Diddyborg metal edition

We had some special visitors at Pi Towers a few weeks ago: the PiBorg folks, makers of some pretty terrifying Pi-based robots. Here’s Eben, charging off into the sunset on their largest robot.

We made sure he got off before it did this.

We love PiBorg’s robots. They’re totally uncompromising, the build quality is something else (these little guys are as solid as a dalek’s six-pack), and they’re ultra-controllable, with six independent motors.


DiddyBorg Metal Edition is made in a limited run of forty, with bigger motors, bigger batteries and more power than the regular Diddyborg. (And more metal. Did we mention the metal?) It can climb 45º slopes, tow smaller objects, and you can steer it like a tank. I love this thing. Its superpowers include:

  • Autonomous ball following
  • Autonomous Recon run
  • 6 axis Playstation 3 remote control (bluetooth module required)
  • Controlling via other computers on a network

Here’s Eben again, this time using a DiddyBorg Metal Edition in a domestic setting.

If DiddyBorg Metal Edition is outside your price bracket, PiBorg also have a range of other robots, and everything you need to build your own, all the way from motor controllers to soldering irons. Check out their store; it’s the sort of place that’ll give you ideas.

PiBorg shot a very metal DiddyBorg Metal Edition video to accompany the release of their limited run. Enjoy!


John avatar

Cool! We’d love to drop by and show you the GoPiGo sometime!

Leo White avatar

I wonder if any of these will be turning up at PiWars this year!

Liz Upton avatar

I certainly hope so!

Matt Richardson avatar

I can’t stop laughing at Eben’s cartoonish reaction to riding the robot!

Russell Barnes avatar

It’s honed through much experience: https://vine.co/v/O2lg67jp0l5

Leo White avatar

But which did he prefer being driven around in/on?

Vasi avatar

That is cool, but I wonder what happened with the display?

Uncle Bob avatar

Nice looking. Bottom needs a cover/bash plate to protect it from geting stuck on terrain high spots. Dump the NiMH battery pack–it’s so 2004. Li-Po is the way to go. Quick charging, ferocious current and very, very light per ampere/hour compared to the current setup.

We’re all a work-in-progress, aren’t we?

Your Loving Uncle

killor avatar

Hello !!
Seeing Eben mounted on a Doodleburg,(I felt that he weighs 85 kg)

It thinks of a good application is

Make a butler like KIVA robot for domestic use.

A Doodleburg unit(with some reform and extras)

for lifting loads: You need to add a hydraulic jack.

To avoid collisions:Proximity sensors,etc.

for the location: Lots of stickers with QR codes located
in a grid on the floor separated by the distance of the robot.(Pi camera to read codes)

wireless communication: Talk to another Raspberry Pi computer to create a swarm, etc.

Barcode reader, displays,thermal label printer,Internet connection,cloud database, etc..

Oh yeah I forgot a large loft with many labeled shelves.

The days of having to sort your room is finished!!!

El_Presidente avatar

My immediate thoughts seeing Eben charge along are of the Banana Splits buggies. Which one was he trying to be? My money is on Snorky.

Daniel O'Brien (@DanielObrien42) avatar

Sorry, I hate embedded Vine clips. They open a new tab/window to view and now view in place.

MOB avatar

This page with Vine crashed Epiphany in Raspbian on Raspberry Pi 2 and I had to use kill to remove it. I could open it in Iceweasel, but the Vines only move a little. I have the most upgraded Raspbian. I think it would be better if you used GIF-animations.

ColinD avatar

PiBorg is a fantastic company. My first RPi robot was based on PicoBorg. I’ve also had some great fun with XLoBorg with m’robot.

Darren Rose avatar

As the proud owner of DiddyBorg Metal Edition #2 I can certainly confirm this is a fantastic product!!! and the support from PiBorg is first class

Peter Green avatar

Note that they don’t sell the giant piborg (the one eben is seen riding). When I asked them about it at the birthday celebration they were worried about liability issues and also didn’t think many customers would be able to afford it.

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