Minecraft Snake arcade machine

You thought that we’d finished, didn’t you? You thought that I’d gone to bed to dream of building diamond cubes using nested loops. Think again! Tobias Hübner tells us how he has been using Raspberry Pi Minecraft in the classrooom (including interfacing using the GPIO pins) .

In particular Tobias has produced some fantastic documentation, ostensibly for teachers but in fact it’s a relly good read in general covering topics such as how computers work, binary, logic gates and, of course, the Raspberry Pi and Minecraft programming. It’s in German only at the moment, but it’s Creative Commons so you know what to do ;)

I just read your blog post and wanted to let you know that I use mineceraft with my pupils in a school in Germany and they absolutely love it.

When I bought a case from the guys at nwazet [Nwazet make brilliant add-on stuff for the Pi, check them out – clive] I had the idea to turn it into a joystick and then let my pupils play around with it. They came up with the idea to use it in minecraft. We therefore modified the snake game from stuffaboutcode.com so that it runs in a loop and made a little Raspberry Pi/Minecraft-arcade machine. I recorded a video for Fabien, the founder of nwazet, which shows how it runs. You can download it here: www.medienistik.de/case.mp4.

Pictures of the case can be found at www.medienistik.de/case.zip.

I also wrote a little Raspberry Pi-tutorial for teachers in Germany. It has a focus on using minecraft in combination with the GPIO-port. You can find it here: http://www.medienistik.de/Themenheft_RaspberryPi.pdf

I gave a talk about all this at the last Raspberry Pi Jam at the university in Trier/Germany (http://medienistik.wordpress.com/2013/06/15/pi-and-more-treffen-an-der-uni-trier/).  It was also featured in the latest Linux User issue (http://www.linux-user.de/Downloads/LUCE/2013/lu-ce_2013-08.pdf).

Greetings from Germany and thanks so much for the awesome work you`re doing!

No — thank you Tobi.


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Is there a video capture program running on Raspberry Pi ?

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Ive never been able find a video capture program which will capture the minecraft windows contents too, you normally end up with a black window.

I put a camera on a small tripod in front of the screen.

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