New York Times article and video

Eben and I flew to the US yesterday, and bought a copy of the New York Times at the airport the moment we landed to read in the cab on the way to our hotel, because we’d been told just before we took off that there was a long article about Raspberry Pi in the business section. A bit of a Total Perspective Vortex moment.

We’ve been so busy over the last few months that I’d actually forgotten that we’d spent half a day with a video photographer from the NYT in September, when we were at Maker Faire NY. So it was a bit of a surprise when the NYT also published this short video today: you’ll see Joey Hudy, me, Mark Frauenfelder and some other familiar faces wandering around in the background while the camera focuses on someone the NYT refers to as a “Caffeine-hounding Welshman”. Enjoy!


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At 1:42 I heard “they are not internet enabled”, they previously state the RAM is 512MB. (and that they have a LAN input). Is there a new model *grin* ?

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Heh – yeah, we did look at each other quizzically a few times when we first watched it!

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They got my name wrong too, which isn’t unusual (my birth certificate was wrong, and our marriage certificate was written out 4 times before they managed to get it right!). Still, it was nice to get mentioned :-)

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I do search my Gmail for your surname every time a point a jouno in your direction. No ‘c’, one ‘n’ :)

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Much appreciated, and you’re about the only person that pronounces it correctly without being told first :-)

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“The Pi costs $35, or $25 for an older model”

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What??? I was asleep for a whole year and missed the Model A actually being delivered before the Model B??? Well, that wouldn’t surprise me at all at the rate things have been going lately … :D

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