Raspberry Pi Internet doorbell

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Raspberry Pi used to add useful or entertaining features to a doorbell, but it’s probably the most feature-rich doorbell hack we’ve come across. Amongst other things, Ahmad Khattab’s Internet doorbell can call your phone, send you a text, and stream video of who’s at the door:


It’s a lovely DIY solution to the problem of missed calls and deliveries, and my favourite thing about it is imagining how much you’d pay for a glossy, boxed-up version of it. Ahmad’s costs £17 plus a Raspberry Pi.

Internet doorbell

This Internet-of-Things device does not come in a fancy case

Ahmad has written some instructions for the benefit of other people who are interested in better living through technology, but not interested in spending a lot of money on things in shiny plastic cases that you can’t open or customise.


John avatar

Really cool project! I especially love that it sends a text about the door knock!

Gavin Lee avatar

Excellent – Video – we can now see if Royal Mail even tried to deliver a package :-) instead of just leaving a note.

Chorlton avatar

I did something similar last year but I used an optoisolator to send a signal to (from a wireless doorbell sender) and from (to the wireless chime) the Pi, except mine also signaled the doorbell when the clothes drier had reached a certain humidity/temperature setpoint (using a DHT22) so as not to over dry (or shrink!) my clothes :)

Bob Jhon avatar

This is so cool lol I can’t believe that I can now have good security in my mansion. I love this invention, from the texts to the streaming on YouTube. I just can’t believe it. Keep up the good work. lol

Vermin avatar

Good project, but would you want to advertise via Twitter that you were out and someone is at the door??

Bob Coleman avatar

Posting your presence to twitter only matters in a security sense if you people know that account relates to your home.

Hans avatar

Cool similar projectis doorpi. There is still video-call support missing, but streaming is there also possible.

Anastasia avatar

What an amazing detailed video-clip. Thank you for expanding my knowledge base. I really love it.

MOB avatar

It opened my eyes to ngrok, Adafruit WebIDE, and streaming to YouTube. It also seems simple to connect the doorbell to the Pi.

scott chappell avatar

great !

scott chappell avatar

So how does one get the $ to the developer?

Nick avatar

Could you put the code on GitHub so we can see it? I really don’t want to flash my Pi with a a whole new image.

Jeremy N. avatar

I agree with Nick. I’m not so keen flashing a whole new OS just to get the code on. I understand there might be a bunch of things that go into this build, but I’d rather see that list of items, than to just trust someones build. The list of items in the build would also help the community understand everything that went into the project.

I am very interested in this project. There are many spin-offs that could be done from this project. Great Job.

mcgyver5 avatar

agree. I don’t usually install a new operating system every time I want to install software or hardware.

Allan avatar

From a practical viewpoint this is excellent. I’m partially deaf (so do not always hear the door bell especially if in the garden) but carry mobile phone with me in the house.

This would work for me. I guess this could be developed to send a prerecorded message, to say a loudspeaker located at the door informing the person to “wait a moment”

I’m a newbie so probably too adventurous for me currently

Harsh Munshi avatar

How do we do the youtube stuff?

David avatar

Recently finished my own doorbell project based off this with a few modifications including Pushover notifications.

Has been a very handy project especially while not at home.

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