Mod Minecraft Pi with our latest Essentials books

We’re back again with yet another amazing book in our Essentials series. We know you love them, and we also know that a lot of you love Minecraft. So here is Hacking and Making with Minecraft, the best place to learn about how to mod Minecraft Pi using the power of code.

Hacking and Making with Minecraft is out this very second for you to go and get online.

Make games and mod the world with Minecraft Essentials

Make games and mod the world with Minecraft Essentials

Packed into its pages, which you can download for free as a PDF, are a load of chapters based on articles in the magazine, as well as plenty of brand new tutorials created by the Minecraft Pi Mastermind himself, Martin O’Hanlon. You may have heard of him – he helped get the SpaceCRAFT code working that was run on the International Space Station by Tim Peake!

Here’s some of the amazing things you’ll find in the 13 chapters squeezed into the book:

  • Play the game and write your first program
  • Learn how to control blocks using code
  • Create your first mini games
  • Interact with the GPIO pins through Minecraft
  • Control Minecraft with Node-RED and Sonic Pi
  • And lots more exciting stuff!

We reckon it will help improve your coding skills, which you should remember when your parents start asking why you’re playing a bit more Minecraft than usual.

You can buy Hacking and Making with Minecraft in our app for Android and iOS, as well as grabbing the free PDF. Print versions are coming soon too.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to go try it out ourselves in the Holodeck.

Hacking and Making with Minecraft is freely licensed under Creative Commons (BY-SA-NC 3.0). You can download the PDF for free now and forever, but buying digitally supports the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s charitable mission to democratise computing and educate kids all over the world – so please consider it!


Alan Mc (Irish Framboise) avatar

They’ve finally added the long awaited Holodeck to Pi Towers so…I knew it !

Martin O’Hanlon spoke lots about Minecraft on the Pi and said this would be in the Pi-peline on this week’s Pi Podcast :

My son’s gonna enjoy this one… Thanks again Mag Pi Team and all involved.

Alex Bate avatar

Having absolutely clue how to play Minecraft, this book is my saviour. Thaaaaank you, MagPi’s!

Steve Foster avatar

Hey Alex, from where I’m standing, as a secondary school computing teacher, don’t worry if you don’t know how to play minecraft, for me the power comes from being able to code into it from Sonic Pi & Python. My classes have also used it in exploring castle design and defensive features. None of this needs the students to know hw to play it. As long as they can move around MC, they are sorted.

Can’t wait until it comes out in print, to add to my ‘Essentials’ library of wee books :-)

Samuel G avatar

thank you all of you guys and gals at the company i am going to enjoy hacking Minecraft!! ;)

Carlos Ballena avatar

Do you guys happen to have this also in Spanish? Are there any plans to translate it? I’d love for my cousin to have access to this.

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