MagPi issue 33 – out now!

I can’t believe we’re on our third issue of the new MagPi already. Your free Raspberry Pi magazine is ready to download here. This month’s magazine is a doozy, with 70 pages of tutorials, some incredible projects to build, reviews, and much, much more.


One feature in this month’s magazine has me jumping up and down like a schoolgirl (bear with me here; we did trampolining at school).  Mike Cook is an electronics wizard extraordinaire and an absolute childhood hero of mine thanks to his regular Body Building column in Micro User Magazine. Mike has joined the MagPi team to start a new column called Mike’s Pi Bakery, where, just like in the good old days, he’ll be creating little electronic projects which will be well within the grasp of beginners. This month he’ll show you how to make an interactive PiGlow reaction game, for which you’ll be building your own controller. I had the good fortune to get to hog a lot of Mike’s time at our 3rd birthday party in February, where he taught me a great deal about why specific blues are less easy to recall than specific reds; about different generations of LEGO motors; and that I have a pathetically limp wrist when it comes to dealing with ketchup bottles with attached accelerometers.

There are more amazing Minecraft tips and tricks from Martin O’Hanlon; an interview with one of my favourite people in UK computing (who? You’ll have to download the magazine to find out); a super-test of four popular Raspberry Pi desktops; a competition to win £200 of PiBorg goodies; and much, much more – like this magic retro gaming glove.


As always, the magazine is completely free to download. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it!


Lorna avatar

That’s my May Bank Holiday reading sorted out!

Svenja avatar

Will you make a blog post about Debian 8 Jessie, in particular if it is suggested to (dist-)upgrade existing installations of Raspian?

Peter Jones avatar

Just had a quick look through over lunch and looks like another great issue. I’m especially excited about RealVNC coming to the Raspberry Pi, and being able to SSH Remotely. Yippee!

Ian McAlpine avatar

Another fabulous issue and a superb read. Very well done.

ColinD avatar

Yes definitely, this is the best issue of the new-look MagPi yet.

David Gleeson avatar

Will one of the distros have more up to date versions of software in their repositories? … off to read I go!

DLCoder avatar

Cool, thank you!

Gavin Smith avatar

A regular Mike Cook column, awesome!

Aaron avatar

Wow, looking great. Russell and the team have got skills!

Now the only question is, when can I walk into WHSmiths and pick up a printed version? ;-)

Nuex* Luke Castle avatar

Yay, my long weekend reading day is sorted out. Well done MagPi!

Dave VanderWekke avatar

Great issue. I like the Pi Alarm Clock. I’ve been planning to build an IoT Pi based Alarm clock that hooks to my home automation system. This is a great start for my project. Kudos MagPi!

Liz Upton avatar

Are you planning on the biscuit tin lid mechanism for yours? I still can’t work out whether I love it or think it’s the most sadistic way to wake someone up I’ve ever come across.

t1 avatar

hey i just noticed desktop ubuntu-MATE on the downloads page. shouldn’t this be in the test instead of snappy core?

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