Liz is poorly

Update 12 June: Liz continues to recover, but I’m still not letting her near the blog until she stops coughing like that.

Liz has spent most of this week suffering from an affliction picked up in Tokyo. We’re assuming this is flu, as even the worst sake hangover doesn’t usually last this long. I’ve sent her to bed to rest up; normal service will be resumed when she’s feeling better, hopefully early next week.


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Aww, bless!
Two people who’ve changed the world for lots of people you’ll never meet…hope it’s a short down-time.
Pull up the cat & snuggle down!

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“Pull up the cat & snuggle down!”


Is that a British expression?

I like it !!!

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Liz needs a Babbage to keep her warm.
Get well soon .

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Get well soon!
Eben: you need to make her a sandwich, with wheels ;-)

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Ace! If that doesn’t perk up a poorly Liz, nothing will…

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Get Well Soon !

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Yes – send Liz our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Hope she feels better soon & please stop taking her with you on trips abroad as she always seems to come back with some bug or other

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A lot of the problems people get when abroad is not so much being in a different land or climate as such, it is invisible stress from the travelling which hinders the spleen and lowers immunity especially from the knock-on effect of the lack of balancing of the kidneys because of it. The Kidneys control the bone marrow the source of your immune system not the thymus which many believe. Keep the spleen up with herbs like Licorice root, Reishi mushroom etc.

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You really should do better research; the kidneys do not control the bone marrow. They do produce erythropoietin as a result of low oxygen concentration in kidneys. This stimulates erythroblast production and maturation within the bone marrow. These produce Red Blood cells that are then released into the blood stream and have nothing to do with immunity. Ps I have worked in haematology laboratory of one of the most respected teaching hospitals in the UK for the last 11 years and I have a masters degree in Haematology before you try to tell me I’m wrong.

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Thank you for doing your research and being knowledgeable on the matter. I was about to post something similar. There isn’t a day that passes I don’t see some ill-informed or downright dangerous medical advice given by people who have no idea what they are talking about.

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Eben, fix a nice big batch of hot chicken soup. It usually works wonders. I don’t know if it has great medicinal value, or the patient wants to avoid more, but it gets the patient up and around soon.

On a serious note, I hope you get well soon Liz! 8>)

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I think i have just wet my self, i am not going to take the Homoeopathic
cure however dilute!
Get well Liz.

Jonathan avatar

Yes, Eben NEEDS! TO BE HOMEMADE CHICKEN SOUP. Not the horrid canned ‘soup’.

Simon D avatar

Jewish penicillin

Homer Hazel avatar

Sorry I did not think of this before I closed the previous post, but I think you should make her a nice Raspberry Pie. That will male her feel better.

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Don’t forget to put some pythons & USB ports in there. Whatever you do don’t use ethernet :) . Get well soon!

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get well soon!.. will miss the daily updates

Dave avatar

Get well soon!

Brandon avatar

I hope you are feeling better soon.


Alec avatar

GWS and best wished from me too.

Alex Eames (RasPi.TV) avatar

Get well soon and have a good rest :)

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I wish she recovers soon! I’m sure it’s just a flu, I had it last week too, a strong one.

She will be in perfect condition in some days, you will see :)

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We’ll hope for a speedy recovery, get well soon!

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Get well soon

Matthew Manning avatar

Get well soon!!!

Dave avatar

Give her an iPad and the wordpress app and she can post from there!

Seriously though, feel better soon Liz.

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Naw give her an Intel iCore 15.6″ laptop and still have some change in your pocket rather than the over-priced and in truth useless iPad. Do not be fooled by Apple and its tablets, Tablets suck and Apple were mere ants compared to good old Commodore and its Amiga in the day. Long live Jay Miner! Steve Jobs was overrated and just did not compare.

James Carroll avatar

I have to say that I don’t like the iPad myself but I know dozens of people who have one and they all love theirs. If everyone thought like me we’d all be using Amiga computers to this day. Jay Miner gets my vote for greatest ever also.

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Get well soon Liz!

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I hope you get well soon Liz. Note to Eben – brew up some hot raspberry cordial and add a tot of Bacardi. That way, Liz will be hit with Raspberry goodness and also be quite happy too.


Jonathan avatar

And a nice cuppa.

Stewart Watkiss avatar

Hope you’re feeling better soon!

Bill Stephenson avatar

Geez, first no more John Stewart for a long spell and now Liz is down with the yuckiness?

Well that just sucks!

Liz, we’re all missing you already and hoping you’ll be feeling better soon!!

Zak Zebrowski avatar

Hope you feel better soon Liz!

exartemarte avatar

I prescribe a hot toddy – whisky, hot milk, brown sugar. Always works for me! (And some sympathy of course, Eben …)

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Wishing you a speedy recovery Liz.


Richard Collins avatar

Hope you get better, all that globe trotting has caught up with you. I did some a few years ago for work, it catches up on you in the end.

Just don’t let Eben hook you up to a RPi and the internet. ;)

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get well soon. i find that eating a cheese and raising sandwich helps. or is it honey and tahini?

Andy avatar
I’d post ’em but the packaging ‘d be difficult

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Best wishes to Liz…and the Eben for taking care of her. Get well soon.

And…ignore the woo and “alternative medicine”. If it could be proven to work, it’d be called “medicine”.

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rest and get well quickly…

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Liz, I’m happy to see you will get well as soon as possible by eating chicken soup and sugar pills while surfing on your new iPad and your new PC.

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I once spent, what I thought at the time, was a very good night drinking Ouzo in the Plaka area of Athens. I found myself “immobilised” for the next two days. Hopefully Liz is just suffering from Brits Abroad disease.
Get well soon and don’t forget to rest and or drink 2 litres of water per day.

Mike avatar

Rest up and get to feeling better!

Alexander avatar

Get well soon, but take your time! We’re not going anywhere. ;)

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Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Thanks for all your hard work. Hopefully there will be some time away from Foundation work that’s truly recreational and doesn’t need to come from being sick. Also, here’s hoping that Babbage and Mooncake are doing their part to keep you company.

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I hope you feel better soon, Liz.

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Take a bowl of misoshiro, Liz. It will warm you.

tzj avatar

Get well soon Liz!

Dutch_Master avatar

Get well soon Liz!

(oh, and try a pregnancy test kit, miracles happen you know ;-))

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Hope you get well soon Liz.

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Liz and team, you have been burning bright since I joined this forum 18 months ago. Please all take care of each other. You are on a wonderful wave together. Let Liz take her time to get well.
I would +1 the water and consider adding Oral Rehydration Salts (dioralyte, electrolade, or isotonic sports drinks).

Geordie Birch avatar

Get well soon Liz.

mark avatar

I’ll miss the cheery daily commentary the raises the Raspberry Pi blood. Get well soon.

I think your P.R. talents have been a big (and important) boost to the community buzz.

meltwater avatar

Wishing good health back in Raspberry Towers.

AdrianBevan avatar

Best Wishes Liz, I’m sure you’ll be back fighting fit in no time. Keep your fluids up & lots of cuddles, you’ll be fine. Eben, you are now on Wife duty….!

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When there wasn’t a post for more than a day and Liz wasn’t going anywhere, I had a bad feeling. Having done the “Tokyo drift” back and forth many, many times when I was living there, I’m amazed anyone returns intact health-wise, especially when it’s part of circling the globe through 16 time zones in less than two weeks.

Eben keeps doing things like trying to break her legs on a ski slope, dragging her around the planet through all manner of cultures, both social and biological, and who-knows-what-else!

Don’t be surprised when you arrive somewhere on your next trip and you find yourself surrounded by your core fans in a small room introducing you to the first of a 12-step domestic abuse intervention program! :D

Jim Manley avatar

Oh, and DUH! Get well only as soon as you really feel like it, Liz. What the Foundation has delivered to the world is more than enough to keep each of us busy for several lifetimes!

jay avatar

read .. and smile.. tomorrow is better than now! . .. you can quote me..

CPslashM avatar

Glad to see the hot-chick soup worked and you are now trawling through these old posts. We missed you and understand it was hard to stay away from the job when you are this good at it!

The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

Get better soon!

Use the power of the Pi to heal you!

The Raspberry Pi Guy

Zunkith avatar

Get well soon Liz. I’d say give Mooncake a hug, but I suspect hayfever season has arrived.

Bryan Dawson avatar

You stay in bed/offline as long as you need to. We’ll cope, honest.
All the best.

David Hardingham avatar

Has she been spending time with the DoE :-)

Chris avatar

Hope you feel better Liz!! Eat lots
of chicken noodle soup! :)

keika avatar

Get well soon Liz-san.はやく元気になってね。

Akkiesoft avatar

I hope things will be fine soon.

(☝ ՞ਊ ՞)☝Akkie

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Oh really sorry for that…hope you get well soon :-)

Andy avatar

Get well soon Liz!

Mac Rutan avatar

Get well Liz! Rest. Have some time off line… You are one of our most precious resources! Take care.

Guillermo A. Amaral B. avatar

Get better soon Liz!

I hope she didn’t catch Godzilla fever! the only way to get rid of it is to rise out of the sea and crush Tokyo for a couple of ours (while drinking plenty of fluids).

Pi for the People avatar

Get well soon!

Dave Akerman avatar

Get well soon – the UK Space Programme needs you :-)

Max avatar

Get well soon :-)

Martin avatar

Aspirin and alcohol – it will not cure, but you will not care either. Seriously, get well soon and take care.

Many thanks for all of your hard work.

Best wishes,


Gosub90 avatar

With all due respect, people here are just trying to convey their best wishes for Liz, I personally don’t feel that some of your comments are very comforting. You appear to feel strongly on this subject, which I respect, but could I possibly request that you open an off topic forum thread rather than to post replies to other members’ comments. Your posts could be taken as argumentative which I’m sure is not your intention.
Many thanks
Oh, and get well soon Liz :)

clive avatar

Well said Gosub90. Not the time or place (or version of reality.)

Hope you’re feeling less ‘orrible Liz.

Ben avatar

Get well soon!

Tess avatar

So Sorry you aren’t well Liz. Rest, drink lots of fluids and have the Doctor check for any “bugs” from Out of Country visits. Looking forward to seeing you back in action!

Gareth avatar

Get well soon Liz, and thank you to you and Eben for bringing us all the joy that is the Raspberry Pi

Pygar avatar

Get well soon. To speed it up, you could try drinking a lot of water. It has no active ingredients, but homeopaths call it “medicine” anyway! I don’t know how hard it is to come by real Kentucky bourbon where you are… not “sipping whiskey” from New Jersey or Tennessee or some place, but real bourbon- but if it doesn’t work you won’t mind so much…

Pygar avatar

PS I just bought another Pi less than an hour ago, going to attempt a portable media panel… Hopefully with the help of people on the forums, who can be awfully helpful when they choose to be…

ColinD avatar

Get well soon Liz.

OMightyBuggy avatar

Get well soon!

T.Kabu avatar

Oh! Really? Are you OK?
I think so… because it was hard schedule.
Please be rested.

toxibunny avatar

Get well soon Liz!

MuddyDogs avatar

Hope your feeling better soon!

Brendan Tierney avatar

Get well soon, Liz! I was wondering what happened to the blog updates.

markyd avatar

Get well soon Liz, I shall miss my daily fix of Pi but better you relax and recover :-)

TLC in US avatar

Liz is Wonderful, (and missed). Guessing the phrase ‘is poorly’ is a British phrase I’m just learning.
Do hope you get feeling better soon.

Jancis avatar

Soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur;
Happy kitty sleepy kitty purr purr purr

Get well soon!

Darren G avatar

+1 !

Best advice on here.

kirk avatar

feel better liz

Lorna avatar

Get well soon: just ignore all my silly emails… L x

Nick Z avatar

Get better, Liz! We will wait for your return.

aygun avatar

Unfortunately the flu cant be curable with antibiotics or other drugs . Just in to an hospital , under medical observation will be treated with antiviral drugs. they are from in special group of drugs named neuraminidase inhibitors .
Neuraminidase Inhibitors prevent the virus to multiply by protecting the neuraminidase to be infected with virus ADN and preventing conjunction with virus it self. That’s why should go to an hospital. Anyway , in Japan it was found the new type of coronavirus – HCoV-NL63 . Thats why , take care of you Liz . Please go to an hospital and do all blood tests . GOD help you !

Steeno avatar

Hope your feeling better soon Liz !

Best wishes


Jongoleur avatar

Get well soon!

My mother believed in the curing power of honey – sipping warm honey and cider vinegar for colds and flu is a strong memory and sometimes even seemed to work…


Brantley West avatar

Being sick is no vacation, but I hope you come back refreshed!

tai viinikka avatar

Liz, you are missed… and what that really means is that we want you to take time, take care of yourself, and recover to full strength before you ponder your return to the Raspberry Pi marathon of bliss you’re engaged in.

Scot avatar

Get well soon!

Hans Lepoeter avatar

liz, take it easy :-). get back blogging when you feel up to it

Jonathan avatar

Liz any better??

Peter Berrett avatar

Use the Force Liz… Use the Force…

Jennifer avatar

I had that once :(
Just hang in there :)

Paultnl avatar

5 days with no update, I hope it isn’t getting worse.

Get well soon.

Stewart Watkiss avatar

“Liz continues to recover,” – that is good news. Hope you make a full recovery soon – your blog posts really are being missed!

I do agree with Eben though – make sure you do make a full recovery first – sometimes we all need to take a break. You’ve had a very busy first year and I’m sure they are going to be just as busy in the future.

AndrewS avatar

make sure you do make a full recovery first</blockquote?
…using NOOBS? ;-)

skittel69 avatar

Thanks for the update Eben. Get well soon Liz.

Digiduck avatar

get well soon.

Shea Silverman avatar

Feel better Liz!

loserpi avatar

get well Liz, this forum without you is like my pi without a keyboard.

Leo avatar

Eben just re flash the SD card and everything will be back to normal.
Best wishes and get well in your own time.

Hove avatar

Glad to hear Liz is on the up again – can’t wait until she can restart hacking the blog rather than herself!

Allan Sheldon avatar

Take your time Liz. Don’t rush it…..

fos avatar

Hurry back after you feel better. You are missed.

philipp avatar

Get Well Soon !

CaptainWebb avatar

Just picked up on Liz’s affliction, because I’ve been laid up with something similar (though I didn’t get the trip to Tokyo).

I’m some better, so I hope you are too, Liz.

Chi Man avatar

Get well soon Liz.

solar3000 avatar

When will we get “Lis is well”?

Greg avatar

Get well soon liz

Potted Avocado avatar

Good grief, 6 days and counting on the ‘doing poorly’ list… here’s hoping for a timely upgrade to ‘doing better!’

qwerty avatar

Get well soon, I hope to see you back up and ready again soon!!!!

vinnie avatar

Take it easy Liz, rest up – hope your feeling better…

Gert van Loo avatar

This is a test. (Seriously…)

Robert_M avatar

sudo apt-get install tokyo-flu-immunity

Reading package lists… Done
Reading state information… Done
E: Unable to locate package tokyo-flu-immunity

Emre avatar

Get well soon Liz!

dan3008 avatar

still not well?

:( Hope you are feeling better soon liz, we miss you, and your intresting blog posts

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