Minecraft-controlled real world Christmas tree

Interact with the real world via the block world, with the Minecraft-controlled Christmas tree from the team at BroCraft Gaming.


David Stevens of BroCraft Gaming reached out to us last month to let us know about the real-life Christmas tree he and his team were planning to hack using Minecraft. Intriguing? Obviously. And after a few more emails, David has been back in touch to let us know the tree hack is now live and ready for the world to interact with.

Here’s a blurb from the BroCraft team:

Join our Minecraft server at brocraftlive.net, complete the tutorial if you haven’t already, and type /mcct to join our snowy wonderland. Collect power from power blocks dotted everywhere, then select a pattern with the Technician, and watch as the tree lights up on the camera stream LIVE before your very eyes! Visit the attractions, play our minigames, and find out what else our server has to offer.

The tree uses individually addressable LEDs and the Adafruit Neopixel Python library. And with the help of a bespoke Java plugin, all instructions from within the Minecraft server are fed to the lights via a Raspberry Pi.

You can view the live Christmas tree camera stream here, along with a brief FAQ on interacting with the tree within the BroCraft Minecraft server. You’ll need access to Minecraft to interact with the tree.

Minecraft Pi

Minecraft Pi comes free with Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi! Sadly, you can’t access the Christmas tree with this version of Minecraft, but you can do lots of other funs things with our little computer and lots of blocks.

To flash the Raspbian image onto an SD card, follow this video tutorial from the team at The MagPi. And to get into Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi, check out our free resources, including the getting started guide, Minecraft selfies, and the big Minecraft piano.

Find more free Raspberry Pi resources on our projects site, and immerse yourself even further into the world of Minecraft Pi with The MagPi’s Hacking and Making in Minecraft Essentials Guide, available in print and as a free PDF download!


Isaiah Stephens avatar

How do you join their server on Minecraft pi?

Mark avatar

Isaiah Stephens, follow the links in the article. They are in the box under the second image and you will find instructions there. It helps if you read the article ;)

Isaiah Stephens avatar

I read the article I just thought it worked with Minecraft for raspberry pi because of the way they worded it.

Dlljs avatar

I’m a member of the MCCT team. We’ve contacted the writers and we’re hoping this will get reworded soon. In the meantime, the Minecraft Controlled Christmas Tree is available on Minecraft Java Edition for PC, macOS & Linux. Sorry for the confusion!

Isaiah Stephens avatar

That is why I said Minecraft pi instead of just Minecraft.

David Stevens avatar

Very very sorry but the Brocraft server does not support Pi version of Minecraft. I’ve asked RPi foundation to edit the blog. Do you have access to a PC version?

Isaiah Stephens avatar

No, but thanks for the information.

Alex Holsgrove avatar

Really fun setup and a nice bunch of people from the brief chat I had in-game.

David Stevens avatar

Great to hear that. Spread the word :)

dobra-dobra avatar

It’s a shame that RPi version of Minecraft is a bit forgotten and unsupported. Microsoft is rather active in utilizing Minecraft brand to teach coding and Raspberry Pi users seems like a good target group.

David Stevens avatar

I agree dobra-dobra. I’ve had some great experiences using that version and Python coding a while ago but it does seem to be limited with it’s integration now it’s fallen behind the times.


Can I use this one XBOX 1?

Dlljs avatar

Sorry. We only support PC Java Edition.

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