MagPi issue 21 – out now!

Last month’s MagPi fundraiser for a Volume 2 binder was a roaring success: check out how they did on KickStarter.

MagPi issue 21

As you’ll know unless you’ve been living in an internet-free commune, The MagPi is the free, monthly Raspberry Pi magazine, created by the Raspberry Pi community. We at the Foundation have no involvement with The MagPi beyond thinking it’s terrific: there are tutorials, listings, project ideas and more for people of all levels; from kids picking up a Raspberry Pi for the first time, to the most grizzled and hairy of systems engineers.

This month’s issue has a second birthday interview with Eben (unfortunately this issue went to the typesetters when the news about Friday’s open source announcement from Broadcom was still under embargo, so make sure you read that too to get a complete picture of what we’ve been up to). You’ll find a project where you can use a Pi for maintaining a notoriously finicky saltwater aquarium for corals – Emma has already asked me if we can get one for the office – and type-in listings for a great old-school text adventure called Stronghold of the Dwarven Lords. There’s another instalment from Project Curacao, the tropical environmental monitoring setup, alongside a weather station project you can make at home, where the environment is less exciting. My favourite piece this issue is from 13-year-old Jacob Roberts, who made his Pi into a portable computer on a pocket-money budget. He’ll show you how you can do the same.

There’s internet radio, motion detection, book reviews, competitions and much more. We really look forward to the MagPi every month: it’s a great resource for all Pi users, and we’re grateful, as always, to Ash, Will, Aaron and the team of volunteers who work so hard on it every month. Thanks gang – we’re looking forward to April’s issue!


Aaron avatar

You said Emma would ask for the fish tank!

You getting one for the new office then? You probably have the space for it now :-)

AndrewS avatar

They could stick it in a crate, and wheel it around the office? ;-)

Michael Horne avatar

Based on today’s tweets, they’ll juggle the fish!

Jim Manley avatar

Put a piece of bread on each side of the fish and you have Liz’s coveted ” … with a sandwich, on wheels”! :lol:

Ravenous avatar

You know you want to!

Stuart avatar

I still haven’t had this appear in my Newsstand on my iPad. Just me?

Samuel Seuferer avatar

I enjoyed the part about Jacob’s portable raspberry pi! I have almost exactly the same setup except I use a dual output 5v battery pack, with a 1 amp output with micro usb dedicated for the pi, and a second 2 amp usb output for my hub and screen. I put my whole setup in a cardboard box that seems almost perfect for it.
Anyways, I just wanted everyone to know that the screen that he uses can be powered from 5v.

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