Our 1000th blog post!

We recently noticed that we were soon to be approaching our 1000th post since our blog began in July 2011, and thought we ought to curate some stats and share some of our proudest moments from this incredible journey with you!

Eben set up the blog to let people know about developments of the Raspberry Pi and its use in education. This is what the website looked like back then:


We’ve come a long way since that first post: the blog has seen two (2013, 2014) major redesigns (as well as that joke one), and it’s brought you eight product launches (Model B, Model B rev2, Model A, Camera module, Pi NoIR camera, Compute module, Model B+, Model A+ and Pi 2 Model B); we’ve announced Picademy, free learning resources, our million pound education fund, we announced we’re sending Pis to the International Space Station, we’ve run several competitions and many more education initiatives as well as featuring countless amazing Raspberry Pi projects.

Some stats

In the 1000 posts to date, there have been:

  • 1691 images
  • 51,974 comments in total
  • 1702 tags
  • 5370 links

These 1000 posts have all come from just 15 authors (though some are guest articles posted by one of the team). Liz has written (by far) the most:


Pi chart

The most common tag is education (57).

Dave tends to write the longest posts with a 9313-character average, and the longest post was Ben’s Mega USA Tour.

Our first post was on 24th July 2011. Here’s what we posted on 24th July in subsequent years:

Top 10 commented posts:

  1. Raspberry Pi 2 on sale now at $35 (837)
  2. And breathe… (706)
  3. We’ve started manufacture! (635)
  4. Model B now ships with 512MB of RAM (586)
  5. Ladies and gentlemen, set your alarms! (554)
  6. New product launch! Introducing Raspberry Pi Model B+ (552)
  7. Raspberry Pi Compute Module: new product! (509)
  8. Competition: name our bear! (492)
  9. The Raspberry Pi User Guide is here! Win a signed copy (543)
  10. Pricing updates (good news!) from Element 14/Premier Farnell and RS Components (449)

You can browse the entire history of the blog in our Archive page.

And this is what the homepage looks like today:


www.raspberrypi.org – 25 March 2014

I look forward to seeing what it looks like on the day of our 2000th post, expected Wednesday 23 January 2019.


Dave Conlan avatar

Congratulations! Keep up the good work.

Now if only you had Liz’s section yellow in the pie (or is it Pi?) chart yellow and rotated 34 degrees clockwise…

Ben Nuttall avatar

Hehe :)

Over-40 avatar

There, and I thought it was a snapshot of a raspberry.

So who is on the right of the photo?

don isenstadt avatar

congratulations! By the way Eban looks way younger in the first blog but maybe it is just my imagination..
Keep up the great work .. thanks again..

Ben Nuttall avatar

He was younger.

Carrie Anne Philbin avatar

Does anyone have a stand out favourite or memorable blog post?

Carrie Anne Philbin avatar

Yeah that was BIG news, and a sad day for education.

Clive Beale avatar

I seem to remember one that involved a cow speaking Tagalog, Gove and a whiteboard marker. But I may have been dreaming.

Liz Upton avatar

I *loved* that. In large part because it meant I didn’t have to blog that day.

Stewart Watkiss avatar

For me it has to be : http://www.raspberrypi.org/oliver-and-amelia-make-a-bee-box/ – but then I’m their dad so I’m allowed to be biased :-)

I’ve done lots of fun things with them since – with or without a Raspberry Pi, but this still sticks out in my mind as something that we enjoyed doing together. I love to play the video to remind me how much fun we had both with the project, and making the video.

It’s amazing to think post that was nearly 2 years ago.

Liz Upton avatar

It’s very recent, but I really, really enjoyed writing http://www.raspberrypi.org/xenon-death-flash-a-free-physics-lesson/.

Helen Lynn avatar

My favourite ones are ones I’ve written because I get caught up in them. I think my absolute all-time favourite is http://www.raspberrypi.org/ramanpi/. I am really really excited about how projects like this push the boundaries of what is possible outside a fancy lab with a bunch of funding. Just thinking about one application of it, countless scientists have laboured countless hours for the love of science and humanity to understand what makes drinking water safe and what makes it not safe and how we can analyse stuff with spectroscopy, and now, well, perhaps there might be a way for people to use all that work and find out whether their water is actually safe, without having to rely on stretched public health organisations or the good will of corporations or happening to be in the right place. http://www.raspberrypi.org/non-formal-learning-for-syrian-refugees/ was another of my favourite ones to put together and is another project that is just wonderful. More boundary-pushing of a different kind.

James Robinson avatar

I loved the Panflute hero post

and also the back to the future theme played on hard drives

Both of which I remember sharing with whichever classes I was teaching that day. None of them got as exited as I did. :-)

Ken MacIver avatar

The one with the tippy tapping clog dancing Christmas tree ornaments.
That Earworm of a tune stuck for ages…

Liz Upton avatar

Actually, that reminds me of another favourite: http://www.raspberrypi.org/raspberry-pi-factory-process-a-short-video/.

I love this one for the music; it’s a very old song by Jack Hodges which I first came across when Spike Milligan did a bravura bit of miming to it. (See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1s5wXIbHXI for the Spike-ified version.) I thought it was a great fit to the rather grimy factory footage.

MOL avatar

Congratulations and thanks for the support.

EJ Courtemanch avatar

Lol, I love the imbedded xkcd comic haha. Great job foundation. I love raspberry pi. I’m accumulating a few a year, my friends all think I have some strange addiction to buying pis lol. Keep up the great work!

Helen Lynn avatar

It isn’t strange!

The Pi Hut avatar

Massive congratulations! Here’s to many more milestones to come!

Simon avatar

Congratulations! can you make it to 2000?

Ioannis avatar


You change our technology world !!!
Keep going
Warmest Regards
Pi Master

Jethro avatar

Please do something to promote pi in counties like India. There is huge potential

Alan McC avatar

That’s a whole lotta Liz on that Pi chart. Commmunicator! And love those fresh Raspberries on the first post from Eben!

Just clicked on the “Joke” overhall from last April 1st – still gives me the jitters.

Congrats and merci for all the wonderful projects, information and inspiration that has been shared since July 2011.

Jim Manley avatar

Congratulations! Wow, 1000 blog posts and an average of 51.974 comments per post, that’s a lot of blabbing (0.974 of a comment would be mine in value if not volume :) ). The next thing you’ll be telling us is that over 5,000,000 Pi systems are Out There … oh, wait … :D

Just out of curiosity, I did a screen scrape of the forums and ran some Python to determine that there have been 96,441 threads initiated with 680,497 comments. I’m sure the keepers of the database can easily give us a breakdown with a nice Pi chart (pun fully intended) by category and other criteria, and once again, I’m guessing that Liz will have the largest slice – once a foodie, always a foodie, huh? :)

bertwert avatar

It says this at the bottom of the page…
Total posts 709142 • Total topics 97226 • Total members 122908

Andrew Schroeder avatar

Hi Ben, the top 10 commented posts looks a little strange to me. Shouldn’t the no 9 post be in the no 7 position?

Mark avatar

How many words (5 char) did you type Liz?

I think Rasberry Pi helped ignite the market for big variety of offerings. My thanks to both you and Eben for reviving the tools for dreaming.

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