Join us on the London to Cambridge bike ride for Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Every year, Eben raises sponsorship money and does the 75-mile London to Cambridge bike ride for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. You can sponsor Team Pi at Justgiving. This year, several of the folk working at Pi Towers and some of the volunteers who work on Raspberry Pi will be joining him on Sunday 28 July (Gordon, our keenest and most competitive cyclist will not be there, because he’ll be on holiday – this is probably a good thing, because cycling with Gordon can be very discouraging as he vanishes into the distance and leaves you crying your way up a hill). We thought you might like to join us as well.

Bonus points if, like Matt Richardson, the bike you ride has been hacked with a Raspberry Pi. (Click to read more about Matt’s speedometer hack, which perfectly straddles the line between dangerously distracting and brilliantly clever.)

If you do the ride wearing Raspberry Pi insignia of any kind, we’ll do our best to ride in a mob with you, we’ll buy you a beer at the Cambridge end, sign any Pis, shirts, books or robots you might have brought along, and have a good natter. You don’t need to be wearing an official Raspberry Pi T-shirt (although it’d be great if you can – every one you buy raises money for our educational outreach work and helps us get Pis to kids who can’t afford them). A home-made shirt, a home-made Raspberry Pi label safety-pinned onto your shirt, or a home-made paper Raspberry Pi hat will all qualify.

If you’d like to join us for a morning’s exercise, sign up for the ride at, then mail me at [email protected] so we can let you know where and when we’ll be meeting at both ends. It’s a lovely ride through some beautiful countryside, and you should finish feeling virtuous and very, very tired. We look forward to clinking glasses with you at the finish line.


ukscone avatar

it’s not called a mob it’s called a peleton although given enough hills you might end up in the gruppetto

JamesH avatar

Unfortunately, I’m already down to ride with the Broadcom ‘team’, although I expect to watch them disappear in to the distance very early on!

ukscone avatar

you still have a couple of weeks to add a raspi controlled electric motor to your bike.

liz avatar

Snub them! Spurn them! Come and ride with us instead!

ukscone avatar

promise him Kylie at the end of the ride and you’ll see someone who breaks the world land speed on a bike record (and will be able to tow you up the hills)

Ken MacIver avatar

Can’t Ride;

Can Sponsor

So I’m looking foward to Team-Pi ‘Making’ a JustGiving page


Peter Stevens avatar

Sadly I can’t make it this year :-(

The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

I would love to go, it would have been a great chance to meet the almighty Eben and Liz…

Sadly I can’t make it. DARN! Why do all of these Raspberry Pi events have to be when I can’t come? Raspberry Jam? Away. Bike ride? Away.

I’m gonna go cry now,

The Raspberry Pi Guy

Aaron avatar

Best of luck guys – would love to join, but unfortunately can’t make it that weekend!

Harriet avatar

I would love to join you but I’m doing the one round London next year (and I don’t have a bike yet)

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