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Back in June, Raspberry Pi superfan Ryan Walmsley and Manchester brain-on-a-stick (and kayak rescue hero) Ben Nuttall decided to set up a free weekly email newsletter for Raspberry Pi topics, with curated links to news, projects, articles and more. It’s now on its 11th issue, and there’s a wealth of interesting information already available in the archives, which are available to leaf through on the Pi Weekly website. (Click on the image below to visit the site.)

We highly, highly recommend that you subscribe. Ben and Ryan are old hands at the Pi game, and they’re very active in the community, so they’re in a great position to get their hands on news early – sometimes, even before we hear about it at Pi Towers. If you’ve got news of your own that you’d like them to disseminate, they’re always looking for submissions, which you can make through piweekly.net. Pi Weekly is released every Friday. Head over and sign up! 


The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

Just subscribed… Looks like a really cool newsletter, congratulations Ryan and Ben!

The Raspberry Pi Guy

chuck avatar

i can’t seem to sign up ?? please advise

The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

You clicked on the ‘confirm subscription’ button in the email that they send you?

The Raspberry Pi Guy

Ben Nuttall avatar

Once you enter your email address in to the field and submit, you should get a confirmation email. Verify the email and you’re signed up.

Once registered, you’ll be on the list to receive the next email (weekly on Fridays).

supermario3 avatar

Is there a way to have an rss feed?

Dio avatar

I’ve not tried it, but there’s an RSS feed link on the ‘Archive’ page.

Ryan Walmsley avatar

The RSS Feed was just added today. We had it but it wasn’t on the front page.

paddyg avatar

I’d even go as far as:
— Transcendental, but well rounded —

Hove avatar

’tis indeed a very clever tag line for the Pi news!

The Pi Hut avatar

Subscribed :)

Ben Nuttall avatar

For anyone looking to subscribe via RSS, there’s now an RSS feed icon in the site footer!


meltwater avatar

Just a heads up, the RSS address has ihttp:// at the start of the RSS link.

Removing the i and all works nicely.

Great collection of info!

Ben Nuttall avatar

Whoops! Vim…

Paul avatar

Shame it doesn’t seem to work on either Windows Phone or Windows 8.1 IE…the contents looks interesting!

Ryan Walmsley avatar

What part don’t work? I don’t test on IE now as the browser is just so out of date….

Paul avatar

Understood, a valid choice @ not supporting IE. I make similar choices in not supporting Chrome (slower than IE and Firefox and the users tend to be Google-drone muppets)

The main issues I had were trying to view the archives/current mailing. Its not possible to scroll on that page so you can only read what is visible at the top of the page.

I had an issue with subscribing but I think the spam probably grabbed the confirmation mail (from looking at the other replies)

Ben Nuttall avatar

If you’re still having problems subscribing, please email us and we’ll make sure you’re sorted.

If you can report any reproducible bugs with the website, please report these by email too. It’s a *very* minimal website so I have no idea how your browser can be having any difficulty rendering it properly.

I’ll have a look if I can find a Windows machine somewhere to see if I can identify any issues, and if I ever meet anyone with a Windows Phone, I’ll have a look at the site on it.

TheMainMan avatar

I don’t have any issues with the archive or current mailing on WP8 IE. WP8 version 8.0.10327.77

bromatt avatar

Woo – Subbed! Always up for more Pi Info, do you accept article / links suggestions?

Ryan Walmsley avatar

We do! You can tweet or email us. See more at the bottom of any issue.

Richard avatar

You should also check out http://www.raspiweekly.com/ which is now on its 17th issue.

Peter avatar

Looks interesting

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