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I wonder where I have heard this before?

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Great video giving some insight behind the Pi. Maybe all said before but I hadn’t heard it.

Gordon77 (a >50 yr old ‘kid’ :))

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Thanks Gordon! Some of the material isn’t new: but a fair old bit is.

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The TARDIS made an appearance, so that’s new :-)

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OMG, Eben showed a slide of my RPi’s desktop. I need a lie down.

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Afterwards he made a surprise visit to the Silicon Valley Jam, saw various projects people brought and Jim Manning and I pumped him for all the information we could pry loose. Following that, the three of us swapped old stories (I found out that Eben’s father is a mere 4 years older than I am…).

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Since he’s no longer wearing his HAL T-shirt in exchange for a black one, has anyone else noticed his wardrobe’s gradual morphing into that of the late, great Steve Jobs? That’s minus the unapproachability, megalomania, lack of self-effacement, no sense of humor, or any other normal human traits that Steve eschewed, of course – Eben couldn’t be more of an opposite from Steve, personality-wise!

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I hope you noticed that the black t-shirt is actually an EFF t-shirt! (Can’t really imagine Jobs in one of those…)

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Ok Eben. You’ve just given to me my Compelling Vision of a future. Maybe I should go get a PHD at Cambridge. God knows I’ve already done the work that some PHD would like to do on a computer.

PS Your booth’s “Best Of Show” is still waiting for you and Liz. Let me know when your next in NorCal.

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Great video, well worth watching.

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This is heart-warming, life-affirming stuff. Having grown up with my BBC Micro and spent the past 30 years coding (Pascal, COBOL, ADS, VB, LINC14, PHP and now Javascript & Ruby/Rails) I feel like I’ve come home. The same spirit of adventure I had at 14 years old (and rarely had since) has come back to me in the shape of a credit-card sized (-+ 1mm!) micro-computer. Despite all my IT experience this little computer makes me feel empowered and re-ignites my spirit of discovery & learning – and, more importantly, it’s rubbing off on my two young sons.

Thank you – and more power to your collective elbows! :-) x

p.s. I’ve just bumped Stephen Fry off my dream CDWM list in favour of Eben (or Liz!)

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Fantastic keynote. Eben is an engaging speaker and has a lot of enthusiasm for what he’s talking about.

Thank you Mr Upton for reigniting a passion of my childhood.

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The lack of Robot Wars on TV must be contributing!

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