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You’ll notice I’m posting quite late today: it’s because I’m in the US for LinuxCon, so I’m out by a few time zones. (Thanks to Clive for looking after the blog yesterday.) Eben gave a keynote yesterday, immediately after Gabe Newell (who didn’t give any hints about Half Life 3 – sorry, Ryan). The talk should be put online shortly, and we’ll be here in New Orleans at LinuxCon for the rest of the week – if you see either of us, please come and say hi. You can read a bit more about what Eben had to say at LinuxCon’s conference blog.

Later this week, we’ll be heading up to New York City for World Maker Faire. We’ll be based at Pimoroni’s stand in the tent (where a limited number of $40 Raspberry Pi/8GB NOOBS SD card bundles will be for sale – they’re a great deal and we’ll sign them if you ask us to), we will have Pi goodies for sale and a few special items to give away, and Eben will be giving a talk on Saturday at 4pm. As usual, we’d love to see and chat with any of you who decide to attend: come and grab us if you see us.

Back in Blighty, Cambridge GCSE Computing Online, the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) we are working on with OCR, the UK examination board, and Cambridge University Press, has just released its first newsletter. If you’re interested in how things are progressing, you should head straight over and have a look. We are intending on having between 30 and 40 of the teaching videos we’ve promised available by the end of the month, with more scheduled for December and April. We’re very excited to be able to share some of the educational materials we’ve been working on with you: we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback at the end of September.

I’m off to listen to a LinuxCon talk by Planetary Resources about deep-space data centres. More tomorrow!


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Awesome! I wish that you did something like this in the UK though…

The Raspberry Pi Guy

liz avatar

We regularly do!

The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

Really? The whole signing things and pimoroni stuff?

liz avatar

Yes – we were at Maker Faire Bristol doing just that, and we regularly do the same thing at smaller events – I think we’ve had only about two weekends to ourselves so far this year! Rob was doing the same at Maker Faire Elephant and Castle, Clive in Manchester – I think we have this covered.

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Fame is a real pain isn’t it? ;)

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Hoping to see y’all @ Maker Faire on Sat!

liz avatar

Come and grab us! I will be the one who looks as if she really needs a coffee.

Mike Kopack avatar

I’ll share one with you (or rather, I’ll have one along side you)… I’ll need one myself after a late night train ride from Washington to south NJ late Friday night, and then the drive from south NJ to NYC!

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Nice meeting you today Liz! Tell Eben it’s ok that the demo didn’t go off. We all still love him! (The crowd around him after his presentation was proof!)

Can’t wait to get the Wayland stuff in.

liz avatar

We do not blame ourselves. We blame the AV guy who thought that a 22 metre HDMI cable was a sensible thing to use. (Note to self: turn HDMI signal strength up for next demo.)

clive avatar

Me (to technician at big tech show, while unsuccessfully trying to get Pi on screen): “How long’s the HDMI cable?”
Technician: “30m”
Me: “I’ll get me coat”


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Ah, yeah. I was sitting in the 2nd row in front of Eben during the demo and when it flashed up on the screen boosting the HDMI signal power was the first thing I thought of, but didn’t really think blurting that out would help. No biggie. Can’t wait to try it out on my own Pi… The Squeek/scratch improvements are awesome and I can’t wait to start getting my 3yr old nephew playing with this stuff (assuming I can get it past his hippie parents…)

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Will you be signing the SD card bundles with a pen, or your PGP private key?

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Greetings from Guatemala! We are about to launch a Spanish MOOC titled: “Introduccion al Raspberry Pi” which starts Oct. 14 2013. Registration is open at:

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ernie avatar

There are too many instances where initials are used without an explanation. Us newbies cannot understand what is being said. If you want more of us to join and understand please always show what these initials mean. Thank you. Ernie, a 75 year old who got into computing in 1963. I have friends my age with Raspberry Pi and they are teaching kids at our local library. Really.

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