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Considering the RasPi is so small, shouldn’t you be feeding it Chantenay carrots?

stanch avatar

Ah! – night vision capability…. not sure where you plug the carrots in…

—– urban fox deterrent robot anyone???

djazz avatar

Rev1 board!

Ian K Rolfe avatar

Just goes to show those Rev1 boards are not obsolete as some feared. :)

JamesH avatar

I’ve done a lot of the dev work for the camera apps on board serial #000000000000001. That’s as rev1 as they get…

DevO avatar

I use my Rev1 as a owncloud server, works like a charm.

Dave Akerman avatar

A technique pioneered of course by Cubby Brocoli.

Michael Horne avatar

Oh _dear_ :-D

Montekuri avatar

I feel a lack of text in this post

Michael Horne avatar

*groan* And I was _so_ excited for a moment there. Having been able to pick up any stars with mine yet, but I live in hope.

Richard George avatar

I’m hoping that this is a ploy to hide the development of a Pi-based radar module. (http://www.snopes.com/food/ingredient/carrots.asp)

martinva avatar

Please consider spinach in order to improve pi’s processing power.

SolidSquid avatar

Wouldn’t that also include the size of the CPU though? It could damage any case you put it in

ridgelift avatar

Comedy is an intellectual pursuit.

jérôme avatar

I’m afraid I totally failed to get the joke. Would any enlish native speaker care to explain ?

john avatar

in England there is an urban myth to eat up your carrots else you will not be able to see in the dark. So giving carrots to the camera will improve low light performance – get it?!

HaggisHunter avatar

AIUI it’s based on the fact that carrots contain carotene (stangely), which is a precursor of vitamin A, which in turn is a precursor of rhodopsin, which is essential for most (all?) animal vision. A shortage of Vitamin A does cause poor night vision (and, eventually, poor day vision as well), but once you have enough in the system, adding more won’t make you see any better. Plus, carrots are not the only source, other vegetables are available, etc…

Chinasaur avatar

Mostly right, except rhodopsin is the protein. The vitamin A derivative retinal interacts with rhodopsin (or cone opsin) to transduce light. Some vertebrates (e.g. amphibians) do use slightly different derivatives, as do many invertebrates (e.g. insects, octopods). But yeah; eat your carrots!

Robert avatar

I seem to recall that it was during WW II that the germans didn’t understand how the brittish airplanes could attack their submarines during night (they had just begun to use radar), and the brittish said the pilots ate carrots. But the effect is a myth of course. You don’t get better night vision eating carrots, but nonetheless they’re good for you. And tasty!

Rob H avatar

Of course carrots give you better vision.. You don’t see many rabbits running around wearing glasses, do you?

Graham avatar

You never see rabbits wearing glasses….as my mum used to drill into us at dinner time! I now have glasses :)

jérôme avatar

Sorry, I should have checked WP earlier. “An urban legend states that eating large quantities of carrots will allow one to see in the dark”. Over here (France), carrots are supposed to make you nicer… or give pink buttocks… oh well.

johnbanks avatar

At the start of WWII, it was claimed a special group of British pilots ate carrots for many years to develop superior night vision. This was propaganda to hide the first use of radar.

Texy avatar

Nothing English about it – don’t you know that eating carrots helps you see in the dark ?
Then again, maybe its an urban myth…………..

Kyle avatar

I find it funny that the package is labeled “British Carrots” :)

ukscone avatar

grape photo but lettuce hope that you will turnip a better way to improve the camera’s night vision.

liz avatar


ukscone avatar

sorrel about that & as i don’t have much thyme today i’ll do you a fava & stop, eventually :) dill then i’ll leave you with the thought of the day that “to photograph peas you need a good tri-pod”

Helen Lynn avatar

Scone. For the first time I don’t feel alone. Will you marry me?

paulie avatar

I don’t think he can, he isn’t Ordained……

Helen Lynn avatar

Really please do marry me. I’ve just had to EXPLAIN THE JOKE to my current husband.


liz avatar

Helen. You are heavily pregnant. It wouldn’t be fair to inflict a newborn on Scone; I have met his adult son and understand that his squallings for milk/changes/something to chew on are enough to make you grey.

Helen Lynn avatar

I guess it was just a crazy dream.

Dave Akerman avatar

Those carrots really need to be in a punnet.

codfangler avatar

Strictly speaking, it’s not an urban myth as it originated during WW2. The government needed to hide the fact that we had a working radar system so they publicised the ‘fact’ that our ace fighter pilots trained on carrots in order to improve their eyesight and that was why they were able to shoot down so many of the enemy planes.

Ravenous avatar

Quite right, I heard that version years ago, that it was deliberate government disinformation.

“our ace fighter pilots trained on carrots” – that sentence can be re-read in s many different ways. (OK I know what you meant really.)

francis avatar

it just takes me wonder if this picture is made with the CSI camera?

Gordon avatar


Canon D550… You can tell the difference!!!


d0vr avatar

I must admit, when I first saw the photo I assumed it was taken using a pi, and was wondering why the bloody hell they haven’t started selling the boards yet if the results already look like that.

Ah well, one can dream.

Montekuri avatar

What is said here in Brazil is that carrot make good for eyes. Nothing about darkness.

Jim Manley avatar

So, if we win one of the pre-release camera modules to do testing, does this mean we will be getting a proper dose of beta carrotine? (waits for The Groan Heard ‘Round the World … one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three … :lol: )

David Plowman avatar

I’m sure it’ll produce great *raw* images!

Dandapani avatar

Curious how to bring out the camera ribbon cable through my pibow case? Anyone have any idea?

Hove avatar

The model A PiBow case has a specific slot above the connector. I presume that’ll appear shortly on the Model B PiBow too.

guru avatar

Replacement top is the plan. I suspect you’ll be able to feed the cable between two layers anyway on the existing case, which opens up a world of possibilities :-)

Gert avatar

I have seen Dom bring the cable out over the Ethernet port. perfect fit!

Dave Akerman avatar

So is this one of those new-fangled Carrot Coupled Device sensors?

Nathan avatar

No, it’s a Carrot metal–oxide–semiconductor. :D

LKO avatar

If the carrots are chilled, this makes sense. Astronomers frequently cool their camera assemblies to improve light sensitivity and reduce noise. A novel cooling method, indeed….

vasi avatar

that is so wrong, the Pi is not powered! useless!

Dave Akerman avatar

Just add currants

ukscone avatar

it the camera’s raisin d’être

colin allison avatar

I think you should retire to the pub before we all die of groans. According to my clock, it was pub ‘o’ clock a long time ago.


Martin S. avatar

Do I see a carrot-battery-pack approaching? Hmmmm…

Ken MacIver avatar

Ah I get it; the raw image or crudite is processed up the food chain…

meltwater avatar

They tested the carrots and found they contained up to 100% turnip.

Jim Manley avatar

Well, at least there’s no “horse” radish in it, or … :lol:

Peter avatar

In Hungary carrot helps the children to learn whistle. Unfortunately my son already can whistle at the age of 6. So I run out of “proper” motivation.

jesse avatar

will it run vlc or another streaming program?

Robert_M avatar

I only carrot that I’ll be able to order one soon.

ben avatar

@Rasperry team

You should update the FAQ, a few places still speak of the PI in future tense.

Steve Purchase avatar

I know, the camera gets super powers by logging on as root :)

The Gollum avatar


Carrots lying with RPi and Cammera shots so very close up!


I have put myself on the waiting list for a camera and
i am excited about obtaining an RPi Camera module;
most (of my previous) embed hacks (not RPi) were with the poor 300K types

Rob V avatar

did you know carrots are really dark blue, but the dutch bred them into their national colour?

Leo Rest avatar

2nd go at typing this! It’s a small effect but a chemical found in fresh carrots will eventually make the IR filter slightly transparent at micron+ wavelengths. So always keep your camera module in a draw with a fresh carrot. Most urban myths are based on a small element of truth!

Wombat avatar

Raspberry Carrot Cake anyone?

Larry avatar

In my family my brother had extremely sharp vision and he never, never would eat carrots. The rest of the family had thick glasses and loved carrots.

Dutch_Master avatar

The carrots are the legs of a biologically degradable tripod holding the camera module. Another proof of the “green-ness” of the RPi ;-) And it’s cheap! Besides, it’ll fit in with the Foundations goal of teaching kids, in this case that veggies are OK: if they’re good for the RPi, they’re good for you too! :-P

Hat, coat -> door…

George avatar

Oh, you Brits!

Jesu avatar

CAM come with rabbit, easter?

Chris Tof avatar

Are there any news about the release date of the camera ???
Thank you for this work !!

Steve avatar

Any updates? I am very excited about the new raspberry pi camera.

Rob R. avatar

Mayday! Mayday! Any updates?

liz avatar

Couple of weeks at the most now. ;)

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