Mega six-screen cyberdeck

Holy cyberdecks! Redditor Holistech (aka Sören Gebbert) really leaned in to the “more is more” idiom when building this big orange cyberdeck using three Raspberry Pis. Why use just one screen to manipulate enemy cyberware and take down your cyberpunk foes, when you can have six?

six screen cyber deck rear view
Rear view (keep reading for the big reveal)

From four to six

We first came across Sören’s work on and we were impressed with what we found, which was this four‑screen creation running Linux Mint on a dual Raspberry Pi setup:

four screen cyberdeck
The first, four-screen, iteration of this project is still impressive

So imagine our surprise when we clicked through to check out Holistech on reddit, only to be confronted with this six‑screen monstrosity of brilliance:

six screen cyberdeck
Level up

He’s only gone and levelled up his original creation already. And before we even had the chance to properly swoon over the original.

Under the hood

Originally, Sören wanted to use Raspberry Pi Zero because they’re tiny and easily hidden away inside projects. He needed more power though, so he went with Raspberry Pi 4 instead.

cyberdecks on a desk
The whole family

Sören 3D-printed the distinctive orange frame. On the back of the rig are openings for a fan for active cooling and a mini control display that shows the CPU temperature and the fan speed.

Six 5.5″ HD resolution screens are the eyes of the project. And everything is powered by hefty 26,000 mAh battery power banks.

Carry on

And it gets even better: this whole multi-screen thing is portable. Yes, portable. You can fold it up, pack it away in its suitably steampunk metal box, and carry it with you.

There are plenty more photos. Head to Instagram to take a closer look at how Sören’s genius design folds in on itself to enable portability.


Eric avatar

I would trade all 6 tiny screens for one 24″ monitor.

Joseph avatar

The up side is that your 24″ Monitor would definitely be cheaper than the 6 tiny screens put together. In fact you’d be doing good to source an “HD” 5.5″ screen at about $40. That’s $240 worth of monitor there. I recently purchased a brand new 32″ TV with multiple HDMI ports for a little over $100. You are definitely paying quite a bit for the “tiny factor”.

Richard collins avatar

And you would also trade in your imagination. It’s not just about practicability or cost. Sometimes, it’s just too cool for school.

Kevin Hart avatar

Exactly – the appeal of the project is partly how cool it looks – a miniaturized control center

NEMEC avatar

OK. What do you do with it?

Richard collins avatar

Take it to a raspberry pi jam and be the coolest kid on the block. :) Sometimes “because you can” is enough.

Richard collins avatar

This is a very nice build. I have a RPi zero with a small 7″ screen on top of one of my main monitors. It’s displays, via a custom UI, some stats from my network and connected device as well as weather, time and todays task. I also have a second 7″ monitor under the other main monitor connected to a RPi3 for doing some quick admin tasks. Easy to set up. And having one or two small screens dotted about is very good for quick data consumption. And also a fun UI coding project. :)

Joseph Chrzempiec avatar

Hello, My question is how is all 6 displays connected together? with just one keyboard and mouse?


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