Why do moaners think anyone cares what they think ?

[…] Amennyiben még hihetünk a hivatalos weboldalnak, a sok ígérgetés után, a héten elkezdődik az árusítás. A múlt hét végén történt ez a kijelentés. A cikkben az állt, “Ha nincs […]

Nya avatar

Well…. I think I am going to start losing hope soon.
What say you fellow RPi followers, will it come today? I say no.

c128 avatar

If you mean “no” to will it be on sale today, the answer has always been “no”:

mrthom avatar

Please tell me, what will probably be the final price for RaspberryPI – model B shipped to Czech Republic, including taxes and shipping, without any acessories?

Nya avatar

Ohhh! Thanks for the heads up, so Tuesday is the whole “alarm clock” launch?

Jeffrey S Watts avatar

Looking forward to full production!

garc avatar

Hi All, Like everyone else I am hoping to get one of the first batch of Pi’s which I assume are cooling on a window ledge as we speak. If however the numbers of people trying to get them are as high as the 100,000 mentioned earlier in this post then 9/10 people will be left a little disappointed. I am wondering how soon after the first batch have been sold will you be going to production on the second batch. Apologies if this has been answered already.

Nya avatar

Nope, it’s a completely valid question.
The FAQ and forums say nothing about the second batch.
Only link that talks about the batches (on hand) is the one below.
AFAIK, Tuesday will be your first and only chance for a few weeks at least.

Harold Pablo Tovar Herrera avatar

I think that you have to put a limit in the quantity of items that one customer can buy, if not one can buy hundreds of more..

Tobias Dörr avatar

Read the FAQs, it is limited to 1 per person

TirsoJRP avatar

I’m having recurrent dreams about all the stuff I want to try with Ras Pi… I need it ASAP.

Nya avatar


Marian avatar

The main problem is that foundation trying to run SAP and Oracle on raspberry.
Then business starting :)

william avatar

They mention one little thing about an alarm clock and everyone rushes to conclusions (including me) I guess the shear excitement is getting to the better of us. Are there any plans for a t-shirt saying “I survived the release of the raspberry pi”?

5n4k3 avatar

Do Want!

Calvin avatar

Reminds me of Black Friday except…. less chance of getting trampled.

[…] years of development and several manufacturing delays, these $35 mini-computers were open for sale to consumers last week — […]

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