LinuxCon keynote

The video of Eben’s LinuxCon keynote has just been made available: enjoy. If you’re one of those people who watches everything we do (we know you are out there, and you fascinate, delight and horrify us in equal measure), you’ll be familiar with most of the first 9 minutes or so. Scroll past that for the juicy stuff.

(The Weston Wayland demo did not, due to some quirk of the audio visual apparatus, make it into the video: you’ll have to wait until we give the demo again at Maker Faire this weekend to see it in all its glory. I am happy to relate that although the guy with the Pi at the back of the room launched three copies of Scratch at once, everything ran very smoothly.)


SHA Miao avatar

I thought Con means ‘console’ at first glance -_-|||

vasi avatar

Not sure if Eben is a great speaker, or he just happens to be lucky to have such awesome subjects to talk about! :) After all these years of talks and presentations, still very inspiring!
Awesome t-shirt, too!

AndrewS avatar

There seems to be slightly less umms and ahhs than in his early talks ;-) Practice makes perfect.

AndyD avatar

Great talk Eben.

Sahaj Sarup (ric96) avatar

im glad you guyz are “officially” working on weston/wayland.
it would be good to have an accelerated desktop environment on the pi!

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