Movember wrap up

Well, that was a very long 30 days for both of us. Thanks to the following people and organizations, and one anonymous donor, for raising £1,500 (plus £236 of gift aid) to support Movember’s work in promoting men’s health.

David Akerman 
Richard Ash 
Phil Atkin 
Lukas Barta
Andy Batey 
Clive Beale 
Matthew Brown 
Tim Cox 
Hamish Cunningham 
George Dodds 
Alex Eames 
Finlay Edridge 
Alex Evans 
Louis Glass 
Dan Hagon 
Richard Harmer
Matt Hawkins 
Philip Heron 
Dave Higham 
David Honess 
Michael Horne 
Lance Howarth 
Helen Ireland
Gavin Jamie 
Ian Kilburn 
Hee-Liong Ling 
Pete Lomas 
Mark Longair 
Lisa Mather 
Ian May 
Alan McCullagh 
David Mellor 
Ben Nuttall 
Alan O’Donohoe 
PiFace – OpenLX SP Ltd  
Pimoroni Ltd
Rachel Rayns 
Craig Richardson 
Aaron Shaw 
Paul Sherry 
Matthew Smith 
Peter Stevens 
Chris Swan 
TR Computers Ltd
Lesley Upton
Liz Upton 
Stevie Upton 
Ryan Walmsley 
Paul Warren 
Paul Way 

I’ll leave you with a picture of the final result, and the scene in Liz’s and my bathroom at one minute past midnight on Sunday morning.

Enjoying one last moment of moustache-themed goodness.

Have you tried turning it off and on again? Decembeard here we come.


ukscone avatar

only 334 days until Movember 2014. Liz better start making your plans for a months holiday alone next year

liz avatar

I plan on retaliating in kind with Armpitvember 2014. Then we can celebrate Decemvorce together.

meltwater avatar

Well done to all the people who did Movember.

Was well worth supporting.

Ken MacIver avatar

Auf Wiedersehen Magnum PI
Bien Venue Gande Frombaige ??

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