MagPi issue 22

I’m about two weeks late to the party on this one – massive apologies to all at The MagPi. It’s been a bit busy around here so far this month. Right now, Picademy’s underway in the office space we’ve got set up as a classroom, and 24 teachers are busy making blooping noises with Sonic Pi while Clive booms at them in Teachervoice. It’s distracting but curiously enjoyable.

Alongside the preparation for Picademy, this month we’ve seen the launch of this new website, and the announcement about the new Compute Module.¬†While all this was going on, the April edition of The MagPi came out, and I didn’t notice because I was too busy glueing Raspberry Pi logos on sticks and sending boxes of jam to Johnny Ball (true story).

MagPi April 14

As usual, The MagPi is full of wonderful things like internet-enabled garage doors, night lights that repel under-bed goblins, reviews, competitions, tutorials and much more. My favourite article this month discusses a solar cell (this month’s cover star) that tracks the sun to provide 140% more energy than a static cell. Go and read it online for free: you can also order a printed copy for your personal library or for your school. Thanks MagPi folks – I promise to be more timely about letting people know about next month’s issue!



Next month is our second birthday! Got lots and lots of prices to celebrate :-)


That was supposed to say prizes!


A price of “free” is worth celebrating :-)


Liz, not sure which is more surprising; sending jam to Johnny Ball (everyone likes jam!), or gluing pi stickers?


I was at first skeptical thinking: They probably mean 40% more energy. But NO, it really seems to be 140% more.


Ha! I did exactly the same thing!


Well done guys, another first class effort.

Nice to see a junior author getting an article on the garage door – well done that man.

Keep it up, not taking away from the huge effort it must take each month, but you guys really seem to have hit your stride and long may it continue.


Who teaches the teachers…?

Booming Clive ;-)

Hope that the first Picademy went well!


Well done guys. I just ordered myself a Pimoroni PiBow, a HDMI to DVI adapter and a Pibow compatible microsd adapter. I haven’t used my Pi for quite a while, but it will help with the DVI adapter because it means I can use it with the monitors we have at work.

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