Pi NoIR infrared camera: now available!

Pi NoIR, the infrared version of our camera board, is available to purchase for $25 plus tax from today. You’ll find it at all the usual suspects: RS Components, Premier Farnell and their subsidiaries; and at Adafruit. Other stores will be getting stock soon.

Pictures courtesy of Adafruit, who, unlike us, actually have a studio for doing this stuff in – thanks guys!

Back view

What’s that mysterious square of stuff, you ask? I’ll let you know tomorrow.




Barnaby Shearer avatar

A visiable light filter; for pure IR shots?

Cheetah avatar

Close, but not quite it seems. Clicking through to the Adafruit site will give the answer :)

dan3008 avatar

Looks like it. that or an ND 10 (or higher) filter, which is basically the same thing

RaTTuS avatar

a bit of exposed 35mm film ? ;-p

Nils avatar

My thoughts exactly. :-)

Just replace the regular “visible light” bandpass filter glass with exposed film and voila, you’ve created an IR camera.

Dio avatar

My guesses for the “mysterious square of stuff” is either a piece of double sided adhesive pad for mounting, or more likely an IR blocking filter to allow daylight IR imaging. Do I win a prize if I’m right ;)

Dio avatar

Beaten to it whilst typing :cry:

Sahaj Sarup (ric96) avatar

i think its lcd filter(polarized sheet)
used i lcd screen
again i think….

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Clicking on the photo to see it better, my dear, results in a 404 page at Adafruit. Unfair to Local 12 of Villians, Thieves, and Scoundrels Union. Is fault of moose and squirrel, I am sure, or my name is not Boris Badanov, Master Scoundrel! :D

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Zooming in on the square indicates it’s either a very effective fingerprint collection device used by Crime Scene Investigators to lift prints (with a ceiling-mounted fluorescent light fixture reflected at the top of the black square, which is actually very dark blue), or “My God, it’s full of stars … “, as the famous last words of Dave Bowman indicated. The latter would confirm it is, indeed, a 2001: A Space Odyssey Monolith, in bite-size form for Halloween, although not in the regulation 1 x 4 x 9 thickness, width, and height ratios :D

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You manage to fit 2001 into everything don’t you Jim?! And why yes… A very helpful bitesize monolith that fits in your back pocket!

The Raspberry Pi Guy

Jim Manley avatar

Well, I must say that I was most disappointed with the real year 2001 compared to what we were promised in 1968, so I prefer to exist in a parallel universe where TMA-1 was actually found on the Moon. Cue the shrill female voices for a full 20 minutes of cacophony accompanying a dizzying visual effect where film exposed to various colors of light is apparently melting … :lol:

Besides, the “2001” plot line was in several books and movies, so it must be true that the plot actually happened, at least that’s how the Intertubes define reality. HAL really does exist, but he’s the dullard we call things like the “Industry Standard Architecture” and its offspring down that Trail of Tears ;)

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Oooooh…. so finally I´ll be able to tie knots!!!!

pfoltyn avatar

Looks like a filter to only pass blue and IR wavelengths. You can use such filter to produce NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) images.

Dan avatar

“What’s that mysterious square of stuff, you ask? I’ll let you know tomorrow.” Its for hyperspectral imaging. :-p

Rick avatar

Cant wait to grab one.

Not showing up on RS or Farnell/E14 yet though…F5…F5….F5


Leo Leibovici avatar

Can’t find it on CPC web site. Anyone got a part number?

beta-tester avatar

with a pice of unexposed but chemical fixed “DIA”-film (i don’t know the english translation for “DIA-film”), you can block visible ligh… IR rays can pass…

i used it, long time ago, where i was using an old analog PAL CCD-camera to make IR recording also at day light.

i think this kind of visible light filter is on that last photo.
question is, will it be included when you buy a IR camera modul?

Rick avatar

Any idea if or when these will be offered as part of the Camera + Model A deal?

Guffy avatar

Hi All.

Just thought I would let you know that I ordered a model A+ and camera board bundle from CPC-Farnell on Saturday. It arrived yesterday and the bundle came with the No IR model.
I don’t know wether this is ment to happen or was a packaging error as the website just says camera module and doesn’t specify which version.
Is there something I can use as an IR filter as this camera was ment to be used for daytime use.

Thanks all

AndrewS avatar

I’d guess that it’s a cock-up, and you ought to get in touch with the supplier to arrange an exchange for the correct item :-/

Ashley Eckard avatar

No idea what the mystery item is, I’ll find out tomorrow :)
Just bought 2 of these from adafruit, and they’re going quick!

Michael Horne avatar

I’ve blogged about places to get the new camera – includes links to RS, Farnell and Adafruit.


Ben avatar

Got 2 NoIR’s ordered from Farnell this morning, already shipped, should get them tomorrow.

Ton van Overbeek avatar

Maybe a blue filter. See for an application.

Douglas avatar

At last, Babbage can do petroleum prospecting from his balloon, perhaps providing an alternate revenue stream for the Foundation.

bluecar1 avatar

and the winner is :)

from the adafruit website

” A small piece of blue filter plastic is included, this filter can be used for hyperspectral imaging experimentation ! “

RobV avatar

when Liz says ” tell you tomorrow” she means when the ADAfruit server in yesterday’s timezone becomes today.
she didn’t expect some to cheat.

Guy Serbin avatar

This isn’t hyperspectral, e.g., image spectroscopy. If we were able to extract spectra at 10 nm or better intervals that would be the case, but it’s only multispectral.

3xBackup's avatar

Evil thought “If you wait one day to order yours you will get a free visible light blocking filter with each NoIR ordered ?”

3xBackup's avatar

and then somewhere is the small print of the post says that the foundation has backdated this one day to cover orders older than 24 hours.

Ravi avatar

A small piece of blue filter plastic is included, this filter can be used for hyperspectral imaging experimentation !

Not sure why people are struggling , its written in the website

Jonathan avatar

I think it is a removable IR filter for night and day photography.

Matt Hawkins avatar

The square is blue :)

Stuart Stephen avatar


Supplied with
Blue filter for making an Infragram.

dan3008 avatar

I’m sure thats cheating looking at the specs else where lol

Will Stewart avatar

What is the spectral performance of the camera by IR wavelength? This can have significant influence on the IR illuminators and clear polycarbonate lens cover. For example, some IR illuminators center around 850 nm, while others are nearer to 2.5 um.


There are roughly 3 different classes of IR cameras, and can we assume this fits in the first class?


N_A_B avatar

This probably isn’t the place, but I’m thoroughly fed-up with both of the main suppliers. Farnell seem to operate a policy of “why ask the user to click once when we can ask them to click ten times” and RS seem to think that when I search for ‘raspberry pi’, it’s because I only want to see a select list of items and not everything Pi related they sell.
Both sites insist on asking me for the same information again (Farnell want me to confirm my country and CPC that I’m a business).
Right. Rant over. Now I’m going elsewhere.

Rick avatar

I see completely where you’re coming from – their sites for the Pi suck terribly. It’s not just me being a pain in the ass, the sites are genuinely crap.

Go on either of them and try looking at all the pi accessories. RS’s is buried under about 8 pages and farnell/e14 only show 6 of the addons.

Terrible sites.

At the moment I’m more annoyed that they haven’t updated the site(s) to say if and how you can get the NoIR with the Camera + Model A bundle deal.

Rick avatar

And just to update this again. I popped into a live chat with a Farnell rep, and asked if they could tell me where to pick up the Model A + NoIR bundle that the foundation said would be available.

I got asked to hold whilst I was transfered to “technical”. 5 minutes later I get told they are busy, and to phone them on an 0845 number.

Yeah…that makes a whole lot of damn sense. Farnell need to get their act together. Theres not a single piece of information about the NoIR on their site(s) other than the order page for 1 on its own.

Davespice avatar

I think the mysterious square is actually a filter that only lets infra red light through. You could use it to create an infra red lamp either from a normal bulb or, maybe, the little red LED on the camera board. When I get mine I am going to test it by pointing a remote control at the camera lens and seeing if I can see the beam in the video output.

tahrey avatar

“A studio”, or in other words a large square of high density antistatic foam, a digital bridge camera on a cheap tripod, and one of those fancy lights with an umbrella around it? :D

(It’s surprisingly easy to fake it, so long as you take care to crop out the surrounds!)

In any case, ooh, shiny.

Guy Serbin avatar

Is it a blue filter or a cyan filter? The Bayer pattern sensors that are sensitive to NIR are also sensitive to red, so a cyan filter will eliminate red, but still allow for a false-color RGB (blue, green, NIR).

Nico avatar

Oops… RS is charging around US$45 before VAT for this Pi NOIR in South Africa – beyond my November budget :(


Normal camera module is US$30 before VAT which is Ok’ish http://nvdd.info/1bBcXEh

Neil Dickson avatar

Any update on a bundle of a Pi +Pi Noir? I have very little money to play with and I’m keen to get my hands on something affordable. My current Pi is busy being used to run RaspBMC. I want to be able to spy on my garden critters at night.

Julien avatar

Im not sure to understand the difference with the classic camera board. This camera can record during the night AND during the day ? or is it only used for night recording ?

Ken avatar

Does anyone know if the NoIR will work for things that florese? I am trying to look at Scorpians that florese when you hit them with a blacklight.

XBrav avatar

Sadly, none of the distributors in Canada are even listing it yet, which is unusual.

john avatar

Why is Adafruit charging $29.95?

Massimo avatar

I would need this information for a correct choice of IR illuminator: what is the real spectral range of IP NOIR? 850nm ~ 950nm?

many IR illuminators are on sale (ebay, banggood, …) for CCTV cameras, and they (99%) have a wavelength of 850nm. they are ok for the PI NOIR?


Kyle avatar

I’m testing the No-IR camera module with an 850nm wavelength IR Illuminator.


I’ve noticed that the illuminator does work, but not nearly as well as my other IP security cameras. This illuminator looks like a flood light on the image of my traditional IP cameras, but not for the NoIR pi cam.

I’m searching around for a similar IR illuminater which operates at 940nm to see if they perform better for the pi cam.

I’ll post my results when I do.

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