Meet the Raspberry Pi – download the e-book!

The cut-down version of Meet the Raspberry Pi, written by Eben Upton, our Executive Director, and Gareth Halfacree, is now available on Amazon as a Kindle e-book. It’s only £3.29.

This is the shorter, cut-down version of the book, which is to be followed shortly by a much longer book with more tutorials, more programming, and more physical computing (and longer versions of the existing chapters). This shorter version is ideal for beginners, and will talk you through setting up your Raspberry Pi from scratch, and get you to a position where you can start using your Raspberry Pi like a pro. If you are a more advanced user, you may prefer to wait for the full version of the book to come out – I know the publishers are scrambling to get everything finished, so it shouldn’t be long now.

Big thanks to Gareth and to Eben, and to everyone at Wiley for all their hard work.


Alexander Sheldon avatar

Great news! Will there be a PDF, or e-book version of the full book when it is finished?

liz avatar

Yes, there will.

Deaf lama avatar

Amazon have just told me the printed book will be shipped on 26 Sept – that’s moved earlier than the original 24 Oct date when I ordered it a few months ago.

liz avatar

The date may well come forward further than that, too – Amazon’s dates are a bit of a movable feast!

cutterjohn avatar

Pre-ordered the print copy from the US store, 2d shipping(prime) expected delivery is 10/18.

Moveable delivery dates on Amazon? You mean like Torchlight 2? }:D

Colin avatar

Bought it and now I can’t get my grandson to eat his evening meal – he’s “absorbing” the ebook – his words. Reading over his shoulder, I can see this as the ideal introduction to Pi, rather than wading through all the fora and such. It reminds me of the BBC Micro and Commodore VIC-20 days.

Well done guys – a major step forward in the original objective. The 8-year old beside me has suddenly taken a shine to programming instead of just playing computer games.

liz avatar

Brilliant. Thanks – that really raised a smile!

Colin avatar

He’s just gone to bed at 2:30 am – after “a hard day coding” – again, his words. In fact he is mesmerised by the power of Scratch. Now I have to buy him a Pi of his own!

bjarne avatar


Does this mean that you can buy a the full version as a paper book ? If yes ISBN ?

liz avatar

You will be able to when the full version is released, yes; see

psergiu avatar

Good News ! Congrats to Eben & Gareth !

The version, linked in the article, is only available to UK customers.

The version shows me a $9.19 price.

Are there any plans for a Apple iBooks Store version ? At least they have consistent prices.

MontanaPi avatar

I just purchased this for iBooks. It was $5.99

psergiu avatar

Thanks for the tip ! It’s 3,99 € in the iBooks Store – you just have to search for “Raspberry Pi”

marcello avatar

Please, please, please make the book available outside the UK! :)

psergiu avatar

It is available worldwide. On Apple iBooks store ($5.99 / 3,99€) & ($9.19)

Steve Jones avatar

Already got this, read it over the weekend. As I am not a Linux expert it helped no end.

Many thanks.

AndrewS avatar

Surely it should have been priced 15 pence less? ;-)

Norman Dunbar avatar

I got it, even if no-one else seems to have! ;-)


DTud avatar

That would actually have been very cool ;-)

exartemarte avatar

I don’t think the folks at Amazon are that switched on.

Wombat avatar

For that matter it sould have been called the book of pi

Alexander Elsas avatar

Just bought the iBook version for € 3,99.

Scanning a few pages it looks great to me ;-)

Shane avatar

This ebook is also available from the Google play store… $6.99 Australian.

Homer Hazel avatar

I’ll read the comments shortly, but I am curious as to whether anyone has successfully downloaded the book “Meet the Raspberry Pi” to the Kindle App on an iPad? It downloaded to the Kindle program on my PC without a problem, but it keeps getting an error when I try to download it to the iPad.


Nick McCloud avatar

Same here on Mac, iPad & iPhone :-(

Greg avatar

Same here. Thanks for posting, thought I must have been doing something wrong.

Homer Hazel avatar

I sent Amazon a complaint asking whether the Kindle book could be downloaded and read on the iPad and they sent me a form to fill out. I filled out the form and submitted. Maybe I’ll find some more information or at least get a refund. I really would like to be able to support this foundation by purchasing the book. If I cannot get it from Kindle, I’ll try the Apple store, but I prefer other sources.

Gareth Halfacree avatar

Apologies for this, everyone – I’ll flag it with the publisher, see if we can’t get it sorted as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, if you’re desperate for your Raspberry Pi fix, the book is available in iBooks – just search for ‘Raspberry Pi’ and it will appear.

Neil Argent avatar

Will it be available in any other e-book formats?

psergiu avatar

ePub in Apple’s iBooks store ($5.99 / 3,99€)

Neil Argent avatar

Thank you.

AndiB avatar

Great! Just got a copy via Amazon Germany for 3.60 €.
Are there also plans to translate this book into other languages?
Specifically, I would be interested in a German version for my older and younger family members :-)
If there are no plans yet, I would assume that there are many volunteers in the online crowd, including myself, who would like to help to translate into various languages. That said, I know nothing about the legal aspects of translating a book.

Valentijn Sessink avatar

Same question, different language: Dutch.

Spütnik avatar

You could probably crowdsource this to save time: get 114 German forum members to translate one page each, and you’d be done. Of course, someone would need to proofread the final outcome!

Pete Taylor avatar

Lovely book – very readable, and there are some nice linux tips in there as well (and I now realise there are lots of linux commands I just type blindly without much context!). Just one bit of feedback – on the Kindle the screenshots of the Console (white text on black background) are quite difficult to read – I’d suggest either writing them out and formatting them as monospace or reversing the images to make them clearer. (If you need a volunteer I’d happily do this for you! – I format ebooks as part of my job).

Homer Hazel avatar

I have chatted with Amazon support. They have referred the book back to Engineering and it may have to go back to the e-book publisher. I’ll post more when I know.

Greg avatar

The Kindle for iPad version now seems to be working folks, go get it! :D

Homer Hazel avatar

It is Thursday and I just checked the Kindle app on my iPad. it downloaded the book sweet as could be. I can even open and read the book!

Jim Brooks avatar

I read the review of the latest raspberry book with interest this morning but… That was short lived.
The misguided drive by governments and business to protect us from information outside our countries continues to grow. Imagine my surprise when kindle informed me I can’t buy either version of the book as it’s not available in North America.
I’ve heard many arguments defending this ridiculous censorship but in my mind there is NO excuse that is valid.
Sorry for the dark nature of this article but after my dismal experience with kindle fire in Canada I am fed up with this situation.


Pithonica avatar
Homer Hazel avatar

Hi Jim,

I visited and typed in “Meet the Raspberry Pi” into the search window. I quickly found the book and ordered it. I have downloaded it to two PC’s, but I have problems getting it into the Kindle App for iPad. I’m from California and I had absolutely no problem ordering the book.

Massimo Dal Vecchio avatar

Amazon UK does not allow for orders coming from other countries (I’m in Italy). They redirect you to that is not offering the ebook. Can you do anything about it?

AndiB avatar

Are you sure?
For Amazon Germany, the redirect also did not work, but when I searched for the title on, I found it.

On, I found this:

So, I think it is the same situation there. Though, I cannot try to buy it from here.

Massimo Dal Vecchio avatar

Thanks. It works. Either they just added it or I missed it earlier.

Sam avatar

Any chance of releasing this in a non-DRM ebook format?

Steve Dyer avatar

Congratulations to you all. Just bought the Kindle version for My Galaxy tablet. Still stuck in the Virtual Pi world but having a ball.

Simone Chiaretta avatar

Awesome, now I only need to wait for the RaspberryPI whose estimated delivery is 11 weeks :|

Balthazar54 avatar

HA! I am about 2 weeks ahead that…

Ross Anderson avatar

When and where will the “meet the strawberry pi” book be available in the USA

Johan Rydmark avatar

Great, but when I search Apple iBook store from Sweden it does not show up. Is it available in all regions? Don’t want the Kindle format but ePub instead as from Apple.

Johan Rydmark avatar

Found that it can be bought from Bokus now. Problem solved :-)

Gareth Halfacree avatar

Do you have a link – I can add it to my list of sources.

Gareth Halfacree avatar

Never mind – found it!

Doug Budny avatar

How about a Nook version. Not everybody has (or wants) a kindle or the app.

liz avatar

Gareth’s got a list of the non-Amazon formats you can buy the book in here.

exartemarte avatar

I like it. As a computer-literate but Linux-averse newbie, this book could have saved me many hours and a fair bit of head scratching if I’d had it when my Pi was fresh out of the box. As noted by Pete Taylor the screenshots don’t work too well on Kindle, rendered as grey on grey, but apart from that it’s all good.

The book seems sensibly organised and is written in a clear, straightforward style. Above all, it’s a proper book created and written by knowledgeable enthusiasts – those accustomed to the mish-mash of recycled data sheets and web pages that sometimes passes for publishing in the hobbyist world will know what I mean.

I look forward to the full version, in hard copy. Much as I love my Kindle for reading, I prefer paper for technical and reference books: they are easier to flip through and, for me, paper bookmarks work better than electronic ones. In the meantime, though, this eBook version is a good three pounds’ worth.

Gareth and Eben have done a decent job.

Kevin Roche avatar

Is there going to be a printed paper edition? I haven’t got a kindle and don’t plan to buy one.

Gareth Halfacree avatar

Not of this version, I’m afraid – but the entire contents will be included in the more expansive Raspberry Pi User Guide, which is due out as quickly as the publisher can print it. That will be available in both printed and electronic formats.

Tyler avatar

I understand this is the beginners version of the book and a more detailed version is on its way. Will the updated version replace our current digital version or will it be a completely different release/book?

Gareth Halfacree avatar

Completely different release: this is Meet the Raspberry Pi, while the next book is the Raspberry Pi Users Guide.

Hugh Doherty avatar

I’m so far in the wilds, my internet download of Raspian – wheezy – is projected at about 2 hours. Is there any way I can purchase a disk with this software?

ps Don’t mean to be offensive but can Liz turn backwards – she’s distracting my typing – its gone from bad to useless!!
Just in case I forgot – I think Raspberry Pi is magic – I’m not into programmng but I love building hardware – am I excluded from your club?
All the best – I follow most of the streams,

Simon avatar

Finally getting round to buying a RPi – might have a bit of a wait for the delivery. Just checked for cases, now looking at this book. Amazon UK are charging 250% of the RS price for the board – what a cheek!

I think I’ll go for an epub format, as there is an addon for Firefox that will read those

ukscone avatar

250%?????? they are charging $87.50 ?????

most expensive thing I can find on that is raspberry pi related is a £68 raspberry pi model b that isn’t being sold by amazon or the foundation.
[edited: correcting math & actually i lie i just found some ****** trying to sell a model b for £199 :) ]

Tom avatar

I downloaded the book from Amazon, and have been reading it on my Kindle Fire. For a computer book, this one is surprisingly well written. The explanations are well-considered, and they provide plenty of detail. For example, the discussion on Video explains how to change from NTSC to PAL, tells me that NTSC is the default, and explains the difference. Good job, and a kudos to each of the authors. (No, I don’t speak Greek).

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