RaTTuS avatar

I see he had cut himself shaving beforehand ;-p … excellent work

Robert_M avatar

It’s important to look good when Mr. DeMille calls for your close-up.

Michael Horne avatar

Creepy. Just plain creepy.

Miguel avatar

Now he must come up with a speech synthesizer…

Homer L. Hazel avatar

This did not show up at all on my iPad. Some things will not play for one reason or the other, but this one did not even make a square or anything.

After watching the video on my PC, I think I’m glad. This is weird. It’s excellent work, but it is very weird.

liz avatar

Yeah – the only vid available was a Flickr video, and they’re Flash, which the iPad won’t tolerate. YouTube usually points users of no-Flash devices at an HTML5 version, which is why we *much* prefer YouTube videos for use on this website!

Homer Hazel avatar

Thanks Liz, I knew flash did not work. My iPad reminds me constantly. I normally see an empty square. Absolutely nothing showed up.


meltwater avatar

Yeah, although for those of us who have YouTube blocked for 8 hours a day…vimeo is preferred.

InverseSandwich avatar

Plus Vimeo really pushes the boat out with HTML5 support, compared to YouTube.

zenbike avatar

Actually, the vid doesn’t show at all on my iPad, and doesn’t show on my PC except as a nonfunctional black square. I have flash installed, as I use Chrome, and even when I go to Flickr, where the original vid is posted, I can see the preview still frame, but when you click on it to play, It displays only a black page, no video. I think this is a limitation of flickr. Maybe too many page views?

Braden avatar

White squares on his face to make the tracing easier for video editing I see ;)

Rob Bishop avatar


AndrewS avatar

The more you struggle the more it will hurt. Just relax…

Kevvy Wilch avatar

Cool, any notes on how he clustered his Pi’s?

beta-tester avatar

is he overclocked? and are his RPi’s brain a replacement of his human one or are they working parallel/concurrent… or is is a secret brain logger… :D

well done. i like both… RPi & blender and that idea + video.

The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

THIS SHOULD BE ON KICKSTARTER! I want Raspberry Pis in my brain…….

The Raspberry Pi Guy

clive avatar

That’s how they recruited me.

I went to bed one night after watching ‘Heartbeat’ and woke up the next morning sporting a smart but practical raincoat and bits of paper on my face.

ColinD avatar

I’d forgotten that scene. *shudder*.

wallarug avatar

How do I play this video??

It doesn’t want to play on any of my Windows Devices running either Chrome, IE10, IE9?


Pygar avatar

It might be nice if YouTube videos here came with a simple YouTube link… no matter what you are running, you could then go to the site itself…

jm avatar

I keep getting “Playback of this video failed. Please try again a little later on.” without it giving any indication of *why*. Sadface.

wallarug avatar

Same :(

See comment above (number 12)

John avatar

Same issue here!
(in Sydney – Australia)

wallarug avatar

seems to be fixed now. I was able to watch this morning (also in Sydney)

Ate avatar

Well…now, I have all the ingredients, but it still looks like a bad idea….
How do I know I have the right type of blender….

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presented without content too

Robert_M avatar

Max Headroom v.0.05

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