Buy the official Raspberry Pi keyboard and mouse

Liz interjects with a TL;DR: you can buy our official (and very lovely) keyboard and mouse from today from all good Raspberry Pi retailers. We’re very proud of them. Get ’em while they’re hot!

Alex interjects with her own TL;DR: the keyboard is currently available in six layouts – English (UK), English (US), Spanish, French, German, and Italian – and we plan on producing more soon. Also, this video…what is…why is my left hand so weird at typing?!

Over to Simon for more on the development.

Magical mystery tour

When I joined Raspberry Pi, there was a feeling that we should be making our own keyboards and mice, which could be sold separately or put into kits. My first assignment was the task of making this a reality.

It was clear early on that the only way we could compete on plastic housings and keyboard matrix assemblies was to get these manufactured and tested in China – we’d love to have done the job in the UK, but we just couldn’t get the logistics to work. So for the past few months, I have been disappearing off on mysterious trips to Shenzhen in China. The reason for these trips was a secret to my friends and family, and the only stories I could tell were of the exotic food I ate. It’s a great relief to finally be able to talk about what I’ve been up to!

I’m delighted to announce the official Raspberry Pi keyboard with integrated USB Hub, and the official Raspberry Pi mouse.

Raspberry Pi official keyboard

Raspberry Pi official mouse

The mouse is a three-button, scroll-wheel optical device with Raspberry Pi logos on the base and cable, coloured to match the Pi case. We opted for high-quality Omron switches to give the click the best quality feel, and we adjusted the weight of it to give it the best response to movement. I think you’ll like it.

Raspberry Pi official mouse

Raspberry Pi official keyboard

The keyboard is a 78-key matrix, like those more commonly found in laptop computers. This is the same compact style used in previous Pi kits, just an awful lot nicer. We went through many prototype revisions to get the feel of the keys right, reduce the light leaks from the Caps Lock and Num Lock LEDs (who would have thought that red LEDs are transparent to red plastics?) and the surprisingly difficult task of getting the colours consistent.

Country-specific keyboards

The PCB for the keyboard and hub was designed by Raspberry Pi, so we control the quality of components and assembly.

We fitted the best USB hub IC we could find, and we worked with Holtek on custom firmware for the key matrix management. The outcome of this is the ability for the Pi to auto-detect what country the keyboard is configured for. We plan to provide a range of country-specific keyboards: we’re launching today with the UK, US, Germany, France, Italy, Spain – and there will be many more to follow.

And even if I say so myself, it’s really nice to have the matching kit of keyboard, mouse and Raspberry Pi case on your desk. Happy coding!

Buy yours today

The Raspberry Pi official keyboard and mouse are both available from our Approved Resellers. You can find your nearest Approved Reseller by selecting your country in the drop-down menu on our products pages.

Raspberry Pi starter kit

The official keyboard, in the English (UK) layout, and the mouse are also available at the Raspberry Pi shop in Cambridge, UK, and can be purchased individually or as part of our new Raspberry Pi Starter Kit, exclusive to our shop (for now!)



Andrew avatar

Will it be available in any other colours?

Alex Bate avatar

The keyboard and mouse are currently available in white and red and there’s a black and grey one making its way to sellers soon. Some already have it in stock, so check your favourite approved reseller to see if they do.

chris avatar

is there a way to use both n the zero at the same time

Dan avatar

whats that for a question? yes, you just plug in both at the same time and then you can use both…

andrew avatar

the Zero’s got one micro USB that you can use tho… but you can use a USB hub

MOB avatar

There are OTG cables with micro USB in each end (one end is host), but they are short. One would need a long such cable in the keyboard cable color. Then one can connect the mouse to the keyboard’s USB hub.

Peter Green avatar

Sure, connect the keyboard to the zero and the mouse to the keyboard.

Arnols avatar

Great, where can we buy (I don’t found the keyboard in your shop) and how much?

Liz Upton avatar

Click on “get ’em while they’re hot!” right at the top of the post.

Mr. Rabbit avatar

Mirco USB?
What’s that?

Anyway, looks awesome!!

Liz Upton avatar

Good spot! We’ll get that video edited.

Dan3008 avatar

Alex, don’t worry, it’s quite normal for people’s non dominant hand to type with a single finger like that.
This is where you now say your a South paw (lefty) isn’t it?

Alex Bate avatar

It is?! That’s okay then. I’m a…north paw?

Mahjongg avatar

So the keyboard is also an USB hub! Nice!
It will use just one USB port, so you can use keyboard and mouse with a RPI Zero.

Lenard Gunda avatar

Are you planning any more layouts? A Nordic layout would be cool, it would cover many countries in North Europe :)

Liz Upton avatar

More layouts are coming – give us some time!

MOB avatar

The Nordic keyboard layout is actually three keyboard layouts, so autodetect would be difficult. Sweden and Finland have the same layout, but Norway and Denmark have different. Æ/Ä and Ø/Ö are switched on the Danish layout compared to the others, and | and \ are at different positions on all three layouts (on the keys left of 1, Z, and backspace). Sweden and Finland use Ä and Ö instead of Æ and Ø.

Pax avatar

Nordic Layout is the worst idea ever!!

Just trow the keys in a bag, I would rater assemble it myself than having to hit the wrong keys all the time.

only thing worse would be american style enter & backspace keys.

MOB avatar

Keys in a bag is not a bad idea because then you could get keys for all languages and one would not need to have different versions. The local dealer could help with assembly for those that can’t assemble themselves.

Is it possible to remove the keys?

Per avatar

“The outcome of this is the ability for the Pi to auto-detect what country the keyboard is configured for”

Finally! When I switched from ZX Spectrum to Amiga in the mid 90’s, I always wondered why it is so difficult to autodetect keyboard layout. When they can fit different key-tops, why can’t they just make some kind of coding that the software can read? They could use different combinations of mounted and unmounted zero-ohm resistors, or something. At that time the Amiga was booted from a floppy. If you changed the settings on one floppy to use the correct keyboard layout, it was wrong again when you booted from another floppy.

It’s amazing that a small, low-cost computer can do magic that much bigger and much more expensive computers can’t!

Well done!

emannuel morais alves avatar

Hello, my friend, I live in Brazil and I am passionate about raspberry and I would like to have the keyboard and the mouse of you, I would like you to have a raspberry store in my country, since I think everyone would love your products, my language and I’m here if you want to open a franchise hahaha, good morning and congratulations for the excellent work and for making computing more affordable THANK YOU friend <3

Dickon Hood avatar

Pity you don’t offer a three-button non-wheel mouse. I have *real* trouble with wheel mice, as they murder my RSI.

EdwinJ85 avatar

Thank you! This was my biggest request when the store opened. They look so lovely.

Jeremy Martin avatar

I’m actually a little disappointed that this isn’t a case for a raspberry pi that’s also a keyboard. The USB hub inside the keyboard is nice though.

Guess it’s time to break out the 3d printer.

Pez avatar

Yes, this really should happen. Think C64, Amiga, Atari etc :)

James W Williams avatar

These look great, can’t wait to get one. Do you know if Micro Center in the US will be carrying these?

Simmar avatar

Will it be possible to have BÉPO disposition ?
This look like amazing ! Good job and idea !

solar3000 avatar

Oh, it even comes in American.

Harry Hardjono avatar

If the little plastic cross pieces stabilizer have cutouts for Raspberry pi zero, and that the back of keyboard backing has outlines to drill holes, then it’ll be relatively easy to open up the keyboard and install a zero inside.

If the keyboard is just a little bit wider, and convenient connection is available on keyboard pcb, then even installing 3B+ model would be easy.

MOB avatar

I think the next version of the official Raspberry Pi keyboard should be constructed so that modifications would be easier. E.g. the circuit board should have lots of solder pads or possibility to solder on pins for internal USB etc. and the box, prepared cutouts for the connectors.

april avatar

Indeed, this official combo set without the ability to build a raspberry inside is just a bad overpriced and late aprilfool.
But wait…let me buy this.
I will buy the version with an integrated raspberry in a year, when it comes out and the third one with the an integrated raspberry and usb hub in 2021…

Andrew Waite avatar

They look fantastic.
What I would really like is an all in one solution that puts the Raspberry Pi in the same box as the keyboard, just like the 8-bit machines (Sinclair Spectrum, Acorn Electron etc.) did back in the 1980s.

Darwin Witzel avatar

Wired is little old school don’t you think? My pi has a wireless Logitech and uses only one port.

Liz Upton avatar

Not all Raspberry Pis have on-board wireless or Bluetooth. We want everybody who owns a Pi to be able to use the mouse and keyboard!

Alex Bate avatar

And, with a built-in USB hub, this keyboard only uses one port of the Raspberry Pi too :)

Lucas Sabalo avatar

Shut up and take my money! Can I buy the coffee mug too?! :-)
Loved it!

Andrei Kolchin avatar

Will there be a Russian layout keyboard?

Gavin McIntosh avatar

Do they make a nice loud click or clunk?
Could not hear over the music.
Rat’s saw that link with the Zero in the keyboard.
Oh no it can be down with a 3A+.
I will need at least 3 keyboards, hope there is no minimum order? Can we have a 3A- model please, one without the connectors? What is that missing chip on the PCB?

MOB avatar

Can Fn+Z on the US keyboard work as the key left of Z on the other keyboards? (The US keyboard seems to have one less key.) The Z key works like this on my Eee PC 900 with Nordic keyboard layout.

Chris avatar

If you are talking about the | and \ key they appear to be above the ENTER key on US keyboard

MOB avatar

The official Raspberry Pi keyboard doesn’t have Insert. Is there a way to type Insert using e.g. Fn+Delete?

It doesn’t have the menu-key, but I can get that function by pressing Shift+F10. Fn+Ctrl-Right could perhaps be the menu key, or Fn+Alt-Right.

Simon martin avatar

It has an insert key but it is not labelled. You have to press Fn + Delete. avatar

That’s great. And in addition a USB hub on board.

Glops avatar

Looks great !

Is it also fully compatible with any PC under windows ?

Pearl.852 avatar

Look nice matching the Pi case.

Are the keys back-lit? It’s a must for my own preference.

Scott avatar

No media keys (volume control, pause, etc)? That’s a real shame consider how often Pis might be plugged into crummy speakers that don’t offer great volume control. :(

Nuno Pereira avatar

No PT Layout…

Charles Godwin avatar

I have one, mouse too. Love them. I have things I’d like different but I got what I paid for.

Keep up the good work and wear a flame proof suit.

Jens avatar

Just get by DHL in Germany they find class

Christopher_M avatar

Your doing a nice job, if you could get more into
the manufacturing you might just start a UK revolution.

Anwar Shiekh avatar

Whatever became of the original Raspberry Pi keyboard that was all white and only available with a kit?


In the wireless world today, I was hoping for a Bluetooth interface.

John DAle avatar

Having trouble with the ” on th Number 2 when I use SHIFT I get the @ sign so have to go to SHIFT on the @, key to gt my” now that is a bot weird. I live in Canada so presume keyboard is US (English)
Am I missing something??? JD

Pearl.852 avatar

Sounded like you have a English (UK) version keyboard, but your keyboard layout setting is on English (US).

So, if you are running Raspbian, go to “Preferences > Keyboard and Mouse > Keyboard > Keyboard Layout” to change the layout to the “English (UK)”.

MOB avatar

Can this keyboard and mouse be used with passive USB to PS/2 converters in order to use them with computers that only have PS/2 ports?

Unimpressed Typist avatar

Too much space given to Caps Lock; a key that’s hardly used. Ctrl should be in its place. The Escape key is half space and that’s wrong for a keyboard intended for Linux use. Looks like a keyboard aimed at a Windows laptop user. Happy Hacker keyboards show how the layout should be done. A missed opportunity.

W. H. Heydt avatar

Just a belated comment on a feature that seems to escaped many people….

This is the first keyboard I’ve seen on which you can disconnect to cable to the system. It’s a nice feature, but unexpected.

Chris B avatar

Really wish it had come with a micro-usb male to usb-type-A female adapter so it would work with pi zero w out-of-the-box.

Dave avatar

I ordered the red/white keyboard and mouse bundle (US layout) through Pi-Supply in early May. But I have not received mine. I really don’t need another set of keyboard/mouse but I really like the color and classy design to add to my RPi collections.
When I contacted Pi-Supply, they told me “the US keyboard we are still waiting on from the Raspberry Pi Foundation and don’t have an expected date.” I am a bit surprised – I knew it will sell well but I assumed Pi Foundation will have plenty made and stocked. I am also a bit disappointed that no ETA was provided by them. I thought I might be able to get update or info directly from the source. Will appreciate if you are able to let me know approximately how long I have to wait.


Liz Upton avatar

If I were you, I’d ask for your money back and put an order in elsewhere; there are plenty in stock around the world. Pi Supply are no longer authorised resellers.

Dave avatar

Thanks for the reply. No wonder. I will not order anything from them anymore. Too bad, they will use “Pi-Supply” as if they are somehow affiliated or associated in some way.

Mark avatar


I have the French layout (FR) but I am not sure which settings to use in the preferences to get it to work properly ie the @ and # are not mapped correctly.

Thanks for your help

Mikael Bonnier avatar

I use this with UK layout in Raspbian Buster ─ Model: Generic 105-key PC (intl.), Layout: English (UK), Variant: English (UK). Is this the optimal setting?

It works rather well also for Swedish names with a prefix: Åå (AltGr+Shift+[), Ää, Öö, Üü, (AltGr+[), Éé (AltGr+;). Prefix within parenthesis and then press the similar looking letter. Also for Danish: Ææ (AltGr+A) Øø (AltGr+O).

Mikael Bonnier avatar

How do you type Pause/Break on the official Raspberry Pi Keyboard? It’s some emulator that needs this. I’ve read that on some Lenovos without Pause/Break you type Fn+P and Fn+B, but that does not work on the Raspberry Pi Keyboard, e.g. Fn+P types Num Pad -, and Fn+B types b, according to xev.

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