NetBSD is here!

In last week’s FreeBSD post, we linked to an early version of Nick Hudson’s NetBSD image for Pi. Nick has now released a new version which fixes a number of USB issues, and we’ve placed it in our mirror system. Of the major BSD-derived operating systems this only leaves OpenBSD (for which we’re not holding our breath).

Torrent rpi-20130124.img.bz2.torrent
Direct download rpi-20130124.img.bz2
SHA-1 5aac2d48d1a425db14b253d7bfddf5e24de5ca22
Default login Username: root Password: <none>

Nick says:

It’s a build of NetBSD-current which is the development version. It’s using a LOCKDEBUG kernel which is quite a performance hit, but will help us track down any locking issues.

Please leave any feedback in the comments!


diereinegier avatar

I think netbsd is the OS best suited to build single purpose appliances on the RasPi. We may even use up that old 256MB SD-cards for this purpose!

RodneyMau5 avatar

Excellent! Downloading it right now :)

Jeff avatar

Awesome! Should the 2 BSD images to on the downloads page? I’m excited to try it out :D

Tsutarja avatar

Thank You!!!

dape avatar

Hello, does this enables ssh by default?
Can I install it headless?

Anachronda avatar

I am happy to see NetBSD on the Pi; frankly, Linux and I don’t quite get along. This is doubtless my fault, but my puny brain seems to get less annoyed at NetBSD than at Linux (frankly, I’m a VMS man at heart). I’ve run NetBSD for many years on PCs, VAXen, and PowerPC Macs.

Under which NetBSD port is this occurring? Where should I look for sources? To which mailing lists should I subscribe for more information?

Jeff Rizzo avatar

@Anachronda: It’s an evbarm port. You can build it yourself if you’re comfortable with -current.

@dape: you can use just the serial console. I *believe* ssh is enabled (it was on a previous image, haven’t tried this one)

Robert_M avatar

The only feedback I have at this time is to express appreciation that direct links continue to be provided for R-Pi downloads. I doubt my ISP will ever end their ban on torrents, no matter how benign they become. So – thanks! :-)

dape avatar

meh, ssh was enabled but it takes forever for keys to generate first time, like few good minutes..
also cannot login via ssh as root, you have to create a user and add it to wheel group to be able so su..
i tried it last night but after seeing these “issues” and being unable to use pkg_add i reverted back to my beloved Arch Linux !

Jared McNeill avatar

@dape: The ssh key generation issue is fixed now in NetBSD -current and will be included in the next image.

Gab avatar

This image does not boot with brand new firmware. You’ll have to get bootcode.bin and start.elf from the raspbian image.
I’ve done it for you :
Although, in my case it does not boot without hdmi screen connected. To do so, I’ve had to put those line in config.txt :
And make an edid.dat with this command line :
/opt/vc/bin/tvservice -d /boot/edid.dat
(Yes, you have to boot on a rasbian sdcard … )
Of course, the generated edid.dat have to be put in the boot partition of your netbsd, not the one of raspbian …

Olli avatar

Meh. Default login (root:) didn’t work. Headless installation is not possible…

Robert Strickler avatar

Any chance that a more current image could be posted with headless operation woking out of the box for non root user (e.g. “pi” as in raspbian)?

Warren Hardy avatar

The link is broken to download is broken.

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