MagPi 15 is out and it’s a good ‘un

MagPi 15 is out now. As usual it’s so full of Raspberry Pi goodness that I don’t know where to start: build a custom OS; XML; AdvMAME; our good friend James H riffing on camera stuff; real time clock; Arduino/Pi interfacing; RiscOS and more.

I insist that you download it immediately and soak it up like a nice big mug of beef tea.

A cover like this needs a  soundtrack. You have our permission to weep with nostalgic joy until your tear ducts dessicate.


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Great stuff, very informative! After reading Alan Holt’s “beginner” level Python article at the end, I realize I really am a beginner in that language.

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I cannot get Magpi issue 15 the ISSUU site keeps telling me that this issue is not available. I then tried several earlier versions and the same thing… Has this become subscription only?

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It’s not subscription only. Tested it in Chrome & Firefox here, works fine. You running any add-ons/extensions?

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How do you download it as a .pdf?

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I asked myself the same question and finally found the answer.
To download the magpi as pdf go to and there enter the issue you want to download. Inside this page you will have a link for pdf version

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Did I miss something here ???? I can’t see how I down load it.
No I don’t want to read it on line.

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Click the PDF button on this page:

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What on earth is beef tea ?

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Great news! Can’t wait to read it…

The Raspberry Pi Guy

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Beef tea?

You mean a seaming hot beverage made with an OXO cube or teaspoon of Bovril (other meat based products are available)?

Or the Victorian concoction given to the ill consisting of scraped steak fragments steeped overnight in warm water?

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You make is sound so appetising!

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Links updated to point to landing page so you can download pdf or read on Issuu.

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For me, the soundtrack would go something like this:

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A good choice, but the Article is about Arcade Games and compiling/using Advance MAME

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