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This is great.
If happy enough with with the memory split options in the raspi-config menu does this do anything extra for 256MB Pi owners?

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No, though you’ll get the new features next time you rpi-update.

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Can I do 252/4 ?

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yes.. I would like to have this feature too…. using raspi headless, so need more memory to the system instead GPU.

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Minimum amount of GPU RAM is 16.

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Nice job!

Curious if you guys and girls are going to be doing an updated Soft Float Image?

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Yes, on it’s way. The poor thing got skipped over last time I refreshed the images so it definitely could do with one. I’ve got the latest firmware packages in the ‘untested’ apt component but haven’t had chance to test properly yet. If anyone wants to try an upgrade I’d appreciate it http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=12170&f=66

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Is this the time and place to ask – Does this image make use of hardware floating point? Is this the best image to give the fastest response for perl CGI calculations?

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The Raspbian image (which this blog post refers to) is your b est bet for performance, and will make use of hardware floating point.

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Excellent. Thank You.

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I will test that out for you in a couple hours when I am home and report. Please let me know if there is anything specific I should do to help you with testing (Logs, etc).

I wish some of the software vendors would update to hard float so I could use Raspian Wheezy, but until then I am very very happy that you guys are supporting the Debian Wheezy Soft float.

Thanks so much for all your hard work!

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Someone’s got to ask if X display hardware acceleration will be included in the next major release. I can feel it…. Any moment now….

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Extra big capitaliz/sation included at no extra cost by popular demand from the mods! :D

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new installation is necessary, or we can upgrade using method apt-get update, upgrade?

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see http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=21590
just do apt-get update and apt-get upgrade… works like charm

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Thank you very much.

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Does this mean owners of the 512MB version don’t even need to flash it any more to unlock the extra memory if we install this?

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Yes, just use this image and it will use full RAM out of the box. If you have an older image, see http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=21590 for how to update it.

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awesome! thanks a lot

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I’m trying to download the new update with bittorrent, but it’s not working. It says:

Error: Requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker.

The tracker is at http://downloads.raspberrypi.org:6969/announce

Is anybody else experiencing this, or is it just me?

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Same song second verse!

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There seems to be something up with a couple of the mirrors (I know quite a few East Coast US datacentres are down at the moment due to the Frankenstorm) – sit tight and try again in a bit.

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Just wait a bit. Most torrent clients use DHT and it takes some time till peers are discovered.

Or just add my server to your peerlist:

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What about the Arch image?

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+1 for this !

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We’ll post a new one when it becomes available.

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When do we get an IDE, I hate to say it, like Arduino?

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Arduino isn’t a dirty word around here! Enjoy Liz talking about “synergy” here http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/1171

You might be interested in Adafruit’s WebIDE http://learn.adafruit.com/webide/overview and I hope we’ll have people showing off easy Qt5 application creation and deployment using Qt Creator in the near future.

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Synergy. Bleg.

Claire avatar

Haha.. Liz you are awesome.

I have to say though, I love Arduino, I reallllly love my Raspberry Pi. However, the combination of the two of them working in sync is effin’ brilliant. Although when I finish my new MCP3002 Analog to Digital Breakout for the RPi I have a feeling my Arduino boards are going to be gathering quite a bit of dust.

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You’re going to want to check out the next edition of The MagPi on 1 November at http://www.magpi.com.

Semtex avatar

…and it would be even better if I got the URL correct! Should be http://www.themagpi.com

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can’t wait to test out a men split that heavily favours the GPU for XBMC usage.

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Probably a stupid question, rather than flashing my SD card and losing my data etc. Could I do:
> sudo apt-get upgrade
> sudo rpi-update

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Happy now, xset has returned!!!!

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There seems to be something wrong with the torrent tracker. I get “Requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker”

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We think there’s a problem with one of the mirrors (possibly because so many datacentres are down because of the Frankenstorm). As I’ve said elsewhere in this thread, we recommend you sit tight and try again later!

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I’m actually seeding already as I’ve done for the past months since I got my pi’s in june. ;o)
I was just wondering why there were so few takers.

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This is cool, though I’m curious as to why the memory has to be pre-partitioned between CPU and GPU in advance and can’t be reallocated to one or the other on the fly when required? Is it a genuine hardware limitation or just something done to make the firmware/software simpler?

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Search the forum for CMA. I do have a build that has a dynamic memory split, but it requires a newer kernel, newer firmware, and has lots of new bugs.
It’s a very complicated scheme, and could take some time to get working well. But it is being worked on.

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Will try Scratch with this image. I had problems getting Scratch to run without hanging on the previous Raspbian image.

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Off-topic, but now that A53 has been announced, are we looking at a 64-bit A53-based Raspberry Pi in 2014? And maybe a Cortex A7-based on in 2013? Or is that now how you think about upgrading these things?

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Will this new image also includes the overclocked speed improvement mentioned on a previous update? thanks

asb avatar

Yes, you can configure overclock in raspi-config as before.

Zoltan Arvai avatar

With previous image high turbo mode was
“High” “950MHz ARM, 450MHz core, 450MHz SDRAM, 6 overvolt”

Is that changed with the new image to
“High” “950MHz ARM, 250MHz core, 450MHz SDRAM, 6 overvolt” ?

asb avatar

That is correct. Some users were experiencing SD card corruption issues when the core clock was pushed up above 250MHz, so until we’ve got to the bottom of that we’ve left it at the stock 250MHz for everything other than turbo mode (which will warn you about the reports of SD card corruption when you select it).

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For all having trouble with torrenting this:
Add me to your peerlist:

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I downloaded this image, but after first booted set the obvious things, and told it to expand the fill the card, it fails to boot? I had no problem with the torrents, but it has been a lose for me

Rich avatar

I forgot to add the last thing I get on the serial port is

[ 27.623483] EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p2): re-mounted. Opts: (null)
[ 28.433380] bcm2835 ALSA card created!
[ 28.439794] bcm2835 ALSA chip created!
[ 28.460341] bcm2835 ALSA chip created!
[ 28.472107] bcm2835 ALSA chip created!
[ 28.480944] bcm2835 ALSA chip created!
[ 28.489759] bcm2835 ALSA chip created!
[ 28.498445] bcm2835 ALSA chip created!
[ 28.507080] bcm2835 ALSA chip created!

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For the roll-your-own folks, can the default content of /boot be made available separately (eg. in a zip file – after all the /boot partition is just FAT)?

J@y avatar

I love the Pi….There was some hype that improved drivers for enabling low latency high quality audio when plugging in USB capture device. When will this finally happen as I have 3 x pi’s sitting around waiting for this feature to be implemented? :(

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Am I the only one whose has tested the CPU ARM frequency with vcgencmd?

Seems that despite using raspi-config to clock it @ 950 Mhz, the vcgencmd measure_clock arm states always 700 Mhz. Plus benchmarking the CPU with python seems that it is really running at 700 Mhz! (same speed test @700 Mhz and also @950 Mhz)

Is it the same also for you? Is it really working correctly?

brubuntaro avatar

Meh another raspi-config execution and now everything is fine, thought the frequency reporting tools are still wrong.

Fine for me so far the performance are ok :-P

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