IoT ugly Christmas sweaters

If there’s one thing we Brits love, it’s an ugly Christmas sweater. Jim Bennett, a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, has taken his ugly sweater game to the next level by adding IoT-controlled, Twitter-connected LEDs thanks to a Raspberry Pi Zero.

Jim upgraded his ugly sweater to become IoT-compatible using Microsoft’s IoT app platform Azure IoT Central, Adafruit’s programmable NeoPixel LED Dots Strand¬†and, of course, our sweet baby, the Raspberry Pi Zero W.

After sewing the LED strand into the ugly sweater and connecting it to Raspberry Pi Zero, Jim was able to control the colour of the LEDs. Taking it one step further, he then built a list of commands within Azure IoT Central and linked the Raspberry Pi Zero to a Twitter account to create the IoT element of the project.

Watch the video above for full details on the project, and find all the code on Github.


Tony Henrique avatar

This is cool!

Andrew Beasley avatar

Anyone see if the last run turns the LEDs off?

Jim Bennett avatar

It failed to turn it off that time – probably a WiFi issue as the WiFi in the studio requires enterprise certificates so had to tether to my phone which was a bit flaky. It was working perfectly on my home WiFi.

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