Take home Mugsy, the Raspberry Pi coffee robot

We love Mugsy, the Raspberry Pi coffee robot that has smashed its crowdfunding goal within days! Our latest YouTube video shows our catch-up with Mugsy and its creator Matthew Oswald at Maker Faire New York last year.


Labelled ‘the world’s first hackable, customisable, dead simple, robotic coffee maker’, Mugsy allows you to take control of every aspect of the coffee-making process: from grind size and water temperature, to brew and bloom time. Feeling lazy instead? Read in your beans’ barcode via an onboard scanner, and it will automatically use the best settings for your brew.

Mugsy Raspberry Pi Coffee Robot

Looking to start your day with your favourite coffee straight out of bed? Send the robot a text, email, or tweet, and it will notify you when your coffee is ready!

Learning through product development

“Initially, I used [Mugsy] as a way to teach myself hardware design,” explained Matthew at his Editor’s Choice–winning Maker Faire stand. “I really wanted to hold something tangible in my hands. By using the Raspberry Pi and just being curious, anytime I wanted to use a new technology, I would try to pull back [and ask] ‘How can I integrate this into Mugsy?'”

Mugsy Raspberry Pi Coffee Robot

By exploring his passions and using Mugsy as his guinea pig, Matthew created a project that not only solves a problem — how to make amazing coffee at home — but also brings him one step closer to ‘making things’ for a living. “I used to dream about this stuff when I was a kid, and I used to say ‘I’m never going to be able to do something like that.'” he admitted. But now, with open-source devices like the Raspberry Pi so readily available, he “can see the end of the road”: making his passion his livelihood.

Back Mugsy

With only a few days left on the Kickstarter campaign, Mugsy has reached its goal and then some. It’s available for backing from $150 if you provide your own Raspberry Pi 3, or from $175 with a Pi included — check it out today!


Alex Bate avatar

I need an Alex-only Mugsy for my desk. It’s integral to my day-to-day working. Liz, I know you’re reading this. How do I make this happen?

AndrewS avatar

Alex, you could hack Mugsy so that it only makes coffee for your RFID tag, and ignores anybody else’s RFID tag? :-)

Liz Upton avatar

I am reminded just how much I like Fitzbillies’ Chelsea Buns. Can’t think what brought that to mind.

Alex Bate avatar

Because I’ve been known to buy them for the comms team as I’m just THAT lovely?

John Fisher avatar

Fitzbillies! Chelsea buns! Coffee cream buns! Sticky goodliness. Happy memories drom the Sixties. But in those days my only access to a computer ( Titan) was via white-coated priests at the Maths Lab, and teletyped paper tape. And a 24 hour delay to get back a tape spelling out where my code was wrong….

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