Hack your old Raspberry Pi case for the Raspberry Pi 4

Hack your existing Raspberry Pi case to fit the layout of your new Raspberry Pi 4, with this handy “How to hack your existing Raspberry Pi case to fit the layout of your new Raspberry Pi 4” video!

How to hack your official Raspberry Pi case

  1. Take your old Raspberry Pi out of its case.
  2. Spend a little time reminiscing about all the fun times you had together.
  3. Reassure your old Raspberry Pi that this isn’t the end, and that it’ll always have a special place in your heart.
  4. Remember that one particular time – you know the one; wipe a loving tear from your eye.
  5. Your old Raspberry Pi loves you. It’s always been there for you. Why are you doing this?
  6. Look at the case. Look at it. Look how well it fits your old Raspberry Pi. Those fine, smooth edges; that perfect white and red combination. The three of you – this case, your old Raspberry Pi, and you – you make such a perfect team. You’re brilliant.
  7. Look at your new Raspberry Pi 4. Yes, it’s new, and faster, and stronger, but this isn’t about all that. This is about all you’ve gone through with your old Raspberry Pi. You’re just not ready to say goodbye. Not yet.
  8. Put your buddy, the old Raspberry Pi, back in its case and set it aside. There are still projects you can work on together; this is not the end. No, not at all.
  9. In fact, why do you keep calling it your old Raspberry Pi? There’s nothing old about it. It still works; it still does the job. Sure, your Raspberry Pi 4 can do things that this one can’t, and you’re looking forward to trying them out, but that doesn’t make this one redundant. Heck, if we went around replacing older models with newer ones all the time, Grandma would be 24 years old and you’d not get any of her amazing Sunday dinners, and you do love her honey-glazed parsnips.
  10. Turn to your new Raspberry Pi 4 and introduce yourself. It’s not its fault that you’re having a temporary crisis. It hasn’t done anything wrong. So take some time to really get to know your new friend.
  11. New friendships take time, and fresh beginnings, dare we say it…deserve new cases.
  12. Locate your nearest Raspberry Pi Approved Reseller and purchase the new Raspberry Pi 4 case, designed especially to make your new Raspberry Pi comfortable and secure.
  13. Reflect that this small purchase of a new case will support the charitable work of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Enjoy a little warm glow inside. You did good today.
  14. Turn to your old keyboard


James Carroll avatar

Thanks for the laugh. Nice way to start Monday.

Alex Bate avatar

You’re most welcome. Now go tell your ‘old’ Raspberry Pi how much it means to you

James Carroll avatar

I bought two the first year and both are still in use. I have cameras attached to them.

Neil avatar

That … is the most … (searches for words) … blatant, most shameless SALES PITCH I have ever seen.

Craig avatar

Could someone explain the reason(s) behind the 2 part design in this version as opposed to the 5 part (personally, better) design of the Pi3 case? Genuine question.

Tamas avatar

I’m also curious, as Pi4 case provide worst airflow capability than Pi3 case, meanwhile the heat dissipation of Pi4 is increased.

Arjun avatar

Thank you. I have already done the same. To add to this I have even removed the top white cover so that Heat dissipates faster.

solar3000 avatar

I have many old pi cases laying around. I just started repurposing them in other non-pi projects.

Anders avatar

I’ve had no need for cases up to now, just let the Pi display itself in naked glory. But for the 4 I am waiting for the new version of FLIRC to be available in the UK. Passive heat dissipation.

I’ve always really disliked the inefficiency of semiconductor heat and I especially don’t like data centres where the power supply is turned into heat then more of the power supply is used to discard that heat outside. In colder climates that should always be recycled to heat the building. In warmer climates it should be heating pools.

Thomas Wright avatar

I had a good laugh at this, i don’t see it as a sales pitch but good old British humour.

Well done!

gof sides avatar

This made me laugh out loud. You Brits are so very good at finding the emotional heart in bone dry sarcasm. Thanks so much for that!

Now I have to binge watch some Black Adder…

Jack Burton avatar

but,but,but what would i then put my Pi 3b into

Luke avatar

Looks like my dad would invent a story like this !
Good imagination by the way.
I bet this could make a whole bunch comedy videos.

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