Easy as Pi Piano

I’m on the fence about whether or not this is an effective way to learn how to play the piano: but it’s definitely an effective way to learn about electronics, Python, servo motors, and why lasers are cool. Shane Snipe and his dad took about 50 hours to put this project together – astonishingly, neither of them had ever written any Python before they started the project.

Over at YouTube, Shane says:

My dad and I made the Easy as Pi Piano system to make learning chords faster and easier. This project took about 50 hours to complete due to the fact that we were new to the Python programming language. The Easy as Pi Piano system functions as a piano teacher. Learn to play the chords to your favorite song! The servo motor lasers show you which keys to play. Slow it down or speed it up with the scale. On the monitor, you will see the finger placements, the current chord, and the lyrics to the whole song. We hope that our hard work makes learning how to play piano easy as pie.

Thanks Shane, and thanks Dad!


Brian avatar

Awesome job. Very creative.

Considering how reflective piano keys are, I hope they wear the correct red protective goggles! Even a keychain laser pointer in the eye can do damage, especially over time (like the hours it takes to learn the piano).

jbeale avatar

If the laser is adjusted to be comfortably visible (not uncomfortable bright) I don’t see why there would be any eye safety issue. Also, if you have any references supporting eye damage from a laser below 1 mW output under any circumstances, I’d be interested to see it.

nathanael avatar

That is incorrect. Only low power UV and green lasers are dangerous as they do not trigger the natural flinch reflex that prevents damage through over-exposure.

Matthew avatar

Wow I’m amazed!

No python experience? Wow.

Zak avatar

Do you have a cat, and if not, get one… I want to see their reaction… :)

paddy gaunt avatar

Absolutely astonishing project and yes.. the next logical step would be to get the cat to play Bohemian Rhapsody, Anarchy in the UK etc etc!

EverPi avatar

Very nice, i think he should give more info about the project :)

ColinD avatar

For a moment when I watched the video I thought the piano was being played by the lasers… that would be some mega light pressure from those photons!

It’s a very clever project, nice one.

triple_h avatar

Is there a intrucable guide of this project?

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