It s my birthday ….It s a funny idea i want to buy one ….Wait with impatience …..

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Happy Birthday!

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This looks like a really exciting project and we are watching with interest as a way of sparking a similar interest in ‘old fashioned programming’ as it should be for the Sinclair QL.

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Since you are using WordPress CMS, it would be great if you could provide a RSS feed for your updates/news.

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Good suggestion. We’ll try to add something this week.

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How is the plan for the RSS feed going? I would reallly like to subscribe to raspberry pi’s updates.

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Good Web.

For the first comment you can give me a RaspberryPi computer?

please y need it and i can show to many people, they can buy it


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No freebies I’m afraid ;)

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I have interest in your device, I am from Taiwan

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I am very excited about this!!!!!!!!

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I can’t wait

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Looking forward to being able to get my sticky mitts on one of these..!

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I check the internet for Raspberry Pi news almost every day!
A simple idea, but with possibilities to change the world and give some opportunity to poor children and spark the creativity inside them, showing that computing is not only drag ‘n drop and the softwares came from somewere.

I’m very exited. Sorry for bad english. I’m from Brazil.

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fantastic project!!! =)

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Been following this since hearing about it on Digital Planet. Looking forward to getting hold of one for a play sometime soon!?

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I heard about this from BBC Click.
The advent of new miniaturization is almost here! and I’m lookin forward to getting my own Ras-Pi. I rekon that if this is a success on linux then microsoft and apple may make a go of it for windows and lion etc.

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20 bucks for an appe ? NEVER :D they will never sell anythin that cheap exept a display cover foil :P

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There are so many possibilities for this!
I’m gonna check this blog all the time.

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Cant wait for this! Also, will the final device be in an enclosure and will you be selling modules for the Ras-Pi at launch (camera module etc)?

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We’ll be offering an enclosed option. Still trying to find a business model that will let us offer a camera module; we do bring out a CSI-2 camera interface to a pin header.

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Hi there!
will there be preorder or something like this i REALY need one an 3 months is way to long to wait

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We’re not doing pre-orders I’m afraid. We don’t want to take your money until we have shippable product.

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You can have my money now!

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Wait until we have shippable hardware! We don’t want to look like a scam :)

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How are you able to create this Board for about 25 Bucks?…… I tryed to create the exact same constellation and i got on about 80$ because of the ARM Processor….

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First, bulk orders bring down the cost considerably. Second, the more integrated the circuitry is the more cost savings (until a certain point of course)

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I think that’s a good summary. We’ve also chosen an application processor which gives us a good balance of ARM performance and multimedia at a competitive price.

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Great, been watching with keen interest since hearing about this project fror what sems like many months (but am sure its not). Looking at the comments and web interest how are you going to satisfy demand? I will have to have another birthday on release date!

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We expect to launch with “invites” to throttle demand a little. Think how Google launch new software products.

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Hi.. can i get an advance invite?.. iv’e been following updates for this project since BBC/Click… visiting your site from time 2 time to check… so excited to get my hands on them for my future projects…


Lloyd Andrew

liz avatar

No advance invites, I’m afraid – we’ll be taking a random (and pretty large, so you’re in with a good chance) selection from those who have signed up for the mailing list and sending invites to those people when we ship. You can sign up to the mailing list under the “subscribe” thingbat on the front page.

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This is all brilliant! Excellent news about the optional integrated network port. Can’t wait to use this as a FreedomBox / home server!

I hope you save our e-mail addresses here for the invites :-D

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I’m saving your emails, but you can also sign up with the form on the front page.

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Hello Eben, Does the Raspberry Pi micro computer use windows based applications in addition to linux (e.g. Windows media player, video, audio, pictures, text, and related hardware devices such as microphones, cameras, displays, etc.)

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I first read about this in Micomart, and was and am blown away by the idea of a low cost, simple idea. I cannot wait for the release. I would love to be one of the first few. Great work-great idea and Thanks…


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:D you guys are at the top of my ‘project watch list’, i’ve checked back constantly. i’m thrilled to see the update, your new site looks great. much power to you guys, as i’m sure you can tell, the demand is there…

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Brilliant, I have been watching this since first announcement hoping it wasn’t vaporware. I can list a hundred things i can use these for. The ideal of having the young ones learn programing on this is genius, teach them to go back to writing small tight code again instead of the bloated apps so common today.As things seem to be shifting towards the handheld computing platforms Those that learn to write code on this will definitely have the advantage over those writing code on an 16 gig of mem. and terabyte size hdd 4ghz monster.

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I CANNOT WAIT FOR THESE TO COME OUT! They’re awesome and PERFECT for BASIC server needs!

These will rock my socks, hopefully I can still mount them in external hard drives :P as I intend to :D


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Good Luck mates !!!!

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Kindly line up the shipping process in advance. I will be a happy customer if i get the same easily in india at the same price tag + may afford little (very little) more for shipping ( $ converted in to INR) . Usually the products shipping price costs a lot. The price tag of $25 is really cool, but will lose its shine if shipping will take another $25. Keep that in plan.Eagerly waiting ….

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We expect (and see) enough interest that we will be able to ship larger quantities to local distributors. Something along the lines of one box with 50 devices adding $50 shipping.

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This is a realy a super idea! Can you compare the hardware with something like a smartphone? Anyway, I already can think of tons of projects I can use for this device. Seeing all the comments people make here on this website, I guess the community will start contributing a lot to it as well. Keep up the nice work!

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Really can’t wait for this. I was following the progress of the Pandora console until it turned out too expensive for a tinkering toy. The pi looks awesome though. Cheap enough to buy a bunch!

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One reason the Beeb worked was the typeable inable games from magazines. Repeating the commands, debugging own and mag typos, and debugging logic faults were a training in themselves. Then the playing as cherry. Do you have a list of such we can practice with? When the Archimedes arrived with mouse, an art program was a popular way to start programming. But things have moved on. Do you at R-Pi (better acronym please?) have a checklist of computing or math or patterns or programming or computer science or gaming topics we could kick around or extend while we wait? Could we use these posts to make such? If so I vote for Pong :)

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That sounds like a great idea. Perhaps you could ask for suggestions on the forum?

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congratulations for a terrific idea – and the implementation!
Can you please add me to the mailing list?

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I am so excited to get one of these. I am a math instructor at a local community college and am excited to bring this to the attention of our IT staff and computer science staff. Thank you for putting the effort and work into such a wonderful idea at such a low cost.

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hi! i follow the page for a few months :P
i was wating to see somethingg :D
i would love to do this thinkgs, and i have a question to take your time:
if i cut the screen of a laptop (the mother doesnt work), how can i conectit to a vga or a hdmi port? have i to use an adapter or somtehing?
if you have documentantio, a page or anything, i would quit you less time :)

and if not, thanks anyway. i spect to see the pcb working, and i wish to someday it reachs my country, argentina!

my respects to a wonderfull project, good luck!

jamesh avatar

Using a laptop display would be quite difficult. The Raspi outputs composite or HDMI, so you would need to make something that converted that to what the laptop screen understands. Not an easy task at all.

The GPU used on the Raspi does support certain LCD connections directly, but to make that work would require changes to the code on the GPU itself (a new LCD display driver for the particular display) and changes to the board to get the signals out. That will not be possible for Raspi users (they only have access to the Arm code, not GPU)

I would suggest an HDMI/DVI monitor would be the best approach.

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Can you put me on a list to buy one of these! At a $100 that is a deal!

Doep avatar

Excellant work guys!!
I predict that you guys will be VERY busy in the forseeable future. This is just such a great idea that I don’t see how it can be anything but a success. Think of all the possibilities for future expansion and development. I’ll be eagerly hoping for an invite ;-)

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I was wondering if these were for sale(the big one with 2 usb ports + a ethernet port)
and how much they cost


jamesh avatar

Not yet – these are Alpha boards. Final board due November, will be slightly smaller, and cost about $35 for the Model B. Lots of information in the FAQ.

stephen downward avatar

Thanks!Please email me when You release them to the public.

stephen downward avatar

Do you have the exact due date?

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What a wonderful project! I wish that I was part of it.
Having trawled through the entire FAQ, I have become rather knobbed-off with the pillocks who keep asking questions that have already been answered. Is there any chance of the FAQ page being redesigned so that it has a permanent sidebar with links to the ‘subscribe’ page, to the current specifications and status and, indeed to the fact that it will not run X86 code?
Are you likely to start up or involve another company who will be providing addons such as accessories such as cases, power supplies, software, circuit boards for prototyping addons and so on? You are obviously engineers and engineers are often not good in the market place.
For those of us who live or work close to Cambridge, will there be somewhere where we can come and purchase our devices when they are ready and maybe have a chat? I remember visiting a room off the Market Square which were the offices of Acorn and being able to chat with the designer of the Atom.
I can’t wait for my device to arrive and look forward to becoming one of the members of the support community.

liz avatar

That’ll be the 12a Club – they’re buddies of mine, and it’s actually a venue I’d been thinking of for a Cambridge launch party (we’ll be having a few).

Happily, we’re not *just* engineers; we’ve got a marketing strategy all mapped out, which we’ll be unveiling in November with the launch. We won’t have a physical shop front, but there will definitely be conference-type events around the country where you can come and chat to us, and we’ll probably be selling devices at those.

stephen downward avatar

Would you know the exact due date for model B?
Also,Will it be possible to get these shipped?

jamesh avatar

No exact dates -end of November is looking good. We will ship worldwide. All information is tin the FAQ.

stephen downward avatar

Yay! Thanks for the answer :)

pugwash avatar

Feathers in hats to all involved so far. Found you after listening to BBC Home Service, Radio 4. at 430 p.m. on Thursday 12.1.2012; Quentin Thingy’s chat with you [“MATERIAL WORLD”] in Cambridge. His programme is repeated on Mondays at 9 p.m., I think. Google line, I typed in—Cambridge RaspberryPi Python.
I am full of hope that a self-taught oldie can on occasion add to the com-
pendium. I am MOST keen that all young in heart need logic alongside their
computer use, not merely Windows secretarial training — so rigid and prey to disasters we all remember. I do so hope that tutorial time is poss. for Linux
Open Source —- C, C++. Python, Perl and other flexibilities. Just to imagine
prepared young-thinking going at Shingledecker et al., such as their very small
and rapid Linux TinyCore — is it as small as 30 Mb., AND a grand GUI ?
Have not by supper-time scanned the info. Delighted that ARM is involved. I
hope that cost-pressure will not stop bigger RAM later, as prices slide down the
curve. The asking-price is v. encouraging, — to hope that us richer people will have the sense to buy two, and send one of them free, to the cable-less parts.
It would be lovely to consider spring-drive, wind-up, weight-driven, dynamos
Trevor Bayliss style would go along with Bill Gates-Warren Buffett money to
get the disadvantaged girded up.
Intrigued by the use of the Mini-USB D-shape 5 volt power socket —- I have
been tickled to find that a POWERSURFER from Datawind Ubisurfer will charge
up from an early single-socket motherboard with only one USB port.
Willing to help where my skills allow. Hope for summer-schools perhaps.

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