Adafruit capacitive Christmas shenanigans

I got up late today; it’s Boxing day. And there in my inbox was a festive message from our friends in New York, PT and LadyAda, who found themselves at a loose end in the Adafruit factory on Christmas Day and took some video of a beta test they did for a new Raspberry Pi HAT (coming soon to a store near you!)

Merry Christmas from all of us at Pi Towers to everybody reading – we hope your Christmas holiday is as much fun as ours is this year!

A quick housekeeping note: we are not committing to the usual blog post per day this week because we’re supposed to be taking a break, but if we get bored with hanging out with our families, you’ll find something here, so keep checking. I’m off to make a sandwich out of leftovers.


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That is awesome!

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The Adafruities do it again! Oh what fun it is to ride a banana-peel sleigh down an icy sidewalk, while bopping an a-peeling beat on a fruit-powered drum kit. Why do I suddenly have a craving for a fresh raspberry and banana-split sundae made with organic vanilla ice cream from Humboldt Creamery, in the handy two half-gallon container box that Costco insists I must consume it from, or the 55-gallon drum alternative?

Does a leftover sandwich get equipped with a set of leftover wheels that mysteriously remain after assembly of some overly-complex child’s toy?

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night (where appropriate in your time zone ;) )!

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And to you too Jim – hope we can catch up in 2015!

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Lady Ada is such an inspiration. I use her (and my daughter who is also an EE) as an example for young science and math students I have in my classes.

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She is also *absolutely* the best person in the world to eat Korean barbecue with.

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Is that a “Makey Makey” style hat? My children created a pi-ano using conductive play doh and a Makey Makey connected to the Raspberry Pi USB port. Looking forward to seeing the AdaFruit Hat to see how that can be used.

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Korean BBQ is the only Korean food I was able to tolerate in Soeul.

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