Get Carrie Anne’s book for six quid! (And a competition!)

A lot of you have had huge success in the last few months using our very own Carrie Anne Philbin’s Adventures in Raspberry Pi as a resource for kids of all ages. It’s engaging, friendly and works really well in getting kids excited and confident about using their Raspberry Pi. So much so that we’ve found schools are ordering classroom sets; so are after-school clubs, and we’ve had amazing feedback from kids and their parents.

Carrie Anne (whose job title here at Pi Towers is Education Pioneer) says:

“I’m totally stunned by the success of Adventures in Raspberry Pi so far. I’m  amazed that teachers and after school club mentors are buying it and using it to teach programming.”

We aren’t amazed at all – the book’s brilliant.

Shortly after taking this picture, Carrie Anne tried to saw Ben’s ear off.

We wanted to make Adventures in Raspberry Pi easier for schools to buy (at full price, with shipping, a classroom set can be expensive). So we’ve bought a pallet full here at Pi Towers so we can sell them to you at a much reduced price compared to other vendors (we’ve reduced the margin we take by selling these to almost nothing), with very low shipping costs for bulk orders. If you only buy one book, shipping is £4 (which works out cheaper than buying it on Amazon even if you have Amazon Prime): but it becomes an amazing bargain when you buy more than one, with P&P at only £6 for between 2 and 10 books, so if you’re ordering them for a class or club, or for all your tiny relatives, then you end up paying much less. Here’s a table of prices:

Units Unit cost including P&P
1 £10
2 £9
5 £7.20
10 £6.60

We are also celebrating the addition of Pimoroni’s PiHUB to the Swag Store – it’s a really handy, super-reliable, powered USB hub for your Pi that works with every USB device we’ve tested on it. If you would like to win a bundle including one of five copies of Adventures in Raspberry Pi, some Raspberry Pi stickers and your very own PiHUB, please leave a comment below telling us what you would like to see us stock in the Swag Store. We’ll pick the five ideas that made us laugh the most or that made little lightbulbs go off in our heads as the winners. The competition is open worldwide to people of all ages, and closes on February 26. Make sure that you use a genuine email address when you comment so we can get in touch with you if you win.

Here is a bonus video of Carrie Anne at the last Cambridge Raspberry Jam. She’s planning on visiting Alex from RasPi.TV with the Minecraft sword unless he adds the bit where she later got the highest score of the day…

(If you’d like a go yourself, you can buy the Seven Segments of Pi kit you need to make this and other games, which comes with some great tutorial materials, from Cyntech. Some soldering required.)


ukscone avatar

3D printed models of all the Raspberry Pi team. who hasn’t always wanted their very own Carrie Anne, Eben & Gordon collectables with action grip & accessories?

meltwater avatar

Liz holding the fabled ban-hammer of doom, riding down spammers on her trusty wheeled sandwich.

ukscone avatar

embed a raspi into the Liz action figure that plays Ride of the Valkyries when you make the ban hammer move

liz avatar

The person who draws that wins my undying affection. And possibly something else if I can find something in the swag drawer.

Michael Horne avatar

You may regret saying that because it brings out the really-bad-artist in me.

liz avatar

I have more hair than that.

Michael Horne avatar

Yeah, the hair’s supposed to be behind your head :-) (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it) Awful AWFUL sketch. :-D

Jim Manley avatar

Oh, now there’s a growth industry waiting to happen – who’s got the .stl files of their heads, if not their entire anatomies? Well, maybe not their entire anatomies (shiver me timbers, matey!) :lol:

Dan Kloepper avatar

SWAG I’d like to see also,d like to see a capacitance type touch screen for the PI.
1) PI logo shaped Pastry matrix, so I can have PI Pies with a proper top crust.
2) PI perch for my budgie.
3) I like the PI-Hub, so maybe a PI Power Supply or battery Pack.
4) A subdued PI patch, like a military patch.
5) A PI screen stylus,
6) A PI Beer Tap Handle,
7) PI Duct Tape there has to be a reason to have that around.
8) PI Cadbury Eggs.
9) PI USB Drive with all of TheMagPI issues within it.
10) PI micro SD adapter
11) Pi USB microcard reader

Haggishunter avatar

If we get Pi duct tape we’d better have its companion, PiWD40.

Thomas Bass avatar

-A Raspberry Pie (for the lulz)
-Some magic blue smoke refills (more lulz)
-Magician Chassis — DG007 (A Real Suggestion
-Blank SD cards (real)
-A cheap monitor solution (real)

Thomas Bass avatar

-A raspberry pie
-Magic Blue Smoke Refills
-The magician chassis DG007
-A monitor solution
-Basic Breadboard Starter Kits (Breadboard, LED’s, Resistors, Jumpers)

Thomas Bass avatar

Sorry for the double, I thought the first didn’t send!

DRB avatar

A cheap robot kit to use with the Pi

ukscone avatar

Serious suggestions:

Squared paper notebook
Woollen Bobble hat

eben avatar

+1 for the squared paper. Cracking idea.

liz avatar

I don’t think you’re allowed to enter.

Jim Manley avatar

I presume we’re talking about engineer’s grid paper with a green 1/4-inch/5~6mm grid printed on the back that makes drawing accurate shapes (lines/squares/rectangles/ellipses/circles/etc.) for engineering/scientific sketches look like Leonardo Da Vinci did them? In any case, +10^1000!

RobV avatar

not in green ink, ( even though the leaves in the logo are ) , but another colour comes to mind, , i dont need to spell it out?

None of your subtle backround minor and major gid lines y’hear, make it LOUD and BRASH to get her approval. ;-)

can you some add pages of circles at 2.5 mm pitch resembling a typical veroboard or whatever.

Also consider an associated product like sell for iPhone and Android devs. There may be Pi specific things people would like to draw in quick schematics on a restaurant napkin

Jim Manley avatar

The reason the grid lines are green and on the back side is so that if you photocopy or scan pages, the grid doesn’t show up and interfere with drawing lines and writing. This is especially important if a scan will be converted to a bitmap or vector format for use in drawing, printed circuit board layout, CAD, or other software.

RobV avatar

then commission a raspberry lamp for photocopiers.

sheesh you northern hemishperians must be carrying so much stress about falling of the earth (cartographers of olde lied, The South Pole is Up ) you’re not thinking staright

Jim Manley avatar

No, you Ozzies and Kiwis have it all inside-out … “up” is any direction away from the center of the Earth (at least relative to the Earth). That’s why we call it “standing up”, and an aircraft is “up in the air”. It’s also how we figured out how to get to the Moon – with lots of help from some German friends, of course ;) Some confused people call the region beyond the atmosphere “outer space”, but it probably should be called “upper space” I suppose. It would seem that “outer space” would be in whatever direction “far out” is :lol:

We look forward to you providing raspberry-colored lamps for all of our photocopiers and scanners at no charge, but I do wonder what effect that will have on the “art” produced when people sit on the glass plates … :shock:

clive avatar

As well of / instead of square paper notebook: the Maker’s Notebook by Make: Best project / inventing / ideas / making notebook ever made!

liz avatar

I like my Midori Travelers Notebook. Ultra-customisable, and right now it’s got kraft paper, squared paper, onionskin and a diary in it. And lots of pockets. I get all panicky when I’m more than five feet away from it; my whole life’s in the thing. Now, a Pi branded one of those…

Michael Horne avatar

Oh damnit. Now ill have to get one of those. Beautiful notebook

Jim Manley avatar

I know of more than one place in Venice that can hand-bind something even more lovely using cat-gut for the thread, goat-skin parchment for the pages, pig skin for the inner lining, calf’s skin for the outer covering, and gold trim throughout … but, it would cost more than a gross of Pi boards. A much less expensive vegetarian version would also possible, but it would only last a few days and would be thoroughly munchable, which is probably not as useful as the anti-PETA model that would last several human, not constituent animal, unfortunately) lifetimes.

Prys Hughes avatar

Where did you get your notebook? I can’t find any british stockists.

ukscone avatar

clive that’s really what i meant. a raspi branded maker’s notebook but i have mentioned that in passing several times over the last couple of years & so far no go so thought i’d try a change of tack

Bredman avatar

Some useful kit that an average user might need…

1. USB to SD card adaptor (for writing the image to SD card)
2. Micro-USB power cable with an integrated on/off switch
3. WiFi dongle (You sell one in your £120 bundle, but not on its own)

Alan avatar


Matthew Bracey avatar

Hey guys, really looking forward to reading that book. One of the most useful things you could put in your swag store is adafruit screens and kits. As well as arduino. Selling arduino kits and books would be awesome :)

Michael Horne avatar

The Raspberry Pi Cookbook.

I think I’m being serious.
A cookbook containing recipes for raspberry-filled victoria sponge, raspberry tarts, raspberry cake and, of course, raspberry pie.

Cover features entire RPi team (including pets!) stuffing their faces with the creations. Perhaps a cake being cut with the Minecraft sword.

eben avatar

If only we had a former professional food writer on the team somewhere, whose career was tragically cut short when it was run over by the Raspberry Pi juggernaut.

Michael Horne avatar

:-) I didn’t like to say. No pressure! ;-)

ukscone avatar

How is she going to do the Chapter on Jams & Jellies if she can’t use a pressure cooker?

Jim Manley avatar

Uh-ohhhh – now NSA/GCHQ has notified the FBI/Scotland Yard of a keyword trigger that has resulted in a CIA/SAS team being sent to Cambridge to take down someone alleged to be using a pressure cooker to make weapons of “mess” destruction – run for your lives! :lol:

ukscone avatar

Eben, you forgot a word or two from your verbage.

If only we had an award winning former professional food writer…….

although afaik it was an award for writing about smelly stuff not for food

liz avatar

I only won that award because most of the article ended up being about the Stinkor toy from He-Man.

eben avatar


Jim Manley avatar

One man’s smelly stuff is another woman’s food, or something like that … :lol:

Thomas Bass avatar

A Pi-bow-RPi bow tie!

Thomas Bass avatar

Arduino-Pi stuff

meltwater avatar

I really think there should be an official Raspberry Pi shaped Pi-Tin/Cake-Tin/Jelly-Mould by now.

Stock of mini-wireless trackpad keyboards would also be rather handy.
+1 for Wifi Dongle.

bertwert avatar

by Febuary 26th…
I will be back!

toca180 avatar

An official Raspberry Pi case (shaped like the PiHUB).
Official power supplies.
Raspberry Pi logo fancy dress.

MissPhilbin avatar

Wait you mean my whoopee cushion fancy dress outfit is not official Raspberry Pi fancy dress?

liz avatar

If I don’t link to a picture, will you make me tea?

MissPhilbin avatar

Yes, with cake, and whatever else you require at any time, day or night.

The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

Did Carrie succed in sawing Ben’s ear off? *fingers crossed*

The Raspberry Pi Guy

liz avatar

Sadly not. Turns out the sword’s quite blunt, and Ben’s ears are very gristly.

Matthew Bracey avatar

This is by far the weirdest thing i will ever post. But apparently my ear lobes feel like peaches

Zachary Igielman avatar

I don’t blame her for attacking Ben, after all, EVERYTHING is his fault. Cool stuff, it’s a great book, taught me, my friends and my ICT teachers loads. After may half term, I’m going to help the ICT department at my school teach computing with Pis and that book. I’ll point them to the swag store. Great book Carrie Anne! A wonderful addition to the pi store (I love my PiHub).

Competition: I’d like to see some add on boards in the swag store soon. They’re all great, from giving the pi an RTC, UPS, all sorts of outputs, inputs and connectivity, as well as meaning you can power the pi with all sorts. Specifically, Ryan’s MCB. He’s a great member of the community, an awesome guy, the board is dead simple to use, and who doesn’t want to make robots and control motors (and other high power things like scalextric).

Robert Last avatar

I’m a bit late for the competition but here goes……
+1 for Ryans MCB.
The pi is cool. Robots are cool, so a pi based robot is cool squared.

A simple and inexpensive robot base with geared motors.

Also anything relating the RPi to Enigma, Bletchley and Alan Turing. (The Daddy)

dswitzer avatar

As a 60 year old that had no programming experience except for a couple WordPress sites I really am enjoying my Pi I got for Christmas. Learned alot from these forums. What I would like to see is a yearly subscription to the MagPi mag. Thanks to all the Mods, I know it must take alot of time to decipher all the questions.

Mark Swope avatar

Ahem… Shouldn’t Carrie Ann’s title be “*Lead* Education Pioneer?” You are ALL education pioneers. After all, your raison d’être was to produce a device as an aid for education.

Ben avatar

A raspberry pi (obviously). Might need to investigate delivery.
A portable display solution (HDMIPI?)
LiPo batteries (well, the ones with 5v USB output)
An electronics starter kit (resistors, LEDs, a breadboard, capacitors, perhaps a picaxe chip and some other ICs, RTC?)
VGA to HDMI cable so I can use cheap moniters!

P.S. A 25th hour would also be useful ;)

Andy avatar

+1 on the display, LiPo, and the 25th hour!

Douglas Gore avatar

Serious ideas:
– Pi logo fridge magnet
– “Powered by Pi” or “Pi Inside” stickers to put on the outside of project enclosures
– Most compatible HDMI to VGA adapter (for use with old monitors)
– Starter kit for hardware hacks
– The camera module (+ a stand)
– Gift cards for the Pi store (and/or partner sites), big help for birthday/Christmas time
– Big poster with a diagram explaining the major components (for classroom use / fans)

Less serious ideas:
– Raspberry Pi branded raspberry jam
– Edible stickers for Pi cupcakes
– Pi branded everything: logoed toilet paper, earrings, cufflinks, keyrings, stencils, pens, Raspberry Pi cake mould, etc ;-)

Andy avatar

How about a “Powered by pi(e) sticker to put on my forehead.

Remington avatar

A raspberry pi case with trading card sleeves for your favorite cards on the top and bottom, maybe with RPi trading card placeholders.

RPi powered nerf gun.

Josh avatar

Raspberry Pi shaped tissues, for the people who broke out into tears at the sight of their Pi coming, due to the sheer glory of the machine.

Barnaby Colvin avatar

Perhaps you could have a raspberry powered pi along the lines of those potato and lemon clocks. Essentially zinc and copper pins stuck in a *large* number of raspberries–enough to power a model A. (I wonder how many that would be?)

InverseSandwich avatar

I’d love to see the HDMIPi in the swag store.

Melv avatar

Shame NOOBS does not work on a 4GB card like Carrie Anne’s book says, my son just found that out. Book looks great, but the supporting software must work.

Gordon avatar

When you write NOOBS to the SD card from the PC go in and delete any os’s from the /os directoy that you don’t want…

For example delete the directory os/Raspbian if you don’t want that one… This should give you enough room to get in on in the first place.

Sorry but things move forward very quickly… We are going to put Raspbian on a diet, although for 4 quid the 8G SDcard is a steal!


Melv avatar

I have since found that out, but my son who was working on his own from the book just came to a dead stop, not a good situation for encouraging the young. I gave him the SD cards I use with the Pi, but I never had used NOOBS.

If I sent out software like that (I am a programmer) to end users untested – nobody can have tested what it tells you to do “We recommend that first-time Pi users start by downloading and installing our New Out of Box Software (NOOBS) onto a 4GB (or larger) SD card.” – I’d be in big trouble (polite words because kids watching).

My point was if you’re aiming at the young/inexperienced, then basic mistakes like this make them lose interest very quickly, which is exactly the opposite of what the Pi is trying to achieve.

Mazza avatar

I got distracted by the photo if I’m honest.

In the bottom right is the ‘Perfect Paintball Attacker’, drop all other projects and get this going!

Noah Rosamilia avatar

– Wifi dongle
– PiBow cases
– USB Battery packs
– Pi Cobbler + breadboard + wires + buttons + leds
– HDMI cables
– Micro USB cables
– keyboard + mouse combo
– Raspberry Pi w/out SD Card
– Adafruit Pi TFT Shield
– Raspberry Pie recipie

Noah Rosamilia avatar


Jonathan Morris avatar


1: A custom case with all of the faces of the Pi foundation on it.

2: A breadboard breakout, such as the Pi Cobbler. (I finally got mine!)

3: The PiFace, it’s an amazing breakout board.

4: Mooncake.

Jonathan Morris avatar

A good rated “remote field” battery would me amazing. Enercell 1000 millamps is only ok.

Jednorozec avatar

The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book, ISBN-13: 9781455520510. There’s a recipe for Rhuby Razz Square Pie on page 98.

RobV avatar

someone above said a tie. I’ve suggested that before and got short shrift. mainly because i added the descriptor of “classy”

well make it loud and brash then.
but also add a subtle classy version.

And, for the upand coming female executive, a scarf, like all those other government agencies

Really when you go out tomeet people, you’ve got to show belief in your own product at every opportunity. Lack of a pi wearable in conventional or traditional styling shows ahole in that belief.

also, can pimoroni get a chinese manufacturer supply a mouse with enough room into it to cram a model A Pi ?

RobV avatar

Rachael Rayns, can you screen print a mockup, or will i have to do it Blender?

ukscone avatar

I did wear my Raspberry Pi enamel badge everywhere until it went “missing” at the NYC Dogecoin meetup. I put my hoodie on the back of a chair & looked away for 30 seconds & when i turned back it was gone :( If it’d been a tie I probably would have noticed when it was half inched

Jon Colt avatar

A credit-card-sized (or large business-card-sized) reference card for helping neophytes–of all ages–crack the resistor color (sic) code. Same idea for capacitors.
You might consider making it semi-durableModerate-weight glossy paperboard should suffice. They’re going to get lost, worn out, lent(never to be seen again), or sent through the washing machine. Make the cost painless.
Warmest regards from The Colonies…

Jon Colt avatar

A larger NOOBS SD card.

A set of low-cost, ‘stick-on’ heat sinks–preferably three.

A single-USB-port-to-separate-keyboard-and-separate-mouse adapter. (I know they USED to be made, because I just threw mine away, thinking I’d never find a use for it. Thinking is not all it’s cracked up to be.)
Warmest regards…

Jon Colt avatar

On ‘Thinking’ (last comment):

“I’m tired of good ideas, The world is full of people with good ideas who can’t even rake a leaf.
I’m tired of good ideas”
–paraphrase by Andy Rooney

Jon Colt avatar

Regarding the offering of low-cost-stick-on heat sinks for the three major heat-generating components:
This suggestion is strictly for the purposes of enhancing the reliability of the Rπ, and definitely not to encourage ‘overclocking’ of the π. This disclaimer /caveat should be DEFINITELY INCLUDED for educational purposes.

This comes from an honest-to-goodness real engineer who has been designing for real-world applications most of his life, and has learned that a penny spent on reliability is a penny VERY well spent.

As we are teaching our young ones about all facets of good design, this is a way to emphasize good design, when one (you) do NOT know to what use the Rπ will be put (e.g., perhaps locked up inside an air-tight case).
Warmest regards from The Colonies…

Gavin Lee avatar


Gavin Lee avatar

Pi-powered Tribbles no less

Bob Quick avatar

I got my Pi for Christmas to keep me out of trouble when I retired.
It is a wonderful device. From an old engineer, this is really cool. And I really like Carrie Ann. We need more women in STEM like that.

My ideas:
1) A 13×2 GPIO header (female) on the back side so that IO can be mounted on BOTH sides of the PI.
2) A drawing with mechanical dimensions for those of us that want to make our own cases and mountings. A PDF download would be great.
3) Bring back the ability to open the +5 volt line from each USB port.
4) A little more clearance around P5, both front and back, for connectors.

In any event, thanks for a great product!

monkeymademe avatar

1. Linyard
2. Sew on raspberry pi patches
3. Usb pi launchers (missiles) something that can fit the cameraboard
4. Pie dish or pi logo cakeform
5. Bumper sticker “pi on board”
6. The big pi button…pre built emergancy stop button that connects to the gpio…
7. Pink noons cards

monkeymademe avatar


Babbage with a pilots jacket,goggles and shoot

Or a spacesuite

Thomas Bass avatar

A sticker saying ‘Pi inside’ like ‘Intel Inside’ logo

Empty SD cards

A monitor

A battery pack

Arduino – RPi stuff

Raspberry jam that I can take to the Raspberry Jam

Thomas Bass avatar

A heat sink

GPIO and Resistor guides that fit on a keyring!

Thomas Bass avatar

Some more special edition blue and red raspberry pi’s

Gethyn Owen avatar

I would quite like there to be a 3d printing service available. I think it would be useful for people wanting to make a one-off or prototype.

I would like to be able to send a file to the service and then for someone to get back to me with a quote for printing one copy of my object.

There would need to be a way to determine the charge for printing the object. I guess that could be calculated by weight, which in turn could be calculated from the file that the person submits.

From that quote the person can then go ahead and order the print or cancel their request.

Jim Manley avatar

They’re often called “service bureaus” and generally offer all manner of 2-D printing, signage, lamination, laser cutting, packaging, etc. For 3-D printing, the on-line options are,,,,, and in the UK,,,,,,,,, etc. See for more and the rest of the world.

Office supply stores are starting to roll out 3-D printing services alongside their copying and related services. I would expect that the shipping storefronts such as FedEx/Kinkos, UPS Stores, etc., will be getting into the act soon, as well as perhaps arts and crafts, hobby, and fabric/sewing stores such as Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, etc. The Foundation might be busy enough with other things that this isn’t likely to be something they’re going to invest in anytime soon, especially given the stiff competition building up that’s going to cause a shake-out, eventually.

Michael avatar

Suggestion for swag store: Raspberry PI stress balls. Good for relieving stress and throwing at colleagues (which also relieves stress).

Jim Manley avatar

“(which also relieves stress)”

Maybe for the thrower … for the throwee … not so much, but forget about the ball, there’s also the person who gets hit in the eye and sues the thrower, their organization, the maker of the ball, the Foundation … the list goes on and on … :cry:

Walter avatar

What about an On/Off switch? Something like one of these: or

And a nice (3d printed) enclosure that fits the Pi and on/off switch…

Ian avatar

The MagPi magazines (not that I’m biased!)

svenn avatar

I just bought a usb HUB, damn !

RobV avatar

two more ideas:
a vinyl pouch like they have for technicians to put in their shirt pocket to stop ink stains from ball point pens? Emblazen the front flap with a suitable recognizable pictogram.
unless you are considering a pre-stained shirt in just the right place and in a certain colour as a conversation starter.

“.. oh you’re pen is running”
‘ no dont worry, it wont get far, i’m keeping it in my pocket’

a school lunchbox ( In foundation colours ) but with a solar panel ensconced in the lid with edge connectors on all four sides so kids can join them in a choice of serial or parallel configuration. And a secret compartment for unspecified electronics for sure.

Jim Manley avatar

“a vinyl pouch like they have for technicians to put in their shirt pocket to stop ink stains from ball point pens”

We Ancient Ones call them “pocket protectors” (I know, go figure ;) ) and you’re absolutely right, we definitely need a Pi-branded version … and then Pi-logoed knit polo shirts with pockets on them in which to insert said protectors. Since we’ll look so cool, then we’ll also need the ultimate-in-cool Raspberry-colored sunglasses (frames and/or lenses) which can accommodate prescription replacement lenses (perhaps a lensless option at a lower price?). The future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades! :ugeek:

heppg avatar

a 4GByte, low power memory stick to backup projects and carry solutions around.
Half of the sticks kids bring in to classroom are ‘killing’ the pi when directly attached to USB port. Most possibly due to excessive power need at startup. Or do not fit due do oversized designs.
A smart looking well working low pricing and charming device ? Why not !

helpfullitguy avatar

The camera boards and the wifi adaptor would be good so you can get all the bits for a remote motion sensitve CCTV from one place (except the fake CCTV camera case of course).

Rich Steed avatar

Not sure if it’s been mentioned before but how about some eben and co masks to wear? Like the ones you get for X-factor winners and Alan Sugar. But you know, classier like. Would make Pi videos much more fun to make if you too could be Eben or Liz

meltwater avatar

One thing which may be very helpful and would make excellent SWAG.

I have a small lunchbag (something similar to this – which I often pack with Raspberry Pi stuff. The insulation provides padding without allow it to bounce around.

Considering the number of Jams and events people go to, even if they aren’t used for Pi transport they could even be useful for lunch!

Jamie avatar

An edible raspberry pie flavoured case for when you get a bit peckish.

Paul Smith avatar

A LED on flyleads that plug on to GPIO etc header pins, to encourage people to dip their toe into the GPIO world.

Would probably be best with inline resistor :-)

Could be a bi-colour LED. Could be included in “accessory kit”

Paul Smith avatar

(email address corrected: sorry!)

Stu avatar

Pi branded PPE (safety gear) like safety glasses, gloves etc so that people can be safe when experimenting with their pi gadgets whilst also looking cool!

Oh and how about a branded pi-nt glass?

ColinD avatar

Spider pig!

Every online store should stock them.

Or alternatively some suckers and the required gubbins to make one’s own Pi-powered mutant spidery arachnid.

Justin avatar

I think you should stock the Pimoroni PiBow!

bertwert avatar

I’ve got it!
This must be a winner:
Raspberry Pi:
Duvet Covers
Pillow Cases
Bed Sheets

Wouldn’t that be awesome!
They could have the logo and word clouds!

Joshua Janssen avatar

That would be awesome!!

bertwert avatar

Of course it would…

Prys Hughes avatar

A USB NES controller (or similar)

Steve avatar

It must be fate:

The Raspberry Pi Swag store must sell Timothy M. Swager’s portable sensor that can reliably measure tiny concentrations of ethylene, such as those released when fruit ripens.

Jude avatar

I’m afraid all my suggestions are education based.
I’d like to see books and resources for pi projects across the curriculum e.g. templates for pi cases to be made in DT.
An easy access pi kit for those with physical disabilities along with a leaflet on how to modify screen sizes etc.
I’d like to see a sensors kit for data logging so that the pi could replace the stupidly expensive data loggers currently sold to schools.
I’d like to see some kind of vote buttons that could be used so pupils could answer questions in class.

Scott avatar

a raspberry pi lapel pin

Lahcen avatar

I want to see is a kit for the Raspberry Pi to build a mini-tablet. the kit consist of the following components:
– Raspberry Pi,
– Tablet Case for Raspberry PI,
– 5 inch touchscreen,
– Rpi camera,
– Rpi wifi stick and Bluetooth etc.

Darren Christie avatar

I’d like to see the following swag:
Get the Adafruit skill badges on the store (includes a Pi one) they would be great for after school clubs/jams.
Books of little Pi stickers to be used once again in after school clubs etc and for SD cards
A Pi beanie hat
A branded Pi buff – I love my buffs
Pi branded hoodie (zipped version, I don’t like the ones without zips)
Pi branded tote bags
official Pi cases that cater for add on boards like pilite, pibrella, loaded triborg etc being fitted

But as you can tell is I love to see stuff that can be used as swag to give to students that attend clubs/jams

Joshua Janssen avatar

Swag let me think….
Maybe “Pi Scene Do Not Cross” tape rolls.

A RasPi scarf

A RasPi laptop sort of like a MacBook

A DIY guitar mounted fx kit

A “super sized” Raspberry pi kit and a case for it

Cheers Joshua
P.S I’m twelve :)
P.P.S Love my RasPi

Richard Mitchell avatar

WeDo Lego. Please sell the individual components rather than the pricy educational kits.

Offers simple usb plug and play sensors and motors, works with scratch, lego and the pi. Seems like a natural partner to the pi for younger lego engineers.

All the best Richard

CliveLH avatar

A Pi WiFi camera disguised as a (raspberry) Jammie Dodger that you put in the tin and takes a shot every time the lid is opened to see who is relieving you of your favourite biscuits

Adam avatar

A Raspberry Pi powered reactor? ;)
Raspberry Pi smelling hand-wash
What about Raspberry shaped ports for the future? :P
+1 for cheap monitor solution

DarkAngel1004 avatar

With all the suggestions above I would only need some nice looking case that can handle not only the Raspberry PI but also the huge projects that everyone wants to make with it. And you already have such a nice looking case in different colours, why don’t you add some more colours (or just some more panels) and this way every user can buy the amount of panels/plates/whatever they are called and make his/her own case, the height he/she needs?

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I would like to see Model pi’s (as in plastic replicas)

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I think you should put some robot kits in the swag store like a small car and robot arm.
Also you should get an sd Card to give as a presant that when it loads after 2.5 hours an error message comes up so you have to download it agen and it still doesn’t work. You should also sell bread boards and components indavigially and in sets

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We’d like to see a Raspberry Pi version of Blue Peter badges. Also Pi branded notebooks, pens and pencils. Maybe even a Raspberry Pi belt to go with the T-Shirts.

Its great to see the Pi Hub in your official store now. Other important accessories might include a simple power supply and a wifi dongle. Perhaps Pi branded USB stick to go with the SD cards?

Several people have already suggested robot accessories. We’d love a straightforward and affordable way of building something like a Probot around our Pi.

It would be good to offer a simple GIPO learning kit (cables, breadboard, some LEDs, pushbutton switches and associated resistors, maybe also a cobbler). Priced around £10 for those who want to experiment and can trust themselves to connect the correct wires to the correct pins.

There should also be a GIPO interface board including protection for the Pi from inadvertent short circuits, overloading etc. This would appeal to those learning with younger helpers. This might include input and outputs such as found on the PicoBoard, so it could be used from Scratch without needing complicated GIPO programming.

If possible both of these suggested interface boards should come with libraries so that they can be addressed from Scratch/Python using the same labels as provided on the hardware. (e.g. P0 on the board is called “P0” in software).


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A machine dedicated to cooking raspberry pies powered by a Raspberry pi.

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A framed picture of the Pi, Pi projects.


Zoom in on the middle.

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I quote my Mum: “That’s amazing. Is that man scary?”

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For Swag Store: a life-size replica of the International Space Station to attach to the GPIO pins. (Actual Outer Space and Fully-Articulated, Real-Human Astronauts added for additional fee.)

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I’d like a solar panel (or other green energy producing) kit that would work with the raspberry pi and maybe a soldering kit. I’m really fond of kits for some reason.

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Another idea I had was a kind of log book for kids to use at Jams and clubs to track what they did. So like activities listed like attended a speed talk, took part in a workshop, completed a scratch game, met Eben. Then there could be stickers that they get to go next to an activity when they complete it. They could also date it when then did it, and have space to write notes against each activity to.
Then through out the log book in the borders there could be pi facts! a kind of did you know? And there could also be useful information about the pi as well such as a diagram of the GPIO pins.

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A complete starter kit. But Pi branded.

And a signed Pi for the winner.


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And a RPi soldering kit

I need a new one!


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So then……

Who won?

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Any news on the winners??

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