Fedora ARM demo

Chris Tyler, from Fedora and the Seneca Center for Development of Open Technology, has some great video for us today: a few apps running on Raspberry Pi under Fedora. Work’s being done on a Fedora spin for Raspberry Pi at the moment, but things are looking good even without optimisation. Check out the video, and visit Chris’s blog when you’re done. Thanks Chris!


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Excellent work! I’ve been using Fedora since FC3 and really enjoyed the stability yet modern features of the distro. I’m looking forward to trying this out when I get my Raspberry Pi(s).

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Looks amazing! Can’t wait! :D

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Great job guys! Step 2: get this baby out into the wild so I can get my hands on one

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im overjoyed to see that fedora made it to the pi, and im hoping it will be a launch title so to speak. By the way i think its worth mentioning that ubuntu just released version 11.10 for certain arm devices (ain’t that a kick in the teeth). So far this canonical article /blog says that it made it to Toshiba’s arm net book and some ti chipsets in arm and such. http://blog.canonical.com/2011/10/18/ubuntu-11-10-on-arm/

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Ubuntu Arm Linux doesn’t support Armv6 which is what is used on the Raspi SoC, and the reason we moved to Debian from Ubuntu.

Jon Thomson avatar

Ubuntu is a toy distro.

Eric G avatar

This is awesome ! I did’nt think that Raspberry Pis could run a full distro like that !

jamesh avatar

Not sure what you mean by full distro. It already runs Debian pretty well with LXDE and has done for some time.

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I can’t wait for november. Hope there is an official countdown soon!

karl avatar

Web Browser demo please ……..

Marcus avatar

Can’t wait to see it running ArchLinux (-:

richo avatar

Arch is and always has been x64 only. Unless you’re spearheading the porting effort I don’t see it happening soon.

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Edit: Disregard. Did some reading and there’s an ARM port! w00t!

chase avatar

Arch is preominatly i686 … and amd64 support is newer.

There is are i586, PPC port and an ARM port as well though they clearly aren’t as active.

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As it’s mentioned in the forum (http://www.raspberrypi.org/?page_id=43&mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=801) that Fedora 15 is coming next month, does that imply Gnome 3/The RasPi’s GPU is able to support Gnome 3?

If it does, I’m exceedingly impressed at such performance from such an SoC!

jamesh avatar

The graphical horsepower should be sufficient, but I don’t think the Raspi will have enough memory for Gnome3. I’m sure someone will try it though.

KyRol avatar

Can’t wait this very moment… by the way I’m wonder about OpenSuse. Does anybody Novell-related owns alpha board?

derp avatar

You’re demonstrating the Raspberry Pi… with a Flash video? Eat your own dog food and upload in webm, dammit.

jamesh avatar

Er, what? Flash uses H264, the RaspberryPi has an hardware H264 accelerator. We *are* eating our own dogfood.

DaVince avatar

Also, if Flash is so much of an objection to you… I’m watching it in YouTube’s HTML5 player. ;)

Mansour avatar

I went as far as buying real frozen raspberry coz I wanted it so much. You guys better get this out before I run out of my fruit stock, coz god knows what I’ll do next!
Oh, btw, love Fedora, this is perhaps the best news so far, great job.

Rich Jones avatar

Awesome. I’ll take ten.

Flekain avatar

Also hoping to see ArchLinux runs on the Rpi. It’s an awesome distro :D

liz avatar

The Arch guys have a board and I believe they’re making great progress – I hope they send us a vid when they’re ready too!

vfrico avatar

Oh, great! I hope so

Mike Staszel avatar

This is “an Arch guy”, from over at ArchLinuxARM.org (crimsonredmk) and while we don’t have a RaspberryPi yet, we know it runs just fine. ;)

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I agree with everyone else when I say that I look forward to seeing Arch run on Raspi. I personlly think it’ll be THE distro to run it on!

[…] Tyler has published a video demonstrating Fedora running on the ARM based Raspberry Pi. This looks very promising, and the Fedora project is working actively to support several ARM based […]

dan avatar

amazing news guys, can’t wait to get my hand on a raspberry pi… I might even make you guys a actual raspberry pie with some equations for the launch day :P

aygun avatar

Can wait to see ubuntu on this tiny fruit ! :P

liz avatar

I’m afraid you’ll be waiting for a little while yet – Ubuntu don’t support the ARM 11 in the Raspberry Pi. Some Ubuntu devs are working on it in an unofficial capacity; but there’s no prospect of it working in the near future. (Look at it as an opportunity to get to grips with another distro!)

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Can you share with us which groups (and especially which distro groups) are working on the RasPi? And maybe what their plans are? So, for example, is Fedora going to put the distribution for RasPi on its ‘frontpage’ (and not some niche sub-project page)?

liz avatar

Not really, because we’ve had a couple of parties who haven’t done anything with their boards (we always expected this would be the case – just a distribution effect; we know who they are and they are being encouraged to send their boards back with great prejudice, but we’re not in the business of shaming people); and we also don’t want to put pressure on any other groups who are finding things tricky because they lack manpower or time.

Mike Staszel avatar

As soon Arch Linux ARM gets one, we’ll post it front and center on the website just like every other device.

Visigoth avatar

That’s awesome!!!

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Patiently waiting for the raspberry pi…. lol. Hurry!!! :)


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[…] Fedora ARM demo | Raspberry Pi Full featured Fedora 13 running on a SoC $35 computer. Source: http://www.raspberrypi.org […]

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