Adventures in Minecraft

Martin O’Hanlon and David Whale will be familiar to many readers of this blog, whether from the excellent Raspberry Pi and Minecraft resources they’ve authored or from their work with schools, code clubs and Raspberry Jams. Now they’ve teamed up to write a fantastic new book, hot off the press this week.

Adventures in Minecraft

Adventures in Minecraft teaches young people to customise their Minecraft world with amazing structures and new gaming experiences, developing Python programming skills along the way. Nine self-contained projects introduce readers with no programming experience to the basics and then move on to increasingly sophisticated mods, and eventually to controlling and sensing real-world objects from within Minecraft!

Made for Minecraft Pi or for Minecraft on a PC or Apple Mac, the book is written especially for 11-15-year-olds, although we’ve already come across rave reviews from both younger and older readers. It has a companion website full of extras and video tutorials, as well as a mini-site created by Martin, with a forum where readers can discuss their projects and ask for help. Martin has also made a video montage of some of the adventures in the book:

Carrie Anne Philbin, our Education Pioneer, says, “It’s excellent that kids have a dedicated, full-colour book like this to help them get into programming with Minecraft, and it will make a great companion to Adventures in Raspberry Pi!”

You can buy Adventures in Minecraft now from AmazonĀ and other book sellers. Why not treat the Minecraft fan in your life?


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Thank you very much for your kind words and featuring Adventures in Minecraft on the blog.

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Many thanks to you for a great book, and for running the Minecraft developer tutorial with my daughter and a billion other Brownie Guides at Coventry Raspberry Jam in September. Book is on order!

Your Jam tutorial session included a great 4-page PDF. Any chance you could let me & other Jam organisers use this for the plethora of new Jams that have started up please? If so, where can we download it from please? The inaugral Cotswold Raspberry Jam is only a week and a half away, and is already fully booked! Happy to print out a few flyers promoting the book as a thank-you to accompany the tutorial.


Martin OHanlon avatar

Hi Andrew, As requested, one Minecraft: Pi Edition worksheet tried and tested at many pi based events… Martin

Andrew Oakley avatar

Oh, you superstar! Thanks again.

Stewart Watkiss avatar

Looks like a great book – perfect Xmas programming for my kids (don’t tell them).

I like the way Carrie Ann Philbin manages to squeeze in a plug for her book!

Adventures in Raspberry Pi is a great book and having seen Martin O’Hanlon’s session at PyConUK I’m sure that Adventures in Minecraft is going to be pretty good too.

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Lovely writeup, thanks so much! Carrie Anne set a hard act for us to follow with her excellent Adventures in Raspberry Pi book, that has been and still is a vital resource to support getting more children to engage with the wonders of computing. Carrie Anne is right to plug her book, Amazon already tells us that ‘people who bought Adventures in Minecraft also bought Adventures in Raspberry Pi’. Thank you Carrie Anne for trusting us with such a fantastic brand and format.

Tim avatar

My shopping list to getting me and my son started with our first Raspberry Pi is getting longer and longer…

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Hi, I bought a Raspberry pi B+ and it works great. When I booted it had Minecraft pi installed. I thought that was cool that a weaker based Linux boot had a Minecraft version for it that ran smoothly. When I opened it up/ ran it it works smoothly. But the only question I have is will there be updates to Minecraft pi edition because I see a lot of potential with that game.

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Just competed adventure 2 tonight with my 13 year old son who loved it. Great book. Very clearly presented. Looking forward to the rest!

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This looks very good
Cannot wait to try it and see if we can teach those projects with Code for fun to the kids in our community

Daniel avatar

would it work if I didn’t use a raspeberry pi and just a normal windows 7 computer?

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