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Earlier this year, we blogged about a shampoo ad that was running in the Swedish subway. A Pi hooked up to a motion sensor triggered a video effect on a billboard, so the model’s hair blew around in what looked like a response to the wind created every time a train came into the station.

Swedish ad agency Garberg have done something similar to that original project – but this time something’s different (and all their work on this ad has been pro bono). This has become the most-viewed video in Sweden this week, and it brought us all up short. We think it’ll have the same effect on you.


Dave Eden avatar

Wow! That’s some powerful stuff used in the right way.

I hope it is not overused to the extent that we become inured to it.

Hove avatar

I have the same haircut for the same reason. Brain tumours (or more accurately the treatments) are far more damaging to children due to their brains being more malleable, less hardwired than adults; their brains are filling with knowledge, creativity, intelligence and motivation yet the treatments are so blunt and damaging – poison (chemotherapy) or vaporizing (radiotherapy).

That’s why it’s so important to catch children’s brain tumours as soon as possible – the sooner they are caught, the less damage the treatment does.

So please, if this ad brought tears to your eyes, as it did with me, go to

Liz Upton avatar

I’m terribly sorry. And we send *all* our love.

I think everybody in this office has lost close family or dear friends to cancer or one sort or another; and some have gone through it themselves. Thanks for the link; I hope plenty of people reading these comments visit it.

Hove avatar

Thanks Liz, I’ve lived with mine for 7 years now, and I’m still going strong – I’ve had my formal education, and so the impact of treatment on my brain is tolerable. But for kids, it affects their ability to learn, concentrate and remember thus blighting the rest of their lives if not caught quickly – and that is where the brain tumour charity comes in.

I’ve already sent the youtube link to their marketing department, as it struck me much harder than anything I’ve seen before.

Homer L. Hazel avatar

It sends a very powerful message. Just thinking about it right now makes me get a bit misty. I had a tiny tumor on my left kidney, but surgery took care of my problem, as well as my left kidney. I much prefer the loss of the kidney to the alternative. I know how I felt with kidney cancer, I cannot imagine someone with a brain tumor. I hope this advertisement works to make awareness much greater.

Federico avatar

I like the way they use the Pi, so powerful so direct, made me cry.

Dave W avatar

Extremely powerful stuff. I’d guessed what was going to happen, but that didn’t make it any less emotional. Well done on a great campaign.

Camillo avatar

You are really helping the world! I love the Pi

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