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A quick post today: I’m pretty behind on work. (I’ve wasted most of today trying to find a new hotel room in San Francisco that, unlike the one I slept in last night, doesn’t have biting insects. I have now found one, and a wifi connection. And immediately after posting this, I am going to scrub myself vigorously in the shower. It has been a testing 24 hours.)

To keep you busy while I carefully wash everything in my suitcase, here is an excellent interactive image of a Raspberry Pi, created by the EverPi folk in Brazil (let us know your names, guys, so we can credit you properly) with all the components, down to the tiniest resistors, labelled when you hover over with the mouse pointer. Ever wondered what the component marked D2 does? Here’s your chance to find out.

Please excuse me while I go and cry in the bathroom.

Edited to add: Carrie Anne has also sent me this most excellent video of what happens when I’m not in the office to cheer me up. The crates in this video contain one Ben Nuttall, and one Gordon Hollingworth. I thought it might cheer you up too.




AndrewS avatar

Neat. That’s quite similar to this thing that I made a while ago – great minds think alike! ;-)


3xBackup's avatar

I was about to ask about the back of the board – nice.

liz avatar

Oh, that’s cool – thanks Andrew!

ColinD avatar

Yes, very.

Liz – how about including a link to one of these tools on the Raspberry Pi’s Debian desktop? That would make learning about what all the gubbins going on in the Pi does a might easier.

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I’m afraid the images don’t load in my browser Andrew.

Build identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv: Gecko/20121208 Iceape/2.0.11

(yes it’s an older browser, but I’ll have to stick to it until the Gnome dev’s come to their senses and give us back the option of a Gnome 2 desktop :rolleyes: )

bertwert avatar

Awesome map!
(Love the video too!)

tzj avatar

Theres a flip button to see the underside

AndrewS avatar

Oooh, so there is! I hadn’t noticed the ‘Flip’ button because it was buried down next to the facebook and twitter buttons, which I tend to generally ignore.

tzj avatar

Not forgetting the arduino button, quite useful.

besteverjam avatar

that interactive Pi is great. :-)

Alex Eames (RasPi.TV) avatar

I hear the voice of Emma.
Hi Emma :)

That looks fun. Stick a motor on it :)

AndrewS avatar

GPIO-controlled motors, presumably? ;-)

David avatar

Well you learn something new every day. I never new about the P6 header being a reset and wake from shutdown switch

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Carrie Anne avatar

We’ve upgraded to scooters today, I have another video for you Liz >:)

Gordon avatar

Brought the kids scooters into the office today and found them to be a great way of getting around the office… It is after all a bit big!


bertwert avatar

Can you post it… PLEASE!

Romilly Cocking (@rareblog) avatar

Liz, are you claiming that the Pi Towers inhabitants don’t wheel themselves around in crates when you *are* there? I’m unconvinced.

Davespice avatar

Would be fun if we could power these with motors, remote control them with a Pi but force a victim to sit in them for extra weight / momentum =)

AndrewS avatar

Sounds like a project for http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/5269 :)

Tom Fool avatar

Liz – please make a call to the SF Dept. of Public Health and identify the bug-house hotel to them. You might just save other travelers from suffering the same fate.

bradley avatar

And name the hotel on here so that we know to avoid it

Danny Taylor avatar

That is what I call fun at the work place. Don’t show this my wife or she will want me to stay at home with the kids while shes goes work and place Crate Dodgems lol

JohnKB3SVJ avatar

Neat and informative It would have been nice if the unit were of UK manufacturer.

I go a R-Pi (UK) a couple weeks ago, I just need to discipline myself to use it as it was intended to learn programming.

BTW, is it possible to connect the R-Pi to the lap top I am using now to be able to use the lap top screen? Thx John

AndrewS avatar
JohnKB3SVJ avatar

Thank you Andrew! I’ll give it a try.

Brian Clark avatar

The new Virginmedia porn filter is blocking the link

JamesH avatar

The whole page or just the dropbox link to the image?

Brian Clark avatar
Alex avatar

Hi Liz, my name is Alex R. , EverPi its my blog http://everpi.tsar.in , thank you for sharing this.

Best Regards.

FourthDr avatar

Now all he needs is to do the same for the parts on the under side of the PCB and it will be perfect! Oh, and a pic of one made in the UK! :-D

FourthDr avatar

One last thing….what hotel had the creepy crawlies?? So others visiting SFO can avoid the same fate!!!

Alan Taylor avatar

I thought the Pi was built in the UK (Wales) at the Sony plant. Why does the board say “made in china”?

Liz Upton avatar

Some early Pis were made in China before we repatriated manufacture – this is one of them.

Alan Taylor avatar

Thanks for the info., Liz.
I thought for one dreadful moment that the demand was so great that you had to have them made there. Thank goodness you didn’t!

best wishes

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