Is this the most ‘all-in-one’ a computer can possibly be?

Electronic Grenade’s Computer Mouse is the turducken of the tech world, stuffed so full of computing gubbins that you genuinely don’t need anything else. Don’t believe us? See for yourself:

See what we mean?

The Computer Mouse

Sure, your laptop may be considered an all-in-one computer, but if you’re not a fan of trackpads, you’ll still need a mouse to complete the experience. Electronic Grenade‘s Computer Mouse truly has everything — a mouse, a screen, a keyboard — and while the screen is tiny, it’s still enough to get started.

A GIF of the Computer Mouse in action

Electronic Grenade designed the device using Autodesk Fusion 360, housing a Raspberry Pi Zero W, the guts of two USB mice, a slideout Bluetooth keyboard, and a flip-up 1.5″ full-colour OLED display. For power, the mouse also plays host to a 500mAh battery, charged by an Adafruit Micro-LiPo charger.

It’s very cool. Very, very cool.

A GIF from the movie Storks

Homemade Raspberry Pi laptops

From cardboard pizza boxes to ornate, wooden creations, our community members love making Raspberry Pi laptops out of whatever they can get their hands on.

Variations on a theme include projects such as Jeremy Lee’s wrist computer with onboard gyromouse, perfect for any Captain Jack cosplay; and Scripto, the Raspberry Pi word processor that processes words and nothing more.

Electronic Grenade

If you’re a fan of retrofit Raspberry Pi projects, check out Electronic Grenade’s Xbox controller hack. And while you’re skimming through their YouTube channel (as you should), be sure to subscribe, and watch the videos of their other Raspberry Pi–based projects, such as this wooden Raspberry Pi 3 laptop. You can also help Electronic Grenade design and build more projects such as the Computer Mouse by supporting them on Patreon.


  • A turducken is a chicken stuffed into a duck, that is then in turn stuffed into a turkey, and it sounds all kinds of wrong. Do you know what doesn’t sound all kinds of wrong? Electronic Grenade’s Computer Mouse.
  • The ‘cool, cool, cool’ GIF is from the movie Storks. If you haven’t watched Storks yet, you really should: it’s very underrated and quite wonderful.
  • I meant this Captain Jack and not this Captain Jack.


Dan3008 avatar

I’m really glad you specified which captain jack lol.

Cool project, not sure what id use it for, but cool

Joseph Alway avatar

Carpal Tunnel, that would be a great use. The ergonomics of it make me cringe. It seems more like a “because I could” kind of project, though. You could always ssh into it, though.

Which leads me into the recent SSH issue. Is that a problem for Raspbian?

HP avatar

It is NOT an SSH problem, you should avoid using scp and use sftp instead (also part of OpenSSH) or rsync (even better).

Poohstyx avatar

Excellent ‘proof of concept’ but just like your local supermarkets el cheapo products, the bare minimum to qualify as what it claims to be. Not really functional.

It needs upgrading to a ‘functional device’:
Increasing the screen size to 3-4 inches would make it usable.
Change the mouse to a trackball, much more suitable and sensible.
Make the keyboard removable so it can be positioned correctly.

mahjongg avatar

I wonder where did you put the optical tracking part of the mouse, as there doesn’t seem place for it, underneath.
Also, I would have made the keyboard hinged out, so that it could turn 90 degrees, and could be used “horizontally” instead of vertically. or make it detachable (with bluetooth).
otherwise it seems a nice idea, but now not really practical..

Endrit avatar

Cool projects, but the mouse one it’s not really that practical, plus as someone who gets a lot of pain in the right hand because of carpal tunnel i wouldn’t use it. I am hating mouse more and more everyday lol

Jerry Wasinger avatar

We’re fond of our Cigar Box Pi. It uses an external KBD/Mouse combo:

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